You visit with your gf a crypto conference aftershow pool party

You visit with your gf a crypto conference aftershow pool party.
You go to the locker room to change clothes.
You come back and see these 2 guys do pic related with your gf.
What you gonna do?

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Bro i beg of you
Fuck off and die

Fucking newfag

Find a better looking gf. Ugly bitch looks like a wet dog.

>worn out roastie

all the females in the background are looking at those two like they're date rapists lol.

You mean my then ex gf OP ?

Leave my gf, why the fuck would she allow this? Also, she has a really bitchy face, Christ.

A girl I was dating wouldn’t be allowed out of the house in booty shorts and a training bra in the first place. If she did for some reason I’d just tell her to enjoy her time with the Manlet and guido that look like they have a combined net worth of 5k and go buy myself a nice steak dinner.

never gonna make it

I beat the shit out of them then spit my my bitches face while she stucks my dick for the last time

Leave the gf and fuck the two guys

>Imagine being this much of an insecure beta
>Never gonna make it

Thanks them for getting her ready for me but that their pecs are looking flat af and see if we can get some gym time to fix that. Can't let myself and my girl be associated with inferior check muscles.

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Hey man if you enjoy a hot wife/cuck relationship I won’t judge it’s just not for me. I would just prefer a nice modest women because my experience with women like that is that they aren’t faithful.

Dump my bags on them. Duuuh. Are you even trying OP?

pull out the camera

Call them manlets and slap their ass.

Talk to all 3 of them about decentralised oracles while I wait for me girlfriend to show up.

I just want a super cutie girl I can cuddle and stuff.
I like hot women, but I want to also like the girl after I cummed. If you still like what you see after cumming, you know you got the right girl. If you feel gross and ashamed afterwards you got yourself a dirty roastie you actually do not want to be with if it wasn't for the sex.

I'm bigger than both of these two dorks and I always carry a gun.
Secondly I'd fuck those two faggots before I put my dick in that mess.