Team of Stanford PHD’s got together and created a new currency called the pi network...

Team of Stanford PHD’s got together and created a new currency called the pi network, in only a few months they are at over 115,000 members and growing rapidly. This is a great opportunity to get in the crypto currency market for free. Earn free pi by downloading the app and pressing one button every 24 hours. We are still in extremely early phase after 1 million members pi mining will cut in half to improve scarcity which drives price.

Google play store(android): pi network lite

Apple App Store: pi network

> Referral code: estevanrodri512

Keep in mind, we all share an equal collective mining bonus, not just the person inviting people. So join up, collect early, and lets hope this shit helps us make it.

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Mobile app has been developed by folks over at Stanford. Download from play store.

>Hardware or internet doesn't get used.
>Doesn't drain battery
>Doesn't cost you a penny

Ambassador code for frens to get 25% mining rate bonus! Use code:


Get in lads, what you got to lose?

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Forget these guys just use my code for no reason : BigPop

These anons are pretty cool, but I posted a brapper. So, there's that.


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>We'll be rich, but in order to get rich we need shitloads of people to join and make early adopters rich first
Nice pyramid scheme

Digits say use code “Dwayde”. Ckeckum

Use code zippo to join. As one of the first thousand pioneers I am your senpai and will guide you through.

Well the idea is the rich get richer. Not in any particular order

>Team of Stanford PHD’s got together and created a new pyramid scheme

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Join me before you kill yourself


Honestly, if its a pyrimid scheme, all the more reason to join early desu. But I don't see how this cryptomining is different than any other mining. Instead of computing power increasing gain, it's the amount of people working together

where can i buy pi?

Invite code jj3321

>115k 3rd world pajeets thinking they could find buyers for their worthless tokens they got literally for free

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Use the following invite code:

Thanks for the 2 who just joined. Please go through your settings and turn off real name.

>Join code: estevanrodri512

Let's beat these pajeets at their own game bros.

use code :
Big money guaranteed

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Don't be dumb.
Use code 3lixour if you want to make it, frens

Reminder that:
-"join our circle" posts are bullshit, security circles ONLY benefit the inviter
-"join us" posts are bullshit, teams/groups don't exist
-large "teams" you see posted are just the number of people that person invited and ONLY benefit the inviter

-all invite codes give the same +25% mining bonus to inviter and invitee
-anyone claiming higher % are bullshitting you
-all invite codes are infinite use, there are no "last spots"
-the ONLY way to earn mining rate bonus is inviting others
-security circle bonus maxes at 5, and your inviter counts as one
-inviting 4 then adding them to your security circle gets you +100% mining bonus

-using the invite code
will make anime real

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Provides no utility to the coin without computing power

I haven't researched it, but I'm guessing the computing power is coming from Stanford's end

>I haven't researched it
research pyramid schemes

Nigga you research a pyrimid scheme. There needs to be people loosing income to be a scheme.

It's more like people need to be profiting off you in return for a promise that you may potentially make alot of money while simultaneously recruiting more people with the same promise

Which is what pi network does

And while you're tapping a button to make an imaginary number go up they're farming info to make even more money from you.

That $50 you might get in 5 years theyve already gotten a cool few thousand from you