The Real Stink Shady here with the 3rd and final chainlink rap song. Enjoy:

The Real Stink Shady here with the 3rd and final chainlink rap song. Enjoy:

>sorry it’s only 1 verse made this in half an hour on the go

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based stink shady
throw them up on a youtube channel so other fags don't take credit for them.

based post series
very bullish

Take the low end out of your voice a touch with some EQ - boost the high a bit too.
Also you need ad libs, just EQ them bit higher than your voice with a bit of delay and reverb. Repeat words and have some 'oo' 'yeah' 'oh' in the background. Dont overuse this though little bit is the key.

Would take 5 mins and make your track 100x better

I had Adlibs on this one but I took them off right before uploading cause I didn’t like how it sounded. I’m terrible at them for some reason

yeah they need to be less powerful and sound like they are on their own spectrum so use EQ to take out most of the low end (more than main vocal) and turn them down a bit.

Can also help changing the pitch. What DAW do you use?

Dope OP

I’m literally just recording this on BandLab on my iPhone it’s not meant to be taken too seriously

very bullish and the meme magic continues. people will be talking about getting link vibes from shitcoins in a couple years

can anyone link me the first two songs? i really enjoyed the flow of this 3rd meme

kek i have heard the other tracks you have uploaded the last few weeks thats pretty jokes you record it on an iphone it dont sound that bad at all. Make a soundcloud and upload them all


I’d rather just be anonymous

OP/The Real Stink Shady here. Posting from phone.

Some of my relatives from Andhra Pradesh made a better remix of the song, they have some good equipment down there. Some of my relatives are playing instruments on this remix.
Enjoy marines.

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pure pajeet bliss

these are appreciated


Send us your LINK address fgt

For what ?



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>he doesn't want to tip bros

shit goes hard man
list links here

bullish as fuck homie

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This pumped link were gonna need another track dawg

bump because this guy deserves recognition

I hope you don't actually think that except for adlibs you're good at rapping. This is on the level of an 8th grader, but for a parody it's pretty good.

nigga you crazy