Does this imply/hint something:

Does this imply/hint something:
Also, who's accumulating the dip?

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Accumulating anything under 10c

Binance listing probably after the first phase of mainnet (1-3 months). Also, I already have over 100k since it was in 2-4 cent area.

redpill me on this pls

Can someone running multiple nodes tell me how it works. Do they run in a pool, or does each node download the blockchain for itself?

going to fuck this bitch tomorrow

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the network has a latency of around 1.5 seconds
that should red pill anyone

It isn't the first time that automated bot account of Binance tweets about them, as they do with any V label project.

I have NKN but this is pathetic.

If I got in that early I'd have about 100k also. Sitting on 23k at the moment, will try to get more as and when I can.

No pooling.

Largest crypto network by far. One of the fastest and scales up to and beyond a million nodes without issue, nor slowing down.
nCDN (new kind of content delivery network) will possible be used for major content websites such as Youku and similar. Think decetralised cloudflare.

Will most likely hit a couple dollars in 2020 if not more. Possibility to hit $50-150 depending on adoption over 5 year period. That's the dream target. $10 might be where it actually sits in 5 years but at 6c at the moment, $10 would be an easy _made it_ deal.

honestly, this thing sucks.

here's the dream version of NKN:
>port 443 like a regular human being
>json instead of protoshit
>the usual protocol instead of whatever they got
>no free/paid tier networking bullshit
>the organization behind the network works ON the network, rather than private CDN apps

Fuck me, if I knew I could shill this hard enough to make it happen, I would ICO my plan and be rolling in cash.

I’ve got 35 nodes and a little stack

You sound butthurt. Everyone moans about the nCDN but if that gets picked up by say Youku, the token price will skyrocket.

You'd think so, but it won't. Common economical sense should tell you that they'll have an incentive to keep the token price as low as possible. Otherwise the platform will be too expensive, and how will they get their fiat monies then.

That's only if rewards and such stay exactly as they are now. If the network stays free for the majority, but massive players pay to use, that makes total sense. Can you imagine the millions of dollars spent on bandwidth for large companies? Now if NKN can save them even 25%, they'd jump at it, let alone if it's half price or under. I would have thought that still means token price could be pretty high without alienating use.

They've also confirmed a type of gas token that can be used. So if the NKN token jumped up, they can use another token or decimals or whatever, to keep payments per GB of transfer reasonable, while the network's token itself goes up.

I'm just thinking out loud, but as their staff have millions of NKN, they will want it to go up all the same.

Just tell these bizfags that NKN partnered with IOTX who just partnered with LINK.

Basically LINK + NKN confirmed.

No one wants that scam to be associated with NKN. Just because it's going down the toilet doesn't mean it has to drag others down too.

This fucking token just cannot and will not stay above fucking 6 cents

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It's been growing nicely since Jan. If you're an idiot that bought a week ago and think it'll continuously hit 25-50%+ a day then you deserve to be triggered and poor. Buy what you can, hold it, you'll make it.

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your scenario just doesn't make a lot of economical sense. If it's 25% cheaper, then I would think the coin should be 25% more expensive. After all, the asks are there, and the volume of this coin is low to begin with.

The NKN team will keep the price low. They will pocket the margins and happily waltz away. Isn't crypto banned in China? They have to trade in fiat. You'll never see a dime entering the market, probably.

The token does not have to be linked with use of the network. Gas tokens or decimals can be used if and when the token becomes more valued than the network's offerings. If large companies are willing to spend big money to use the network, token price goes up to give incentive for more people to run nodes to handle the data. With more nodes, more data and more companies can then make use, and it scales. I dunno. I just see it doing well and token price going up because of it.

And since when is Crypto banned in china? China is one of the crypto giants of the world?