Let's say that LINK hits 1000 USD during December, will everyone just cash out and crash directly to 1k sats?

Let's say that LINK hits 1000 USD during December, will everyone just cash out and crash directly to 1k sats?

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Never fucking selling

No because I'm going to sell everything at $999

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Link needs to hit $50 for me to cash out and achieve financial freedom for the rest of my life and I don't want to hear the word "crypto" ever again.

$998 for me

People who don't understand markets holding ChainLink is 10/10 FUD.


everyone will have sex

if it goes to 1k institutions will have orders at $700

when it hits 1k then it will be to late to drop(massive corporations adoptions) so no.

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What if Sergay cashes out at 997

I'm cashing out everything at $996, you goofs won't even see it coming.

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Real question.

Lets assume the price of LINK is $300.
Youve got 1million link.
How do you cash out without tanking the price significantly?

first of all cashing out everything at once would be dumb. link will be one of the best long term crypto hodls.

beyond that, just slowly and over time. you don't need all of that money in your bank account instantly.
if you do, then some OTC deal or a few large p2p smart contract trades.

We won’t notice it with your 100 link sell order

You tank the price. Consider how many people have cashed out large ethereum stacks. It affects the price, people buy the dip and then it recovers.

You market sell it all and watch biz go mad.

Idk, I'll probably buy a house and call it a day until it goes into the tens of thousands, have to have somewhere to at least throw some tendie/pizza parties while I wait for my life to start.

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>he thinks $1000 is the top

I will still be DCA at $1000

If chainlink gets to 1000, the volume will be so high that any price tank will recover instantly due to people buying the dip.

It would be like asking why those btc or eth whales didn't cash out everything at once...it's very wise to always have some skin in the game, especially with link since it will have staking.

Oh yea I’m going to meet up with some guy who brings 1 million at a Waffle House to trade for my link

Basically yes.

The same thing is happening now but with whales who are sitting on millions of LINK.