Stakenet (XSN) General Discussion

Jobs of XSN Masternodes listed below. Call it a scam all you want, but for once masternodes will actually be service providers.

* Lightning Dex
* One click instant Lightning Swaps (NOT Atomic Swaps)
* Masternode escrow services
* Masternode based oracles/arbitration
* CCPoS - Staking rewards in any other coins
* Tor, PrivateSend, random hop secrets
* Masternode's collateral backed stable coin
* Lightning dApps
* TPoS - Hosting of Trustless Cold staking contracts
* Voting Delegates
* Automated payment of node operators
* Masternode Managers
* Multiple keys for Masternodes
* Enhancements for Smart Contracts and dApps
* Masternode reward split
* Masternodes Quorums Autonomous Swaps
* Cross-Chain dApp infrastructure
* Watchtower services

About $1500 for a masternode right now, and with the launch of the Stakenet Wallet, and the lightning DEX, masternodes will profit from all the backend action.

Even people who's gonna use the multi currency wallet with no intent to ever invest a single dollar in XSN, will STILL benefit the masternodes due to transaction fees, etc.

100x is certainly possible with a 9 million marketcap
Join discord or telegram for updates and for help or answers regarding anything Stakenet.

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REN BTFOs your shitcone

How so? Tell me faggot

federal government insider here
XSN hits 10$ eoy after USA cracks down on crypto in september

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Oh boy it's gonna be good.
XSN literally has the option for anyone to send ANY coin anonymously.
XMR will be pointless as a hold privacy wise, when you can send BTC and LTC completely anonymously between wallets.

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This one is gonna blow soon.

Considering they are supported by Ledger, Trezor AND Xeeda - and yet works on their OWN hardware wallet speaks for itself.

Like, imagine if you could invest in LEDGERcoin at the very beginning? HUGE GAINS.

This is your opportunity to do JUST that and much more.


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Still not selling

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Stakenet DEX launch is a day I am going to remember for the rest of my life.

thought xeeda was dead


I don't think a lot of people use Xeeda, but the fact of the matter is, that XSN is supported by all of these hardware wallet devices, and yet is sitting at a marketcap below $10 mio
Diversified some of my LINK bags into XSN, got 45k XSN a few days ago, and I'm impressed by the project already honestly

Your current HODL value 10,000.000 XSN $1,012.230
daily earnings (0.048%) 4.795 XSN $0.485
monthly earnings (1.458%) 145.833 XSN $14.762
annual earnings (17.500%) 1,750.000 XSN $177.140

I don't think $10/coin eventually is unreasonable, and if so will $1,000 now be enough to retire in 5 years? The $1,000 example above yields 1,750XSN/year, at ten dollars a piece that enough to live a poorfag retired life forever. Doesn't seem like a bad gamble for a grand.

That sell side is so fucking thin this shit going to pop so hard when it starts moving. Only a few retards selling at this level though so it’s hard to accumulate, managed to bag 8mn’s so far though so think I will make it

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couldnt care less about the dex, they have user/private txs, instant and feeles and unlimited txs, lightning network, dapps, etc etc they render most coins useless

1 million $+ per masternode in 3 years, pretty much like dash in 2017 but that one is useless LMFAO

Kiiind of agree with some of your points.
XSN will make privacy coins pretty much useless, as you will be able to use their multi currency wallet to send and receive private transactions in whatever currency you desire.
Being able to tether up in seconds using USDT on lightning will also be fucking awesome!
See a HUGE BTC pump? Tether up, and rebuy. Easy

