I'm putting a team together

>I'm putting a team together

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Chief Big Boy checkin in....

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Boy Satoshi? Count me in.

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>Ayo Sminem hold up

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let's do this

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>Sminem you son of a bitch....you think we'd let you do this alone?!

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hi I notice your team is a bunch of WHITE MALES so i'm here to help write the code of conduct and diversity pledge!

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>captain...theres a moon I'm front of us

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>hi I'm head of the stacy department . Please submit your application and we will let you know if you got the job.

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this is internalized misogyny! we'll see what happens when my twitter friends find you about you

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Room for one more?

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You can microwave milkshakes? N-Nani?!

Always room to grow fren

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>on the schizo level. Tell me if I'm being a fag but Chris(not tine) chan talking about the interdementional merger, link nodes, the third impact, fanta, and big macs , this is all getting weird now. Are you guys happy you bought tickets?

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ayy LMAO

Sminem, really? Not this fetish stuff again even 1000 ETH are not worth it this time

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im here, where do you need me?

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Fine, I’m in for one last job.

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who is this girl anyway

you'll be needing some muscle - count me in

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Checking in!

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>you got a match sergey?

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Hello guys, just a hedge fund manager joining in.

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I told you bull was back in January already you moron!

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cut me in

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Let me in too.

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you're going to need a weapons expert, I presume

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Sminem came to me in a dream last night and told me GBR confirmed. The last time I had a crypto dream I called the december bottom.

For some reason..I believe you

heh, did someone said they want to fuck their mother? Fuckit if they want to fuck.

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Is it pronounced SMY-NEM

Why the fuck would it be s-meh? It's neither. It's Smee-nem.

fuck your mother if you want some fuck

Why the fuck would it be smee? It's neither. It's Smih-num.

t. padoo patel

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I thought I might be s-meh because I thought the joke was that he looks like eastern European Slim Shady

We don't accept internet money here

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wheres the creepy user with the forehead that looks like an oblivion character

Connnt burpm blin.

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the fire emanates from me loins

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feel free to utilize Air-force One at a moments notice, Smeee' man

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We'll drive.

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my gf