Harmony ONE - Muh Sharting

Ok so I normally wouldn’t even glance at this kind of shit but the fact that it’s the first blockchain other than ETH that chainlink is becoming interoperable with has caught my eye.

I’ve been researching it lately. But here’s my very simple question.

What reason do I have to believe this isn’t just
>another “ZOMG SHARDING!!!1!1” project

If ZIL and ADA and all the others (including ETH for fuckssake) couldn’t do PoS by now, why is ONE suddenly the chosen one?

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Because they actually have their mainnet releasing next month. So you won't need to speculate anymore lol.

The actual answer is they've been working on it since early 2017 and there are multiple engineers that worked at Google/Apple/Amazon on their team. They know their shit, this isn't some pajeet operation. Give their whitepaper a read, it's obscenely technical.

Also they had a quick conversation with Vitalik showing that they aren't just scammers spouting technobabble.


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Also ETH's problems stem from attempting to add PoS to their existing chain in a way that won't fuck everyone up. The code is a mess because they're trying to not break anything. It turns out that if you don't need to worry about this, development becomes easier.


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You obviously didn't went to their bbq.
Dude just duuuuuuude!!!!!

Advances in tech happen constantly. It was inevitable that we were going to see a project that gets PoS and speed at the same time at some point.


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This is the biggest bull case. Ethereum has to make a lot of shit backwards compatible where ONE can start fresh

Also Cardano head commented on their whitepaper as well and acknowledged them as the real deal.

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This. They took the main concepts that ethereum brought to the table and incorporated newer tech from the bottom up instead of trying to patch things onto an existing system

Not only this, but we're following exactly how this random whale said it would play out back in May. Combine that with the shit with Raulito and the telegram room, and whales have a clear desire to accumulate this.

You could say that's a red flag, but I say it's the opposite. They want to make money. TRX was heavily manipulated at the start and look how fucking fast it flew.

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Read the whitepaper

What are my options as a Burger?

Ok, good explanation, unironically thank you sir. You win 1 internet. Consider me shilled.

So basically, this holds the promise to beat Ethereum in its own game (but for real - this time it’s different)?

So what about ethereum 2.0 next January or whatever? Does that even theoretically compare to what this theoretically could be, even if eth2.0 works as intended? And what’s vitalik & Hodgepodge think about all that, if their shitty proof of concepts are in direct competition?

I repeat:

ETH = Yahoo

Harmony ONE = Google

If you don't already have a Binance account you're fucked. I was still able to deposit into mine and grab a bag. They will most likely be on Binance.US considering they're based in Silicon Valley, but I would look into a VPN because their mainnet will be out by then, and things might already get crazy.

Oh man I also completely forgot that this is the first platform besides ETH that Sergey is porting LINK to. If that isn't bullish I have no idea what is. I didn't save the screenshots from when they were talking about it though unfortunately. Any other user have those? If you google LINK and ONE you should be able to find some reddit thread with the linked images.

Ethereum 2.0 is rolling out in stages, once per year into 2022 is the plan. Phase 0 in December/January is just PoS, full sharding isn't even on schedule until Jan. 2022, and that seems optimistic given the track record of eth deadlines

Overcoming the incumbency advantage of Ethereal is really difficult, I think the ease of porting Ethereum projects/tooling over to Harmony, the quick progress they're already making, and the at least 2.5 year wait until the full ETH 2.0 makes this a very good gamble though

Bump, I just picked up 300k

Ethereum* not Ethereal


Unironically this

ETH 2.0 Phase 0 is still scheduled for January, but no idea what they think about competiton right now. They probably don't care because Vitalik has always been about the tech and doesn't give a shit about speculation. If anything he's getting ideas about how to make ETH 2.0 competitive if it comes out later.

ETH 2.0 will still have a place, but their window is getting smaller, and we've already seen Tron take over most of the dapp traffic. People are hungry for a platform that can actually handle games and useful applications without feeling like a tech demo. However, TRX, EOS, and the like all had to sacrifice some aspect in order to deliver speed.

What do you think will happen when we get an ETH 2.0 equivalent platform with PoS and ends up being faster than the current dPoS platforms?

We get a fucking moon mission.

i liked the last statement

Wait so. I haven't kept up with the binance situation because already withdrew my linkies. But if I already have an account, am I as of right now unable to deposit more BTC to buy stuff with?

Or will it simply be a similar situation to bitmex where you just have to be a good boy and use a VPN and they turn a blind eye?

Add to this the chainlink partnership. Link can alone drive adoption if it works as intended. Games and similar dapps are paltry sims when compared to what chainlink is trying to capture.

If you can log onto binance as a burger right now then you can still deposit and trade AFAIK. I’m a burger and that’s my situation.

Nevermind, stupid question. I can just use the DEX to buy ONE with BNB right?

I have still been using my binance account no issues but I dont think that's the case for everyone. I only have 181k ONE on the account anymore

Us LINK marines should be cheering for ONE right now

No shit? Well I still have my old binance that I was evacuating other crypto from. Appreciate the info.

I'm going all in lads, wish me luck.

Yes , use the trust wallet one , just where to get BNB would be the question for burgers.


Literally is being built by google engineers.

so this is where the "muh copy pasta ETH code" fud comes from.