You know that LINK bought 50% of Clause right user?

LINK announced the need for more capital around a week after Clause closed their 5 million dollar series A round, it is pretty obvious that they are working on acquiring another integral piece of the Oracle problem like they did with Town Crier.

Why wont the Clause admins deny that LINK purchased a majority of the offering? here's a hint: It's because they cant.

Hold strong marines, Sergey is 10 steps ahead.

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How about a source you homo

Its not too far fetched. Very possible.

I’m too stupid to follow
I like shorting Denny’s

I want to believe

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How does Clause integrate into the larger Link project? Why would they buy it?

It's a simpler platform for more basic smart contracts and basically allows the Chainlink brand to completely corner the market.

Town Crier was essentially a missing component that they acquired to be more robust and with the Clause addition they will be able to onboard more enterprises with basic use-cases before they end up fully adopting self executing contracts.

The big deal is that Clause can act as the gateway to adoption for non-self executing smart contracts that will lead to the endgame that is self executing contracts using LINK oracle data.

The source is just the timing, Clause is highly connected and aware of LINK and in their official channels when you bring up LINK taking part in their Series A round they wont deny or confirm it. They are definitely in a position to deny it if it was just conjecture.

Just checked Twitter

It’s true

Plz be true

Tasty crumbs. Any screengrabs of questions in the channels?

this is so fcking ridiculous that it may just be true.

What's Bob Lazar's take on this?

Sorry I didn't take any screens but you can tweet at Dan Selman and he always responds to bullshit questions but won't respond to anything about LINK's involvement in their series A.

>Go build something
STFU how about we buy you out Dan.

Bob Lazar is a fraud.

If you have been holding for more than 13 months, you have witnessed all the fud cycles and how sergey fucks them up one by one making LINK pump
We are deep into a no news period where to coin has never seen such volatility, dropping 50 cents, pumping 50 cents in a matter of days.
The devs are selling? Ask yourselves anons, what will sergey tell us next?
My bet is he will once again deliver, deliver just like the hero he is by delivering everytime at the right fucking moment.
Remember anons, solidity is great but it is still too complicated for legal faggots to work with, clause, accord and some other faggots are working on this and we all know they will all use chainlink.

Excruciatingly Based

Are they required to disclose the investors/partners in a series A?

source you cunt

Dead link
post some substance
The story goes on

Why tho? Gov erased his history and he obviously has knowledge about shit he wouldn't be able to if he wasn't actually employed there. What about PHILIP SCHNEIDER?

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Only companies with public financials have to disclose Series A investments so you wont see LINK on that list unfortunately.


.... if the pieces fit the puzzle......

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ummm guys....^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twcon^timelinechrome&ref_url=

Working together to corner the contract market.

One stop shop for contracts. Drag in your contract clauses, connect your inputs and outputs, add on additional features (TEEs, ZKPs, computation, e-signatures, AI) launch contract on any platform.

Where you been? This is old. It’s all over his LinkedIn too. He made an entire post about clause and Chainlink coming together.

Oh shit.

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You get it.

I would love to shit on your face.

But what about all that non sense Selman was talking about, they're more focused on digital agreements, and Link is (just) optional additional feature bull shit from a few weeks ago?

That's the key, he's playing coy. Tweet him asking if Chainlink was involved in the Series A and he won''t answer you but he will reply to any troll on twitter talking about any other aspect of Clause.

At first, this just seems like a shill post... but light of breadcrumb, the post makes more sense??? Feels like early 2018 again. Hopefully old biz is back.

Don't disrespect the larp

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Will they acquire all of it are only half? What would this mean if it is only half

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Hoooolyyyy shiit. I unironically think this is what's habbening. Sergey is a Bezos-tier ruthless player god damn. He's literally, unironically in this to corner the whole market. Fuck boys. 1000EOY is fuddest of FUDs. FAANG about to get renamed.

Please let it be true. If Sergey has a foot in Clause/AP, then ISDA is probably in too.

This was never a shill post, the goal is to see who has been doing their research and paying attention

Bet bump

I stopped researching a while back. Probably half way through June, I've already made it and I am simply waiting.

Anyone holding over 1,000 LINK has made it at this point.


- bet

Complete larp bullshit, I swear if you push this it's only gonna back fire. You're so fucking dumb biz

This is the daughter of a no linker

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Fuck off with your derailing faggot.

