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>every time I go to coffee shops or the local AM:PMs I see cute girls working for minimum wage, literally 8-9/10 girls just making me coffee or serving me for minimum fucking wage
>I made over $2m from crypto and other investments, how do I go about taking one of these cuties out?

First of all, congratulations for making it. I just bought 70k ONE, wish me luck.

Now, do you really want to attract her with your money? Why not charm her with your attitude? I mean, ok, you should dress well and be at least a little groomed, but the most important thing is to throw an honest smile and not to be afraid of rejection. The "bad guy" attitude works with teenagers and immature girls, better show her that you are a goal-oriented man.

If she wants you because of your money, she's not worth it.

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>Not realising all women are the same and will suddenly do a 180 if they see you have money

I unironically created a LARP Blockfolio worth several millions to accidentally show to roasties. If they ask about it, I'll say I'm just a hopeless romantic who's frugal.

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How do you go about showing roasties your Larpfolio. do you go up to them on the street and shove your phone in their faces?

Just casually check it my man right when they're looking over your should or something. Then sigh and say: "Ouch, I just lost 20k, FML:".

A woman who wants you will make it very easy for you to NOT end up in her pussy. Just say yes to whatever event or place they want to take you or invite her over for something fun.

I meant, that she would make it hard NOT to end up in her pussy some way or another.

Those are some boobs, moar?

>I just bought 70k ONE, wish me luck.
Get rekt idiot

>breakout confirmed
Now who's getting rekt rajeesh?

I got more pussy when i was poor as shit. Now that i'm successful I still do but holy fuck when I was living in a piece of shit apartment from age 19-27 I was fucking different girls all the time and they were hot as shit too

Now i'm doing okay and won't complain but holy shit it was like a wonderland back then

Let the only solace be that as we get older, we objectively get better looking and women after 30 are fighting a downhill battle

that is true. I'm in my 30s and I'm way more confident and feel better about myself than I ever did in my 20s. Guys in their 30s have the same sexual marketplace value as girls in their teens to early/mid 20s...well maybe not as much but pretty close. We're at our peak

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>I unironically created a LARP Blockfolio worth several millions to accidentally show to roasties.
fucking unbelievably based im gonna do this

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>all women are....
No, some of them are. All of them are currently. Why is that? Because, they don't have to discipline, guidance, and direction of a strong man. Some yes will always be money hungry cum sluts. But the truth is many are waiting and NEED that strong male to become an actual non whore.

who is this cutie

It's a tranny

>If she wants you because of your money, she's not worth it.

First of all, all women are the same and want you for your money, and there's nothing wrong with it, it's how evolution hardwired them to act in order to find a successful mate. Secondly, who gives a fuck how you attract a woman. Literally the only reason you need a woman is to breed with her and pass on your genes. It's irrelevant how you do it and why she goes along with it. Only two things that matter is for her to be of high quality genetic stock and willing to breed.


lmao there are so many incels on biz who have never seen what a real woman looks like and get instantly tranny tricked i cant wait until they start ordering dick to their hotel room lmao


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