>Instant one-click private swaps between BTC, LTC, and now Tether via LN swaps. Goods payable with BTC can be bought with LTC, Tether, or XSN.
>Interoperability between LN coins, ETH/ERC20, and EOS tokens
>Re-establishes privacy that LN routers potentially compromise while re-establishing privacy for otherwise-traceable BTC funds
>Truly decentralized DEX - run by MNs, secured by the network - that hosts every blockchain for every coin available for trade so the end-user doesn't need to download them individually
>Pioneered TPoS (trustless proof of stake) - stake 24/7 while your computer is off or even from cold storage
>Working to make TPoS a one-click option
>Trustless MN hosting services payable directly in XSN. Run several MNs while your computer is off and receive a 16% annual ROI in XSN
>DEX Aggregator that intends to pool together numerous other DEXes that suffer from low volume
>CCPoS - stake XSN, receive BTC, LTC, Tether
>Dedicated hardware division.
>Intending to pool MN hardware into a collective supercomputer secured by the network. The DEX is the first dApp.
>No KYC to use the DEX, perform LN swaps, or use any of the other features mentioned above.
The X9 Developers are working to obsolete centralized exchanges. They've routinely delivered on all their ambitious goals to do so.
They're doing it in a way that honors the original cypherpunks that built Bitcoin.
Stakenet is being built for the collective benefit of the entire space.

If you trade between BTC and LTC alone, this will have a tremendous amount of benefits to it.
>No bid orders
>No buying down sell walls
>No need to transfer
Funds and keys remain secured and completely in your control whether you wish to hold, trade, spend, or cold stake.

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Imagine selling now, before the final release of their lightning wallet, which will make even more profits for anyone hosting a node.
I understand trying to accumulate by trading, but if this takes off massively (which is very likely, the sell side is thin as fuck) you'll be sorry, haha

does anyone in the north of england want a room for rent? 1 xsn masternode per year.

i missed out on having a DRK masternode. bought thousands of them for pennies. so multiple mn's infact. you whippersnappers nowadays know DRK as DASH after it was rebranded. a mnode then worthless, is now paying $10k USD/year each.
stakenet is like the last example i'm aware of which might stand a chance of a similar performance, at a currently affordable price.

this all sounds too much like an advert. just see...

Holy moly the shills in these threads

yeah alright sonny jim, hurry along now and buy more LINK. there's a good lad.

meanwhile, tell me which of these looks the most attractive to you?

nothing about xsn looks wrong/bad, all i can see is moons.

>Imagine 10 million $ daily volume on the DEX during the next bull. (Bisq just had 10 million ALONE in Zimbabwe per week)
>imagine 0.1% trading fees
>10,000$ total fees daily
>10,000/2100 masternodes
>4,76$ daily/MN
>143$ monthly/MN

If bisq can do that in Zimbabwe per week, XSNs DEX can do easily a multiple of thag globaly per day. So imagine a 100 million $ volue. Yields 1430$ per month per MN. This is a fucking gold mine, people just dont get it

Stakenet Mobile Preview :)

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so is there any news coming up? I have about 5k to throw into something

yep there's at least one of these (((discussion))) threads every day at the moment for this, usually between 2 or 3 people all saying the same shit every day

New Dev update just arrived, pic related.

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no bro i'm new to these threads in particular. guess there's a thin line between shill and imminent trillionaire believer.
on what are you not sold exactly? lots of people are aching to fuck their masterful nodes all over peoples' blockchains, but nobody can afford to do it properly with DASH, so we gamble on the next mnode moon. which incidentally is XSN.

never read from anyone, that they got a xeeda, but only refunds. also the last news update on xeedas homepage was in december 2018.
so xsn is supported on a non existing hardware wallet... but i guess that is just how stakenet does since the mclw is at 100% since may 21st.

i for one am not sold on a team that just does not release stuff that is at 100% for months. there was no properly good news (from my perspective) since the cooperation with the litecoin foundation (i really don't care for ledger/trezor before cold staking) and last useable release of something new was unlock for staking only a few months ago.

another point i am not sold on, would be that a team - which is running out of funds at the prices at the moment (where has the pr lady gone?)- is always trying to do the next step before finishing the first. i am not interested in epos, their own hardware thing, or an online wallet, which was promised to do so much more. but hey funds were allocated and nothing worth mentioning but the funds running out happened. i dont trust the project "leader" draper, who obviously is a kid without any proper idea of how long development takes.

They've gradually been adding more features to the wallet to give it a stronger impact upon launch.

We get it, you probably bought the top, lol. Cry me a fucking river dude.
The fact that the wallet has been completed just shows that the team is completely transparent which it's community. Even if it's completed, there is still a testing phase you need to go through when you're developing something as world's first.
Currently in beta testing, you can check it out if you know how to work with Linux.

