These are the most shilled coins I see on Jow Forums

These are the most shilled coins I see on Jow Forums


So realistically, where do you see these coins ending up?

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Out of those, only Chainlink and Harmony will make it. Others are shitcoins

Behold the common retard who can't tell pajeets from shills

Harmony is a chink scam

Harmony Top3 coin
Chainlink Top10 coin

Holochain but long-term.

nope, it's registered in Silicon Valley

Only Chainlink is the useful of this list
>"eth 2.0"
>never will deliver
>just verify with your eyes
>3 pajeets trying to make you buy

You guys are welcome with that synopsis of all those listed shitalts.

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"Out of all of these, only the ones that I am currently holding will make it"
lol I miss having good conversations here

It's all shilling, the entire Jow Forums board is just people trying to shill their investments. Take a look at this thread for example.

Harmony is dogshit but this is a lie. Shut the FUCK up.

Harmony and Chainlink are unironically the duo that will usher in the adoption everyone's been waiting for. It's ETH 2.0 a full year or more before Vitalik's team gets off their ass, and Sergey probably realized this.

I'm all in on ONE, was one of the retards that thought LINK was a meme. Now I'm realizing the truth of what's going on.

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Chainlink is the mastercoin, the one to rule them all.
As for the others, rank is d120 * 5

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>Make a thread of the most commonly shilled coins on Jow Forums
>Lmao why are there so many shills in this thread

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Harmony - solid, won't do anything special until alt season confirms, but could be top 20 briefly, same vein as NEO, high supply that isn't circulating is a concern
Fantom - dig the tech and the team, similar to ONE in that it won't truly shine for a bit yet, could be even higher (top 10ish) if it gets traction
Holo - good project but lots of questions around it, has a lot of utility going into the 2020s, see it either being a sharp spike into the top 10 eventually or absolutely dying and suffering in shitcoin hell
Chainlink - great project, predictions of $1000 are hilarious tho, maybe with a bullmarket to 5 trillion marketcap, could still make a run to top 5 or 10 but it's not the best coin short term to hold, time to get in was a while ago
VIDT - great project, FUD around it is hilarious, reminds me of the json parser stuff, definitely the highest possible reward of the coins on this list, most boomer friendly project here
Quant - only project aside from LINK on this list where top 5 seems possible even from here, no idea when it actually cools off, painting bull flag after bull flag, safest bet to do well even if BTC tanks again soon

I agree with all of this.
Top 3 on that list are definitely riskier. Chainlink will go up but yeah the mcap would have to be insane to even go above like 15 dollars. I want to believe in VIDT more but Quant can do what VIDT does and a whole lot more but still probably a good buy.

best advice right here op, all are worth buying, depending on how much money you have to invest will determine what ratio you should lean within each.

If you have 20k+ lean LINK/QUANT (predictable decent gains)

If you're a poorfag w/ sub $2000 to invest I'd lean projects like VIDT (highest potential gains w/ low mcaps, of course higher risk aswell) but these lowmcap gems are your tickets to Lamborghinis if you're a McDonald wageslave.

>american startup
>chink scam

taste a dick


its simple. all-in on ONE

Harmony Army reporting in. Money Skelly himself is interested in the project and the team is blowing through production milestones. Top 10 coin soon, don't miss out on the next meme.


2 years ago, would you make a thread like this but instead with these?
>Deepbrain Chain
learn to differentiate crypto Jow Forums actually likes and monthly pump & dumps only meant to entrap redditards and other low iq lurkers

Go all in LINK

1K is FUD

translate this by:

I was too late/dumb for Link, but i want to make it like linkies did.

So i've become delusional and i want to see a Link 2.0 in Harmony.

And which one in OP's list is not a pump and dump?

I think you’re lost Redditor

I agree with this user. I only hold qnt and link and a little lit. I made money with the top ten coins but now I’m trying to get more gains. Not the best time for alt season but we’ll see.

Ya.. that's plebbit talk for "I missed the real shit and I am retarded so i listen to r/cc and CZ and buy all his fake azn coins"

hard agree, pretty easy to see the people who jumped on VIDT three months ago and the panicking redditors who raided biz and bought two weeks ago. just jumped up ahead of schedule, it's getting back to regularly scheduled programming and is easily the most undervalued option of the list
fr go by what reddit hates, only part of that site that's useful is /cryptomoonshots