Haha like eat my shorts lmao

Haha like eat my shorts lmao

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I want so smoke a joint so bad rn but i cant be high for my meeting
Gonna roll one for the ride home though

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I took a few sips of this before work lmao ayyy

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How dis? I've never tried any drinkables.

Shuda drank whole thang, god i miss cali and denver.

fuck boys I got a tick bite, I tried to get it out with tweezers but I think the whole thing is in my forearm now

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Do you sleep in the woods, iv never got a tick bite b4 whats it like

I haven't either, sometime I go camping. I didn't notice it, I do have lyme disease now as well. Will go to the hospital later 2day.

They suck. The fuckers crawl on you for a while before actually settling down on a spot, they try to find the soft juicy bits near the undersides of a joint. You don't really feel the bite until after they're done, they itch if you touch them, and it's a very isolated area directly on the bite that itches. The itchy spot will last for months.

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came here looking for this. i'm seeing signs in the chart that a bart market may be imminent. truly my favorite market conditions



Kek literally bought pizza with BTC yesterday at 11k

Yeah you should get treatment for that looks kinda like Lyme, If you treat it in the first two days you can stop it

about to hit the gym and doing a smoke sesh with the lads right after
have a good weekend frens

Where do you live

meeting got delayed for tonight, currently stoned about to eat left over meat loaf and mac and cheese

Yeah, think I got bit on the weekend 2 weeks ago will still be going asap

yuropooria, unfortunately..

yo guys i have a tiny amount of hasj left. how can i get the most out of this?

i just ordered weed online, i live in belgium tho so it comes from the netherlands through regular mail

smoking after gym is based

my weed connect just got busted he used to sell me dankass outdoor and top tier moroccan hash for 3€ / gram. I guess its time to quit now Im too old to make a new drug connect Ive known this nigga for 20 years.

Roll it in some weed or tobacco hold it in as long as you can, or sell it for more than its worth and buy more
Just met the dankest plug, asians ftw.

Pic is sunset sherbert and afgan from the bay

Im sconed brah

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that looks nice user, i'll be hitting some wax after waging today

what do you wage in

qc engineer / auditing / process improvement in manufacturing. roughly 80 / 20 % office to production floor time spent. adding gym first, then hit some dabs

make little serpents with the hash plus tobacco in a slim joint

10 mg is a nice low dose that you will feel but not be incapacitated by. Most sodas I've seen before this have much too high doses.

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