The team does weekly updates, just updated with some preview pics of the mobile version..
You lack patience for something that's gonna change a lot in crypto. It's clear as day that you are an impatient investor, please just sell your "bags" and invest in LINK for all that matters.

hmmm so how is it at 100% then? 100% means ready, set, release - and not we are 100% done and now we are adding functions

mhm software in beta is ofc 100% finished. what else

Post portfolio lmao

Weak fud jew, hope your buy order will get fulfilled at least.

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You’re a fucking loser dude. Whenever people post criticism that holds you always go with the “bought the top haha quit crying”.

Love watching fudders flail when it comes to stakenet, just putting on a show for me, keep it coming fellas you're only hurting yourself.

The multi-currency wallet was done, but a vanilla MCW isn't the most exciting thing so they integrated TOR and private one-click LN swaps, both things which were intended to be added to the wallet over time.

i am not flailing anyone, but sure, if for you 100% for 2 months without release is good enough, go for it. and sry but it is not finished if stuff gets added. 100% but hey you will get the wallet at some mathematical more than 100% bs

i would be surprised if the wallet came out in this quarter, as well as i would be surprised if ledger or trezor were giving a shit about xsn.

and you know why? bc they don't have to, and unless stakenet is releasing something of importance, they won't.

so if you are so fucking happy with your great investment, why do you even try to shill your bags...

nazi or turk? oh just an antisemitic asshole anyways

Wallet is done 100% but it’s just a wallet so can store, send and receive, not very exciting. All the other points on the roadmap are additional features for it so far they have 1 click TOR privacy active and auto updates too. They are in public testing for the Lightning Swap feature and once that’s complete then it will be worthy of a release. Android build for testing coming next week so they said on the discord

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When you develop something nobody else has ever done before, you NEED public beta testing before full release.
But it seems you would rather like some buggy release with exploits all over it, you're seriously retarded dude

Can I get xsn on idex and is it erc20?

the wallet is already running on ledger/trezor

Oy vey 109 countries and counting

No, because XSN is not some useless token which was made in 30 minutes by some scammer.
It runs on its OWN blockchain, hence why it's a coin and not a token.

They will add ERC20 tokens to their multi currency wallet though, which I'm personally looking forward to, I'll move all my LINK to the wallet once supported

You can buy it on Livecoin without kyc

XSN isn't a token, but it is going to have full support for ETH/ERC20 and EOS (pic related) and I believe it will be able to access IDEX's orderbooks through it's DEX Aggregator

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mhm that is exactly what i said. was not critizing the 100%, was critizing the testing. ofc

anyway - ever heard of a company - idk lets take gm - saying, yeah our new model is 100% complete. now we just gonna add the board computer, the ac, the tyres, but hey it is 100% chassis

Kek. In GM's case, they'd make a one-off concept car, possibly add an engine to it and then shill it at trade shows years before any actual production takes place. Not the best example to prove your point.
Pic related is the 2005 Chevy Camaro concept car, which finally saw a release to the public in 2009 with a very different aesthetic than the one it has here.

dammit, forgot pic

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nowhere in the world (even at trade shows) gm said it was more than a concept car. so 100% means the concept wallet. ok, so it will come out in 4 years?

I'm not seeing why you're so unnerved by XSN marking one core module off as 100% complete when each module has clearly been intended to be part of a bigger ecosystem that has yet to be finished. I responded to you here on why they did it in the first place

Beautifully executed dismantlement of fud user. I'm so proud of you.

I might be very interested. [email protected]

You know XSN is part based on Dash and can do everything Dash can do and more so really it should be worth more when you think about it.

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*tink* *tink*

I have an announcement

POSW Coin is a shitcoin

XSN is POSW Coin:

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What coins is it now? Was there an ico or swap? What teams members from the previous coin are still working on the new coin? What was posw’s main focus? Why was it abandoned? Who took over development? What do they plan to do? What has been accomplished since the change? How much has been accomplished since the change?

Answer these questions you low IQ mong or forever get justed!

