So after seeing so many Quant (QNT) threads I decided to buy some. While I remained cautious in buying...

So after seeing so many Quant (QNT) threads I decided to buy some. While I remained cautious in buying, I should've listened to the fudders in the threads. I thought they were joking since they kept saying "Quant is a scam" but they were just being short, sweet and to the point of this elaborate scam and now the 4,000 wallets have pulled the rug under me. No wonder there are no threads.

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this shit was 20 cents, bro. you missed it. buy TRV.

Thanks Ill buy some with the little momey I have left from Quant now.

ugh these are all literally the same dude who just keeps saying Quant is a scam without any proof. Dont you get tired of this man? It would be close to impossible to have lost a notable amount of money on Quant if you had bought and held. Youre literally just some dumbass trying to get the price lower so you can buy in. Heres for any lurkers who may want to look into the project and see for themselves how this guy didnt lose his life savings or some shit. (look at the year chart, its very nice) (and lots of good info in here)

Honestly dude, get a life.

Impossible, stop trying to lower the price. You won’t get a better entry

Low effort OP, try a little harder

Then the coordinated shills come to attack me AFTER being in emotional distress from losing my son's college funding. Wow guys wow. You guys are the lowest of the scum. Scam scum.

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Lol keep them coming, this is great

its honestly pretty disgusting, I put my life savings after being baited by the shills, and surprise surprise I lost it all.

To my surprise the shills, who seemed so friendly before, turn on me and start mocking me for losing every cent of my hard earned money over the past 17 years.

Dude this fud is comically bad. A child can look at the QNT charts and see that it’s impossible to have lost lol

there it is again, keep mocking me, I'm sure it will make you feel better at your own losses. As my mother told me if someone is constantly putting you down they probably have some things going on at home, so I feel bad for you, even worse than I feel for myself after losing my life savings over 17 years at the factory.

Do you get a kick out of watching hard working men be ruined by losing their hard earned money? Seriously get a life. Youre always mocking all the "fudders" in EVERY. SINGLE. QNT thread. The new buyers should approach cautiously because youre just a shark.

>ITT check the price guys and FOMO in guys!! I'll keep making incredulous, oddly verbose statements void of emotion until you do so.

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Bullish. I repeat, any lurkers should just look at the chart and links posted above. Not to mention the low supply. These fudders can’t come up with anything that can’t be disproven by just looking at a fucking chart to see that you literally can’t have lost money on QNT. Pic related is the 30 day chart

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Actually scarily true. They act friendly to lure you in, and after you buy in and lost your precious money, they pretend like you don't exist, you just become another person whose life has been ruined by being baited into buying bags.

QNT shills are actual sociopaths, they manipulate your emotions to get you to buy bags, DONT FALL FOR IT! take it from me, as someone who has fallen victim to this, or the several others who have had similar experiences that are being mocked because they are no longer of any use to these sociopaths.

Tears are welling up in my eyes thinking of what my life could have been if I never believed the shills. If I can save even one poor soul from experiencing the pain and suffering QNT has brought into my life, I can die happy.

Explain how im in the ruins right now then? Photoshopping charts now is extremely pajeet tier btw

Stop same fagging

guy, posting about QNT is kind of pointless now. The cat's out of the bag and isn't ever going back in.

once again, anyone who has constructive criticism or stories about horrifying losses are dismissed as "fudders" or "same fags" or "larpers". You can keep the wool over your eyes for as long as you want, it feels like even if 1 million people came out with their stories, you will still believe it's 1 person with 1 million different Internet connections.

Im just trying to save the little few people I can. This is disgusting what the quant guys are doing.

Youre not going to get a better buy in, rakesh

Then fucking go look at the charts yourself.
actually a hilarious larp. 5 minutes of research shows this is one of the most legit projects out there. Sorry your bags didnt pump, dont blame successful projects.
Ok great, explain to me how you lost money. Post the link to the transactions and wallet. Its all traceable, so please. If you can show me I will sell all of my QNT. Show me where on the chart you bought and where you sold that would result in you losing your life savings.
no, this larping is sociopath tier. You didnt lose all your money. It would literally be impossible. Youre either pissed that you sold at 5 dollars or youre trying to get the price to lower so that you can get a better entry point. Fuck off.

shut up nigger scammer. your parents must be street shitters and nigerians for you to be this insistent in steaing peoples money.

Your posts are exhausting. The fact that you have to blatantly lie to try to fud this project is bullish as hell. Anyone can google the charts for QNT and see that youre lying.

The pajeets are fudding to get a better buy in

Literally the ID says
>1 post
Everybody knows this is manipulated by big whales.

I am very disappointed with this place.

When it was possible to buy a q.. at a good price half the people said it was a scam.
These assholes did not accumulate large bags and began to spread fud.
You will burn in hell, assholes.

It's just the same 5 anons fudding out of boredom and the one autistic theranos poster who shows up in every thread
You can't have an actual conversation about Quant here and because of that Jow Forums will miss out

You're right, its Theranos 2.0 and some shills will argue to the very end that it isnt

Quant is some next level shilling. Absolutely no fundamentals discussed ever, and mind games everywhere. The fundamentals are broken - avoid at all cost.

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You seem to know the Quant people posting very intimately.
>will refuse to admit Quant threads are organized malicious attempts to reel in newfags

Where are these redditards coming from

The fundamentals were discussed all the time. We're not going to go in depth on every single thread dumbass. This will get anyone started:

No I just notice the same exact posts are made in each thread

The same can be said for the shills its really only three of you. One which consists of you the other who just posts the copy pasta links, and some other irrelevant guy. At least us "fudders" are coming out together as a strong group to fight from your guys abuse.

