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You don’t have to keep doing it wagie. Just take the pledge.

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There will be a day when neetbux stop and you will starve.

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I wish I could user, but #1 is just not true for me. I cannot get shit done without pressure. I waste all my free time and I don't believe having more of it would make it easier, since my days off are also wasteful

found the salty nocoining wagecuck, rofl

Bahahaha. Already Point #1 defeats the purpose. NEETS are completely and utterly unable to lift their own asses and do anything productive with their time. You know why I know that? Because people that are able to give themselves goals and work towards them are called bloody Entrepreneurs, and they are the rightful elite of this planet and of capitalism. You are just a lazy fuck who tries to justify shitting their own bed by creating some philosophy you call NEETdom

Cope harder wagie

Maybe in 50 years but then I will be old and just die

The government will just print more money and raise your taxes. NEETs always win.

This is a better route to wealth than OP in a lot of cases.

Really sad cope.

>take a once in 10 generations gamble on speculative assets with a couple years of your work
>slave away risk free for 50 years

I'll pick the former thanks

Why not both?

>Tfw wageslaving and tossing scraps in the crypto dumpster

The visionary waggie style.

Uh oh we got a no coiner her boys

i do this. 100k inside sales job tho, and i commute so my schedule is major hell. but hey i have 100k linkies so im almost free.
i can relate to this hardcore

why work when you can just win the lottery?

>50 years
Yikes, I feel bad for you fucks. I have a great career where I barely do any work. Live with relatives so I barely have any expenses, and still make enough that I'll be able to retire in 10-15 years max. Completely risk/stress free.

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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

no thanks, I have Link

i've already made millions off crypto. we used to buy each other avatars and shit on the SA forums around 2010-2011, and in 2017 during the bullrush i pulled an old laptop out that had a private key on it with hundreds of btc. my wageslaving days are over

>we used to buy each other avatars
by paying eachother either 69 or 420 btc, depending on the time and if it was an avatar, account upgrade, etc.

>t. boomers that hold shinny rocks


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Im becoming wojak in nthis photo, i wasn't my fault i swear, it was being in uni at my second year meanwhile both my dad and my mum got strokes, my dad got bedridden and my mum had to stay at home 24/7, if link doesn't moon im pretty much fucked and for certain i won't be able to reproduce at all, barely scrape by for some food or shelter

Jesus Christ

baste and capital-pilled

There's so much desperation on Jow Forums

You're all riding a doomed boat to oblivion. Bitcoin will never have a large public demand.

That's what I said though
>couple years of your work

I already do this, I don't have a rich mommy or daddy so I gotta get my crypto somehow

My job isn't e en that bad but I often find myself daydreaming of being my own man. Don't know if I can do this forever brehs.

I like this, makes me feel like I'm using them rather than them using me

this makes me feel pretty horrible as a 04 goon with .02 btc

i hope you're still not funding lowtax's ambien addiction and alimony+child support to his camwhore ex-wife and her anchor baby. SA is now a faggot echo chamber worse than r*ddit

nah i pretty much just shitposted on fyad, only go around to check out the games section for nostalgia reasons now. pretty much stopped using it after 2010

2003-2007 fyad was the birthplace of all internet humor. some good stuff came after '07 like eat the eggs and dan quinn, but that was a special time. i sometimes look through the archives when i'm feeling nostalgic.

yeah it's so weird seeing leftist twitter basically following the posting formula developed there down to a t.

>implying I, as someone not yet even in their twenties, would choose to get neetbux when I'm making way more than neet and wagie ever could combined off designing websites
Just face it, you wasted your teens on stupid shit. There are skills in demand.

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Although my job is fking hard sometime

Yeah lol its fine

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jews did 9/11, the rich created the war industry. Taxes are for FOOLS and so is wageslavery.