No matter what you do in life

it's 90% all up to how you look
girls, jobs, doesn't matter. very few can escape this vicious cycle of hell

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im actually a 6'3 chad
but i have autism and im a schizo

Money and status can make up for a lot, but yeah, Chad's obviously going to have the easier ride

dude start working out and grow a beard


Everything in that image could be achieved for about 20k in plastic surgery. In about five more years it'll be even better. The ONLY problem in life that matters is MONEY and health because if you're rich but you get pancreatic cancer it's gg.

Beard or surgery. No shame in using money to actually make yourself more attractive. You've seen the meme with Elon musk before and after he got rich. Do that

Voluntary surgery is a top vector for exposure to a cancer causing virus.

I don't know. Ugly and/or short guys tend to find themselves at the peak of power frequently, as CEOs or leaders of nations etc. I think playing with a handicap like that makes them frustrated and more ambitious/eager to compensate.

I mean, if you're born handsome and/or tall why would you care about anything? Girls shower you with attention and society in general treats you with a halo effect. Gates and Bezos were driven by their inadequacy.

But that's the whole point. Why try so hard for something somebody else has basically with no effort whatsoever?

Because ugly/short dudes have more variance. The lowest lows but the highest highs. If you're ugly, why not go all out in trying to reach the peak and defeat that which has plagued you? Then you can be Chad's boss and take his women.

Because you want to achieve the top tier goals and have two 10/10 suck your dick dry? Are you just trying to look for reasons to just give up or what?

Who gives a fuck? What's a life worth living if you're ugly as fuck?

look isn't everything
I'm good looking according every bitch I've ever met, but I'm just fucking autistic when it come to human interaction so it doesn't matter

>it's 90% all up to how you look
its true but this is just the first layer

if i like playing video games, programming, linux, jacking off to anime looks are literally irrelevant, can even lift weights to boost my confidence and feel superior to normies when i buy groceries based on their unhealthy food choices

the second layer is
>it's 0% all up to how you look and 100% to how you look at things
youll still be an incel though even though you see yourself as volcel

Side profile minus the eyes and hair and slightly thinner lips looks like me, almost exactly even the ears, my neck is thicker though. OP is correct, I’ve been a broke NEET for most of my life and I had countless girls fall for me and want to provide for me. They’re dumb but still, it happened. I still need to financially make it though because there’s no point of any looks if you’re a broke bum forever.

ok, but you can always have some 5/10 thot
if you are not so ugly

By the way, stop fucking procreating with weak jaw females. Find a girl with a nice powerful jawline so you don’t JUST up your fucking lineage you stupid queers. Boys take a lot from their mothers on average. If you nut inside a jawlet chinlet anime face chick your son is going to be a frail looking beta that’ll shoot up a school out of frustration.

Olivia Wilde, Romily Weeks kinda girls might be a little too much though.

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>its true but this is just the first layer
deluded nerd
girls are visual like men, they don't like having sex with ugly guys, the same way don't like to have sex with ugly women
They fake a relationship with a guy with money just to have advantages

I don't really care about what women like or want because I'm asexual. So my looks don't really matter to my enjoyment of life. Only money.

What do you say to that OP?

Also I should add the only motivation I have to exercise is because ot makes me feel good.

same here except 6 ft 4 and I got a small dick

>I don't really care about what women like or want because I'm asexual

Not cope. I genuinely don't feel sexual desire when I see a woman. Nofap is easy for me.

Eh he could look like ezra koenig if he worked on himself a little instead of bitching on lookism

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