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What's your opinion on $bat ?

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BAT will never go above $1, it would make it pointless.
Read the whitepaper.

Not that I don't believe you but what page of the whitepaper is that on?

Long term very bullish, but the founders keep dumping the user group coins every time the price goes near $0.35.

This is kind of a double edged sword. There's a reason that BAT is the only thing in all of crypto that has actual impressive adoption, and it's directly because the price is non-volatile enough for actual businesses to seriously consider adoption. The downside is that as someone hodling it, it kind of sucks.

Smart thing to do with it right now is just keep buying under $0.32 and swing trading when it gets to $0.32, and accumulate with a 2-3 year timeline in mind. But even though it's likely the best product in crypto rn, with the founders dumping every time it rises, it's not going to be a moon mission any time soon.

Great idea if you don't give a shit about the token value.
Being able to tip Youtube/Reddit users and receive tips for your posts. All from the press of a button on your browser.
BAT should build the extension on other browsers too.

When do you think it will moon? or what do you think will need to happen for it to be able to moon?

It will only moon when actual adoption of the ads/browser gets high enough that even the user pool of tokens can't dump the price down.

If you check out and compare it with Brave browser adoption (2m Daily Active Users in April, probably up to like 3 or 4 by end of July) then you should be able to model out how many users/ads it would take for demand for the coin (based on actual use) to outstrip 200m tokens per day. Difficulty with doing this is the price per ad (measured in BAT) and the reward per ad viewed/clicked (measured in BAT) can fluctuate ( is a fud meme, I have actually read the entire white paper) which means it gets very complicated to predict price.

Let's say they double daily active users every 2 months which is what they're doing now.

>April 2m
>June 4m
>aug 8m
>oct 16m
>dec 32m
>feb 2020 64m
>april 2020 128m
>june 2020 256m

So in a scenario where they keep up current growth numbers you'd see adoption parity with firefox around june 2020. I'm not sure at exactly what point it becomes impossible for the user pool of tokens to keep the price down artificially any more.

Let's just say theoretically that you get 10 ads per BAT spent as an advertiser, and the average user on Brave sees 10 ads a day. I have no idea whether this is right or not but it's simple math.

User pool is 200m tokens. 200000000/10 = 20m.

So if a BAT bought 10 ads and the average user viewed 10 ads a day, 20m users (around nov based on 2 mounth user doubling consistently) is the point where there would be enough demand that advertisers would gobble up the entire user pool in one day even if the whole thing is dumped.

Assuming the team isn't full of absolute tards they would probably stop before that, so maybe controlled and smaller dumps starting at 10m users to let the price go up but slowly.

All this really comes down to three things

>Number of ads you get per BAT spent as an advertiser
>Number of Daily Active Users
>How the price of the first changes based on the number of the second

God Damn, So we are going to need a lot for it to actually moon. I just want to know how much longer i need to hold my bags. I know the adds just came to mobile users.

I mean crypto is hugely speculative it's also possible some guy with $20m just decides to dump it all into BAT and it moons tomorrow.

Consider that Chainlink and Quant, the best moon missions of this year, have literally 0 people actually using their coin. Sure they have partnerships that will theoretically enable businesses/people to use it in the future, but literally nobody is using it now. It's all speculation.

BAT on the other hand actually has businesses and users buying the token for purposes of use.

Thats why ive been investing into it. Its like the only crypto that has actual practical use. I know its all speculative, but i really do think that brave will keep on gaining traction. I dont know much about the team behind brave though. Do you think it will actually gain a HUGE following?

Check you don't have to actually speculate you can just check the numbers yourself. They don't list DAU numbers for Brave which is annoying, but you can just google it.

As for team, two of the head guys are the inventors of Javascript and Firefox. It's a pretty 1/1 skill set match at the very least.

There's this scene in Silicon Valley where the devs are talking to the Mark Cuban ripoff, saying they want to get users before they pitch a VC, and he is just like "do not get users before you fundraise under any circumstances". They ask why and he says, "If you have users then your business becomes a mathematical equation, if you have use CASES then people can speculate rampantly."

This is pretty much how crypto works. Once you have actual users it becomes pretty easy to valuate your token from a VC perspective (I work in VC). If you have no users but a ton of hype and potential, some very smart people can convince themselves "LINK $1,000 EOY".

It's a double edged sword. If you were to ask me which project in crypto is likely to be worth 100x 5 years from now, BAT is my top pick (or at least tied for #1 with XMR). But if you're asking me which is likely to be worth 10x before EOY, it's probably not BAT.

>let's say they double every 2 months

You're fucking stupid, user

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nyzo going to overtake bat with their micropay system

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what do you think will be 10x EOY?

They doubled dau from April to July

Idk probably some useless shitcoin with good marketing. XSR actually seems like a cool project so maybe that?

what's all this faggotry about not caring about token value? someone give me a 10 second tldr pls, or i'll assuming this is a desperate bagholder's convention of some failed shitcoin turned 'stable currency', whose stability lasts precisely as long as the dev both fuelling and selling into it decides to make it last.

how about brap? Its completely useless and memeing pretty hard core

maybe pick NYZO if you want something with use and memes

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I used the shitty web browser for an entire day and didn't get a single bat. Shit is rigged for pajeets

This is patently false. You’re a complete dunce.

Other groups like Gab are forking the project and replacing the token with Lightning Network. So that users can use actual decentralized money instead of premined ICO scam money.

Nobody is going to use the nazi browser.
Advertisers aren't going to spend money on the nazi browser.
The nazi browser will always be months behind brave since it is just a copy but everytime brave makes a change, they will have to vet it and make sure it doesn't fuck with their code.

>Nobody is going to use Brave.
>Advertisers aren't going to spend money on Brave.
>Brave will always be months behind Chrome since it is just a copy but everytime brave makes a change, they will have to vet it and make sure it doesn't fuck with their code.

how many times have you used GAB browser to tip someone ya fuck? is it never? cuz i bet it's never

Under $1 whitepaper
Browser token

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