I love this project, but price is getting me down. I have no doubt it will be a great...

I love this project, but price is getting me down. I have no doubt it will be a great, functional and decentralized network, but I have no idea if any token besides Bitcoin deserves to have any value. That's my one issue.

Any other holders here?

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I like the project technically and have a suicide stack but it's already top 10 and they FUCKING LAG.

Bitcoin is not a token dude. It's a coin.

It's insane how many people who don't understand the difference between a token, and a coin.
A coin is running on it's own blockchain, not dependent on other chains.
ERC20 TOKENS relies on ETH to function.

Cardano is a nice project, keep holding man. ALT's getting rekted.
Take a look at XSN as well, if you want to move in on the ground floor.

They're making their own hardware wallet competing with Ledger, Trezor and Xeeda
3rd project with lightning on mainnet
Multi currency lighting wallet with 1-click lightning transactions and TOR-integration in beta testing right now, will be available as a mobile wallet as well.
Inventor of Cold staking (TPOS- Trustless Proof Of Stake).
Masternode node based Lightning DEX coming..

Could go on and on, but there are already 3 threads here where you can do your research.
NOT saying you should sell your ADA, it's a decent project, hold some myself, but XSN is sitting at a 9 million dollar marketcap, HUGE gains to be made.

it's on 12th place

point still stands. Lambos only in the menu if Charles manages to sell this as the Apple of crypto. I literally think him looking like Steve Jobs is responsible for several hundred million of the market cap

I do know the difference, I must have been tired hence the wrong term

Don't need a Lambo. I'd be happy with a Lexus GS.

I like Cardano. Great research. 2billion mc is nothing to scoff at

Stop shilling XSN

You will need to hold this for a long time bud. It will go places. But probably not before BTC has it's final run ~2025

Stop shilling Cardano? What's your point nigger? The guy asked for advice, and I gave it to him.
Cardano is a great project, but if you want to make 100x gains, it's not the project to be in, honestly.
ADA will do a 50x at the very max, and that's fucking pushing it.
Perhaps if you wait another 5-10 years you'd get your 100x, but that's a LONG time to wait in crypto.

ah.. it was dipping in and out a while back I think, but my point stands, it's already expensive for not really existing.

atleast get an f sport bro

^^can't read

XSN...have you even looked at the joke of a fucking team that's "building" that crap? Good luck with that.

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>Lambos only in the menu if Charles manages to sell this as the Apple of crypto.

>sell this as the Apple of crypto.

That gives me an idea....brb

Stop shilling XSN again. It's blatantly obvious

>guys... you know I'm on your team... yes yes, I love that too... but now let me pique your interest with something else that will benefit me

Cardanocuckholder, the thread

I've got a nice stack of Ada. Adding more all the time. I can Wait till 2025 and I think its a nice return from these levels. Its lost flash because of their methodical approach, but its a good project.

Live Shelley main net will be a game changer for them.

There's more than 40 people working on the project. You clearly have no fucking idea how fast they actually work. Weekly updates, and their work is fucking amazing.
They aren't creating something that's already out there, they are actually developing something that will make it possible to SCALE BTC and LTC.

While a lot of projects compete with each other to be "the best project", XSN works WITH the big boys.
Check this article. They partnered up with Litecoin Foundation, as they helped Litecoin get up to speed with lightning transaction on mainnet.

They also fixed a HUGE flaw in PIVX seesaw mechanism which was basically a way to exploit the rewards between staking and masternodes.

Call it a "scam" all you want, but the X9-developers are one of the best dev teams out there in my opinion. If they where trying to scam anyone, they wouldn't waste their time helping top projects...

>buying this shit.

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>judging software by anything but its code
i have bad news for you about literally all the software in the world

jeezus... really?

This manlady is solely responsible for billions of dollars lost marketcap


oh my fucking god, im invested in a fucking trannie coin


yeah - average looking dude went full tranny after being on the project for about a year. here's the team:
only a mongloid would give a shit about this one guy being a computer language savant tranny extraordinaire

Charles stopped working on
ADA. He sold his bags and now travels the world having fun.