when this exists
the absolute state of fucking retards

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They simply don't understand yet.

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They really think this is just another run of the mill "eth killer"

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But sir i want money you promise me money but i lose all my money sir. Patel told me this is good coin so i put all my savings into it 2 hours ago and now i lose all my savings sir. Pls help sir

whats the use case
hardmode: no muh smart cities because conje himself debunked it in may

But what they fail to realize...

Last week, we finished reviewing #Fantom, and it’s got to be one of the best consensus mechanisms we’ve seen in the entire industry. We hope it gets the level of adoption such a high-quality project deserves.

#FTM #crypto #cryptocurrency

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He simply said that it isn't limited to smart cities. There's a smart Dubai announcement in the next week.

The use case is scalable distributed computing and industrial level scaling of smart contract applications in whichever area you want to use them

so its cloud computing on a DAG?

I own 300,000 of these things but i don't know what they do. Educate me user

It's easily the most complicated whitepaper I've ever tried to read. I just like the branding lol.

Is that Fantom will change the way we think about the whole blockchain space.

Blockchains like ethereum, will plug into fantom's consensus as a base layer scalability solution, people will transact native BTC over fantom in 0.7s.

The internet of blockchains will be born with fantom.

With consensus ordering. Which Iota and other DAGs dont have. So you retain the distributed ledger properties of blockchains

thats the aBFT that conje is studying right?

Yes, Andre had done lots of research on aBFT prior to joining Fantom. He found that what fantom was working on greatly complemented his own work and decided to dump his and his team's research effort into fantom.

thats actually really cool, i didnt know about him studying it prior to fantom. thanks user.

How many to make it?

>whats the use case of smart contracts with real scaling and 0.7 sec finality

100k with iron hands

Very good sir. I already put 100 thousand rupees into it we are buying moon rickshaws with Patel soon enough. Thank you sirs.

The token is useless user.
Andre doesn't even have any cause he knows it's useless.

fantom will be done on private implementations for businesses. the token is useless.

also Andre doesn't work with them anymore

he literally just updated their github what are you talking about

yes, sell now

>muh the next ETH
>muh TPS
>muh consensus as a service

what you faggots forget to think about is the very real possibility that no one fucking cares about blockchain use-cases. all we see is fake partnerships and zero real-world adoption even 6 years after ETH started. 6 YEARS. this fact was masked while we inly had slow blockchains but now with ONE, FTM and the like it becomes painfully obvious that it's not the tech that impedes adoption. it's simply that most normies in executive positions have no fucking use for the technology or think it's an outright scam. NPCs will still defend blockchain lmao.

citation needed. when did he resign? i saw him write code in github just a week ago or so

Your opinion will be changed by end of year possibly by the end of this month.

If you don't understand the enormous cost reduction potential of smart contracts by automating redundant administrative processes, cutting out middlemen and removing the need for trust between many entities relying on common datasets, then I don't know what to tell you.

What stopped ethereum from being widely adopted isn't the lack of usefulness of blockchain or.smart contracts, it's its lack of scalability. Crypto kitties killed eth.

Some implementations will be private, many more will be public. The point of these systems is allowing multiple parties to interact with data, transact and automate business processes without the need to trust that each party is being honest. This massive benefit is achieve with public implementation. If you go for a private implementation, in most cases you might as well go for a server database and centralized software solution.

It is. There are literally 50 others just like it. Sorry but this is not a new paradigm. If people really cared about muh tps one of the other fast platforms would have taken over and yet they are all down 90% and still bleeding. Look at any other "ETH killer" (it will take you a while cuz there are so many) the charts all look the same.

Andre update fantom Github yeaterday and answered question in Fantom telegram 2 or 3 days ago. Proceed to ignore the retarded fudder

how many link to make it considering absolute black hole hands

What's left is waiting and seeing. There are many quicker than eth but none that manage to achieve that scalability while maintaining the level of security provided by aBFT and the level of decentralization which fantom will achieve.

This exchange right here says it all. There is no use for this. It's a research project funded by late adopters desperate to find the next ethereum.

> t. Too dumb to understand

You're close. Companies are already using blockchain pretty heavily. They just don't use these stupid public chains that require you to buy tokens on binance to use it. They all use BaaS (hyperledger, corda, and ethereum) hosted on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. No big business will ever use fantom or any of these other public shitcoin dispensers.

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Now you're making stuff up. Noone said many more will be used.

Simply a research project

Place your bets.

Michael Kong:
Related to smart cities and the government

Michael Chen:
Aiya you aint scared of NDA’s son.

Crypto Senpai1:
I know you cant elaborate now on dubai partnerships, but can you say if the journey was a success or not

Andre Cronje:

you simply don't understand this project
this is the new paradigm
i know it's sounds like hardcore pajeeting but it's true

Yes, actually, Andre said that many mainnets will be deployed that need FTM for validator nodes and pay for transactions. DYOR

>no business will ever use the public internet
you in 1995

If you have black hole hands presumably you will literally never sell so no amount of LINK will ever allow you to make it since you need to sell at least 1 LINK to make it. Buying a house with LINK also counts as selling.

This is what happens when you skimp on your shill budget. Low quality Indians.

Smart cities

buy at your own risk

I already told you anons token is useless

How is it more useless than with any other smart contract blockchain retard.

It's used to secure the network and pay for transaction fees

Found the "token not needed" faggot, this time in a Fantom thread.

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why would andre criticize useless tokens if the token he's working on wouldn't have any usecases? weak fud

Because he's being paid a ton of money?

did you watch any of his interviews? that guy isn't in for the money

It is now literally the 3rd time I explain to you that the token is needed to reward validator nodes and stakers securing the network and to pay for gas.