Can you still make it with 3 grand?

can you still make it with 3 grand?

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yes. all in LINK.

900 link is enough to make it?

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0.1 link is enough to make it end of century

yes. buy rsr. sell at x30. Hodl your 30k in btc. Thats 150k in a year.

If you make 52 trades at 30% consistently, you end up with 2.52B. You could have made it if you started back in early 2017. I’ve made around 650k off of $5k and started in April 2017. The most you can hope for is getting lucky on a 10x and then from there doubling it a few times netting you $120k-$200k.

$900k isn't making it but it's a start

this, i'd split because i'm insecure

Should be over a million if you buy link. Is that enough to make it? Get 10k just to be sure, why stress about investing such small amounts?

Imagine buying 3k worth of Bitcrumb 5 years ago...

That'd because you don't have iron hands, you can make it off $1k with iron hands

Were in web 1.0 when it comes to blockchains and other distributed ledgers. They're monopoly money and technological curiosities at the moment. Imagine thinking geocities is the end all of social media.

Buy ONE and wait two years.

Peak delusion

Buy TWO and wait one year.

Reminds me of the saying to never underestimate the capacity of a young neet in his garage waiting to steal your lunch money

Unironically invest in brapper. It’s not a mooner but it’s guaranteed to hit $1 at least and it’s less than 10 cents right now.

Best case scenario if you buy BTC your .25BTC will be worth around 250k in 10 years. worse case scenario its worth nothing. the days of getting ridiculously wealthy off negligible amounts of money in crypto were gone after BTC was over $100 imo. There were still lots of alts i guess that we're being accumulated for retard gains at that point but all the marketcaps are just getting too big now. When i bought my first bitcoins the BTC marketcap was less than $100million. Many people already made their 100x by that point. Now BTC marketcap is over $200billion - yes there will be gains but nothing like the early days when it was truly still in the fringe.

Bitch please you could have become a millionaire with 10k since this january bit you would have had to play your cards right
>put 10k on enjin in january
>after enjin moon mission put gains on link

This get Reserve but get it fast price has already moved 12% since i brought last night

unironically considering kms if I dont make it. I have a $3K bag.

Is ~20k enough to make it?


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That's my plan to success

Yes, if you get in the right low caps it should be possible to build up some good amount and when continued over 1-2 years it should be a pretty acceptable outcome.

if you started with 20k like 8 months ago it would probably be 130k~ now

Thanks, very relevant.

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Yes, all you need to do if go back in time to december 2018 and go all in on LINK at 20 cents.

Working on it, can I unlock the power of time travel if i an hero?

no but you'll reincarnate among your kin in a generation or two

wtf fuck that shit, how the fuck do you opt out?

Yes, but you need to be patient.

We shilled ETH plently hard under $13, it went over $1000. We shilled, link under $0.25, who knows how high it can go if BTC breaks $20K.

I would say to be patient. Maybe pick up some Link, and hopefully you can still 10X. Just sell on the way up so you don't get burned.

wait for link to dip again and go all in. then just hold for a while.

peak copium

Can you imagine what happens to price once chainlink literally runs everything and 99% of linkies are staked?

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kill all your relatives, then your soul will be stuck to wander hel for eternity

if only there was something in crypto that we all knew is a nearly guaranteed 100X or better oh well guess we'll never know

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He's telling you to stop being retarded and go all in on link while you still can

yes if you buy the absolute bottom and sell the absolute top, and do it about 3-4 times

Um all he needs is 3 10xs. Tokens 10x constantly now since it's bull season.