What's your problem?
It makes the most sense and even gonser was hinting at this.

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If I'm LARPing just prove it?

Tweet and Daniel Selman and try to get a concrete answer.

Im feeling very gay for this not fake and hetero hopium

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The list of investors is public retard

Don't tell Scotty

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Only investment firms with publicly available investments had to disclose involvement in the Series A.

Comfy larp. Bless you user

ffs kek

HOLY FUCK! this is it Boys ->$1000 EOM. I'm literally trembling & crying right now. Fuck we have all made it! I knew it from day one... always gonna HODL, always. I'm gonna cash out just a little bit of my Linkies and fuck the next tranny in the ass so hard! Thanks Sergey! WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!

Sergey has blessed us all.

Time for some digits

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posting in epic thread

Based Tom Gonser

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why didn't this post send us instantly to $10

We really are living in clown world, aren't we?

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thanks for the trip

If it smells like a duck, and it shits like a duck, it's probably a duck

>>be in Poland, coffee shop
>>whole place working diligently on their things
>>stereotypical Sergey enters with a female
>>set-ups in a table and proceeds to have a meeting via some application on his PC
>>His booming voice carries like an echo going through a cathedral
>>sees nothing wrong with this
>>allow him to do this for a while
>>the fat fuck won't stop
>>everybody getting nervous
>>start glaring at the fat fuck
>>he starts talking to the person calling how he can't sell links here, so he'll have to a dump online
>>This enrages me as this basically constitutes a threat
>>come to him rather angry
>>ask him to keep his fucking conversation fucking QUIET - nicely
>>he's visibly terrified despite being visibly well-built even if fat
>>continues talking for half an hour using his quiet voice
>>gets to leave
>>before leaving stops near the door and glares me like I was some sort of ghost. Almost seen his skin turn white

Who would even buy from such a psychopath?

We are in the everybody who got there ducks in a row is aiming at shooting them down phase. Sorry 4chin and discord LINK whales, if you didn't took care of your opsec and infosec the suicide and jail awaits

Not I, alpha user


Average buy is $.25... Should I buy more now????

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Notice how he still has not replied to this question?

You're welcome.

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How about you notice that he posted #smartcontracts and not @smartcontracts? Faggot.

Ask him if Donald Trump was involved in series A funding. I bet he won’t answer.
He’s protecting anonymity by refusing to make any comment on who was involved.

So much cope.
Watch sergey announce the buy out at the ETH conference.

These people are honestly disgusting, trying to FUD a coin they believe in to hopefuly accumulate more. Awful behavior and I am sick of it to be perfectly honest.

anyone here who believes fudding Jow Forums will save them money are retarded, there's actually only so many people here who do that and with specific coins. with chainlink these people are actually just faggots who enjoy acting like faggots online because if they didn't they wouldn't get attention from anyone else in their lonely pathetic lives

I hold Link and I want it to moon now. I’m also right.

Naw it’s funny to confuse the newfags

But you've got to say that timing of the series A, along with Sergey's need for capital raising; the last 2 sentences in Tom Gonsor's linkedin post.....
that's a awful lot of smoke there user...

Also they were taken off the Accord partners list right around the same time of the Series A

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it’s true. My only point was the lack of a twitter reply is meaningless.

Dan should be telling us to go build something and yet dead silence.

You get it.

this, i dont fud to make fucking money you faggots arent whales you're just neet faggots and wagies, you arent doing shit

im fudding to make you guys sell your bags because I want to hurt you, not because i wanna accumulate more

You're a mentally ill faggot then.
Go dilate.


I saved this post because something about it felt off, among all the fucking LARPING FAGGOTS this one stood out to me

..and now this other speculation comes in

if Clause is one of the entities Sergey plans to acquire, what is the second one?

t.100k link and comfy as shit right about now

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I'm glad someone else remembers this thread.

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He walks amongst us. Chekd

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Great thread, stay autistic user

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Nice reasoning. Going with non-deterministic contracts sounds sensible and probable. I want to believe. Good thread OP

Thank you, just trying to shine a light in this dark place.

This is Finrekt you stupid bastard. You're clueless.

prove it

It has almost no impact. Stfu

I am sick of your toxic fourchanners to be totally honest with everyone here.

This is fake news garbage. LINK is going straight to $1

you can always... fuck off back to plebbit... where noone will hurt your feels and you can stay poor with the rest of those fags