...wait honey, you invested in *what* with our savings?

>...wait honey, you invested in *what* with our savings?

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More please.

i invested in MILK. now get those titties out and help me shill it babe

tfw no giant milker normal weight gf

>implying I would do anything without that goddess's permission if she was my gf
Giving me too much credit

that's how you lose the book

God imagine the jiggle

Stfu bitch get back in the kitchen

Rita Kanaeva.
This is the only good picture I found though, everything else is kind of meh.

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First of all, it's my money. And secondly it's none of your business ya dumb cunt. Women are not designed to be risk takers. I am taking a risk for possibly a big reward. You're so safety seeking ud probably buy bonds and get BTFO in a couple yrs
Go clean the kitchen, laundry. And then I want some head from your dumbass

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silicon dick tech, you have no idea babe it's the future


>our savings
bitch, my savings


Putting women on a pedestal. What could go wrong?

> bitch there is no our money. its my money
> go do the laundry cunt
> back to the kitchen fuck meat

Sometimes i really appreciate the sexist-misogynistic-nazi vibe full of testosterone. I'm proud of you racist fucks.

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>our savings
Women actually think like this

those tits are so unnecessary lmfao have sex before she goes in for back surgery for neglecting the obvious need for breast reduction. or will you be the simp who wifes her and pays for her inevitable back surgery


I'd pay for back surgery just so i could titfuck those milkers for a few years

Girls with big tits needing back surgery is not a thing, it's flat-out fake news. Made up by the jews to lower the birthrates amongst white people. Study up and read about these things.

Oh and have sex.

iv use to go to school with and fuck girls who got breast reduction because off back pain

no thanks

My wife got a breast reduction (against my wishes I might add) because of how massive they were and how much they caused her back to hurt. It's a thing dude.

Mmm yes

you are a faggot

>our savings

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Incel spotted

The only right response

Bitcoin, bitch, in 2011. Get on your knees and put those babies out.

I like titties

i like fuck meat as a name

Do you prefer before or after? Is it a trainwreck now?

>put those babies out so you can get fat and turn to shit, also make me pay for baby shit while you get uglier and younger women choose me while i vent my mid life crisis

Everything okay with you, 42? Wanna tells us something? Buy Harmony ONE btw.

>forgot to mention the child support bills that will take at least half of my monthy earnings all because i dumped inside of your stupid slore hole. why am i such a dumb kneegrow

Incel spotted

The fourth industrial revolution

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heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

My wife is used to me doing crazy stuff. She's been here for poker, starting a business, and she's enjoying watching the ChainLink charts with me. If your wife isn't on your team then maybe she shouldn't be your wife.

I'm shorting the US economy, dear. That's all.

It's middleware for blockchains. You wouldn't understand it, too high level. Going to be worth 80k a piece in a few years.

Anyways, im off to get lunch with a "business client", this yardwork better be done when im back. IDK some girl named sophie, ill be back later.

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Tell lazy whores to lift weights. They lay around all day on instagram, and then chop off the only thing that makes them interesting. Doesn't take much to strengthen your back/core, it's just not a meme ass shower machine so they never do it.

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Stop making me hard guys, my parent aren't asleep yet.

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huge tits + narrow hips, common combo

kek. this is why you can't get laid dude.

Back to pol obvious kissless.

Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'd fucking kill myself. Honestly. Jesus christ everyone must hate you.

If a girl has the hormonal/genetic profile for large breasts she'll have a higher than average chance for wide hips as well. The reason you'd notice otherwise is because girls with zero hips and zero chest may as well be invisible and they certainly don't get pictures shared on the internet. However big chests always make the cut but then you notice the hips and feel put off.

Based Milkman

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Did your wife leave you? Are you literally paying for her children and her new boyfriend?

>the average bra cup size of my country is B

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chin up user, at least there's no fatties. This is OP without the "touching up" she does.

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I earn all the money you stupid whore.

and full ps

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I'd forgive that belly for those milkers but she better not get any fatter.

Did a witch cast a spell on her and replace her head with a mannequin's?

bad news my man

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good news is you're going to buffets instead of gourmet and shes not going to waste all the truffles like that other chick

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Also, bra cup size unfortunately has nothing to do with weight.

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The fuck did you say about my girl? I'll kick the shit out of you m8

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Will it hurt for her to do some light exercises at the gym?

I'd recommend squats. lots and lots of squats.

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ahahaha the fence has more curves than "her" lmfaooooo

Oh look! It's a genuine pol schizo!

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pat? why are you on biz

cup size can decrease when a woman gains or loses weight you fucking brainlet.

A man capable of marrying that would not give a fuck what she thought.

You fucking tard, big tits exist for a reason.

That's in relation to fat stored in the milkers but women can still be fat and have small boobs (;_;). Bust size is not the same as bra crup size.

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Yall a bunch of faggots this chick is a bombshell.

>boy hips


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Meanwhile where I live most girls with that rack are not any thinner.

big tits but no ass... I will pass. I rather take medium tits and nice round ass anyday of the fukin week. you nerds are desperate as fuk

And when you impregnate them those Bs become Ds.

This can't be the same chick

>implying my gf knows anything about crypto


if only...

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of course not, it's putting his "bombshell" into perspective.

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my gf has 36DD, can you give me a pregnancy breastimate?

alright boys, let's stay on topic. we're talkin' Jow Forums here!

I told my wife if she got breast reduction surgery I'd divorce her on the spot. Don't be such a henpecked cuck.

>tfw no gf who is classified as OBESE but would be underweight if her tits got amputated

that guys arms are thicker than his legs kek

Don't skip leg day bro

42, i thought you were my man, a true bro, but i can't call you that anymore my man

>breast reduction because muh back
I don't understand. Instead of cutting their tits off, why don't they just get stronger?

Women are chronically lazy. Instead of running 30 minutes three times a week they decide to spend thousand to get their stomach cut off or their fat literally ripped out their bellies.

This thread is absolutely filled with faggots lmao stop watching porn this is what a real woman looks like

>porn women are not real

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she should take fat from her tits and put it in her non existent ass

>My wife got a breast reduction (against my wishes I might add)

How long till his wife cuts his cock and balls off too (against his wishes I might add) because she's sick of him being so horny all the time.

I can get a girl like that easy. Just need to make +120K.

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cope harder amerilard

this is considered obese anywhere outside of muttland

Redpilled. Men are the ones that are in control. Women only exist to serve man.

And you are considered gay anywhere, just fucking anywhere.