If I am able to save up $70k, should I put a down payment on a house or invest in something?

If I am able to save up $70k, should I put a down payment on a house or invest in something?
What should I invest in?

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Put everyy cent you have into chainlink on coinbase pro thank me later

As in you have it right now? I'd hold it and wait for the real estate market to dip and buy a house to rent out for passive income. Alternatively, maybe just make a balanced portfolio of index funds and leave some cash in BTC and other crypto and wait for a good opportunity.

Don't go all in on anything otherwise you're gonna kill yourself when it tanks. Here comes the LINK shills now so good luck user

We’re in a housing bubble in many part of the country, so now may not be the best time user. Wait for a housing dip. Unless you plan on living there for the rest of your life.
Passive rental income is good but even better if you can get the rental at a discount. The market is also overbought right now so again I’d wait for a dip to buy. I would own at least one BTC no matter what. Otherwise securities and bonds may be the safest place to be at the moment.

Thank you both.
I was under the impression that the housing prices were going to keep going up for about 30 years.

I MEAN they could because clown market, but the boomers are eventually gonna die en masse, and there's no way enough zoomers have the cash to buy up real estate, so i bet real estate as a whole loses 20 percent of its value in a month. Just me

all in Holo unironically

>the boomers are eventually gonna die en masse
Forgot about this.
> so i bet real estate as a whole loses 20 percent of its value in a month
God I hope so. For us few zoomers who have something saved it'd be a dream.

What about the LA housing market?
I'm stuck here and don't want to keep wasting my money on rent that's too damn high.

You should really move. I wouldn't wanna own property in a place like California personally. Aim for places where you can have long term respectful tenants

Dont listen to the shitty poorfag advice. Theres always a boomer willing to sell his house for less than its worth.

Look for hidden value in properties such as lack of cosmetic appeal, hoarders, ability to subdivide the lot, poor staging, poor lighting, etc...

Look for a dump with a good floorplan in a good area, fix it up and sell it at a market rate. You can even send mailers to people that you're interested in buying their house. If you are a real estate agent, you can charge them a 0% fee to sell instead of the typical 6%. Its the easiest sales pitch in the industry. Not many people use it in residential, but people in commercial make a fortune with the same strategy.

Also, if they don't sell the house to you, theres probably a 3% fee in there for you anyways. Win-win

Honestly it all comes down to what you value more. Would you rather have the house or take your chances growing your money? If youd prefer to invest, do you trust yourself to pick winners or are you an idiot who may be throwing away his money? Only you can answer those questions.


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If you have other income then buy a cheap condo, the mortgage would probably be cheaper than rent. Plus with a condo you don't have to deal with yard work and shit.

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40k on holo
30k on Chainlink

All in QNT bro. DYOR.

Just bought a house in a boomer southern US market. Didn’t sell a penny of LINK, BTC, or ETH. Put as little as you can down and not pay PMI, and try to grab 1 BTC and some LINK with the rest.

Buy a random patch of land in the desert relatively close to civilization and turn it into a NEET farm where they can redeem shitcoins for space to place their tents, buy a cheap setup for internet access and charge them crypto for bandwidth. You could be the first crypto colony slum lord ever.

Honestly, that’s a good amount of money. I’d get a house and start a family.

don't get fucked on HOLO. might want to see if they can actually deliver a working.. anything

pretty good idea. Some old dude is doing that outside Reno, but with actual houses and shit. And boomercoin, instead of something that doesn't suck, of course.

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Get a duplex so you're doing both.

Boomercoin is a good crypto idea, it will be like Tether but instead of having USD reserves it will have reserves of McMansions, Dick hardening pills, Eagles greatest hits CDs, and cabinets filled with useless crystal eggs and shit. It will be redeemable at retirement homes and can get your 10% off if you pay for the low cholesterol menu at Denny's.

20k on ONE.
35k piece of land (50 acres min)

buy TRV, brainlet.