Did I actually miss the ONE bottom at $0.0119? I had a huge buy order at $0.0115...

Did I actually miss the ONE bottom at $0.0119? I had a huge buy order at $0.0115. Can you pajeets FUD a little more please?

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might as well just buy now it looks like it stopped bleeding

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this is all she is good for in life, isn't it?


maybe you should shoot yourself in the head?

anyone looked up this to see if it's true?

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what? i fapped everyday for 10 years and i have small balls, whenever i stop for a month they grow a lot!

i meant the jewish story in the image specifically. i know nofap is bullshit already, never heard of jews thinking ejaculation attracts spirits

you're not as high and mighty as you think and women does a good job objectifying themselves

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It's not true.
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Source on the whore
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you sure? might be some forgotten story that nobody pays mind to or even remember, there's a million stories in the bible that nobody pays mind to or even remember

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That's a man.

Not gonna matter if you bought at the bottom or near the bottom one day soon, you’ll still make bank

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