POSW was a dead project anyone holding it should be thanking the gods the X9 devs picked it up to salvage it and turn it into what it is now otherwise you would have been well and truly fucked. XSN’s dev team are fucking heroes for doing what they are doing instead of taking the easy option and just doing an ICO at the time. They didn’t they they chose to save POSW as they had a large community and were relatively well so figured that would help them with promoting XSN. They didn’t do an ICO as they knew industry regulation would clamp down on those kinds of activities at some point and didn’t want XSN to be caught up in any of that with what they are building.

So yeah try and talk shit about them all you want but doesn’t change the fact they have already achieved great things and will continue to do so

XSN is the perfect example of a project that's doing everything the right way - no ICO and investing what funds they had into R&D instead of marketing, thus creating an excitable community of fanatics and hardcore supporters - but still gets accused of being a scam for no reason

True, fucking sad.. But in reality I believe it's just a lame excuse to FUD it since most people don't even know Jack shit about the project overall.
Same as me FUD'ing LINK, because I want it to burn to the fucking ground.

Some people have waaaay too much free time, (NEETS) sitting in their mothers basement shouting scam all over. Just ignore them, they'll forever be justed, same as those who didn't buy Link at $0.20

Looks damn slick, when is it scheduled for release?

Everything is FUDded, to be fair. ETH and even BTC included. I wish someone could conjure up some convincing FUD against XSN. So far, nothing.

Haha.. True that.
I'm fucking comfy with my 30k XSN. Wish I could afford more honestly. Holding 1 BTC as well, but promised myself to NEVER sell it. Lol

You could turn that 1 BTC into 10 BTC with XSN

> Pic related

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I know, and I will probably regret it, but my principle is never to go all in on anything. Even stocks and bonds.

That's a wise decision user. Never go all in

Same with LINK, and look where it is now, lmao

Wrong, see you on the moon faggot

Finally someone with an actual brain here. Thanks for the laugh, good point user

What can I do with 6k XSN? is it worth it to stake?

Stake it on the XSN cloud. Your best option

Is that their pool staking solution? Asking because I'm sitting with 3500 XSN, would be nice to stake it if possibly, no luck solo staking so far

Yep.. You should definitely stake it, I guess you can stake like 50-100 XSN monthly with that amount

Stake those coins using the cloud is yalls best option atm

Whats staking, what does it do?

Anything over 5k and you might make a little more with TPoS compared to the cloud.

Thank you, I thought it would cost me my coins, so it's just free passive income?

Exactly. It's pretty dope imho

Nope. You should take a look at the whole FAQ, some pretty good knowledge can be found

For those interested, XSN is very close to having cold staking ready to go. Everything on their end is done and now they're waiting on Ledger and Trezor to implement their code

Anons what will your approach be for your MN rewards?
Tempting as it may be to swap them for BTC, I think I'd rather put all the rewards into buying more MNs

50% into acquiring more for staking, 50% into maintaining a fresh supply of pupinias

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ugh, i was paying 850ish/coin yest, now i've got more buying power the bids are above 1000. should really just set an order and wait for a correction, but i want them now

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Set a buy order @900 and hope it fills.. there are plenty up for grabs on the sell side right now, you could buy that before someone else snaps it, but your choice.

>hope it fills
>check 1hr later
fug muh FOMO.
desu i don't suppose a few satos makes a lot of difference if you're in it for the long-run. daytraders may need to shit the bed over mini fluctuations, but i want this bitch to x100 at least and don't want to sell for like half a decade if ever, so maybe i'll just overpay a little.

I'd just buy those sell walls honestly, but I understand if you don't want to as well. In the end it's your decision mate

Just buy the sell walls dude, or set a buy wall, no biggie man

wtf is wrong with livecoin's XMR market

Fuck XMR long live XSN

Indeed, haha

>surely someone will sell into my buy order soon

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>tfw you only have 1 MN
it's a bittersweet feelin' fellas

1 MN is enough to make it in a year.

one day sad nocoiners will be complaining "tfw only have 1 XSN", user. your 1x mn riches will be more than sufficient for a lifetime of made-it-tendies and fame

Plenty of coins on the sell side, just buy from there, lol