Its pretty obvious you are all the same pajeet same fagging

Heres the third irrelevant guy I was speaking about

haha okay rakesh

>muh Gilbers says it's true, therefore it is
to newfags: AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
Don't care about the retards that bought in already.

Attention sirs: please do not buy this quant scam is scam shitcoin please sell your bags please


It's a good project, it's performing well... lots of us didn't get in, OH WELL. Its FUCKING ANNOYING, stop. You're fucking embarassing every non quanter on this board. Not all of us have made it our mission to make ourselves look like absolute fucking tards just because we missed this one.

I agree with this user... it is really annoying to see constant threads from people obsessing over destroying a successful crypto project just because they dont own any. You’re actually going to make me buy Quant if you keep doing this lol

>Buying into a project that amounts to a server application.

Quant probably has a bright future based just on the fact alone that the fudders are more obsessed with it than the shillers lol

this lol

>muh shill/fudding
>still won't discuss the broken fundamentals

We're not going to spoonfeed you. Stay fucking poor and get a life.

>Muh broken fundamentals

The fundamentals work pretty damn well for me when a token goes from sub $1 to over $12.

“Posts a theranos meme” = discussing fundamentals

Dude you’re pooping up literally everywhere you seem like such a faggot with nothing else to do with their life. I’m literally going into quant just to spite you lol

Hello sirs I am here to tell you quant is scam> please sell your bag immediately. this preoject broken scam shit coin. do not buy

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I too want to come forward about the abuse I have received from QNT shills. They really made me buy in when I was in despair looking for a moonshot. And of course they convinced me, I bought 2000 QNTs at $14~ and then they pulled the rug on me. Im actually financially devastated and I should have bought another shitcoin that couldve got me better rewards.

tl;dr if youre making a large investment do your research and dont fall for the shills like I fell for the QNT indian curry niggers

Rakesh stop larping. Your LINK is never going to make you rich. and you're never getting a lower buy-in

I'm going to buy some quant now too just to join in on the fun of laughing at the butthurt people everytime it goes up... i've honestly been pretty jealous on the sidelines everytime i see these people melt it must be so fun for the hodlers

why buy a randomly shilled coin that just started being shilled last week after going up big already, stick to link

shit so youre down like what? 14% after you bought the ATH. Definitely financially ruined, I take back everything I said my bad dude. Definitely a scam, you would have been much better off in literally any other idex coin. Hell even the god coin chainlink only went down around 25% in the same time period. You probably should have gone with them.

Imagine reading this and not thinking QUANT is on the verge of a Bullrun

>psychopathic, manipulative language of this thread participants ITT

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Exactly what Im doing after going through all this thread. The thread has 55 replies with 20 posters and somehow the only three shills that the fud posters was talking about make up for half of the posts. Its a wash coin if I ever seen one. Too bad to because I was so close to buying some to add to my Link collection but this thread smells like curry and poo in loo.

oh my god youre really gonna fall for indian fudding

It's true)))

Why I need to discuss the fundamentals and advertise this project? I don't care if you buy it or not.

cool, buy link lol itll only have to reach top 5 to come close to what QNT has done. Thats what? Close to a 4353862844 marketcap lol Dont even get me started on the circulating supply, or the posts from 2 years ago with linkies claiming 100 EOY My sides lmao

what is Chicago like?

Its alright, cold winters though. Lots of gang activity near southside. Deep dish is awesome. Definitely an underrated city imo

hey shitheads.
dont invest in crypto if you can handle the volatility.

>they made me buy

the fud in quant posts are hilariously bad loool

yep, bullish as hell

Any shilling lacks substance. It's all price speculation and avoidance of real discussion. Canned phrases repeated ad nauseum

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you're in literally every quant thread lol be salty cuck

Yes, please buy the top and get shitrekkt.

>5 minutes of research shows this is one of the most legit projects out there
5 minutes of research doesn't show you anything about anything you fucking idiot the point of research is it takes longer than 5 minutes

you are unhealthily obsessed with quant lol

Nobody responded to my legitimate criticism yet. It is clear that you simply can't.
Enjoy your server application

Imagine thinking Enterprises will listen to a random retarded biz autist that posts same FUD posts every hour over that of Gartner.
Gartner Cool Vendor 2019 Status landed them a 8bn Asian company deal. Your opinion does not matter. You are nobody. Keep Coping no quanter. I know you are the exact same person behind yesterday's thread. Enjoy Poverty.

I actually don't propose to know the technical aspects behind a code I can't see. What I base my decisions off of is who is behind a project and their presentation, and it has made me SHIT TONS of fucking money in my 4 years in crypto. When you become obsessed with overanalyzing buzzwords that's how you'll lose out. Unfortunately I didn't get in on Quant just because I didn't know about it at the time... but am seriously considering going in now due to this thread.


I know English is your second language but we have a thing called hyperbolic language used to get our point across.

This is the funniest threat I've ever read. There's so much psychotic dribbble it's unbelievable. This coin is literally going to go to like $10,000 per corn
Super super bullish with the fud attempts

Peak delusion this is a sell signal if I ever seen one

7/10 decent troll

This thread is incredible and has converted me into a Quant bull haha

He's a shill.