Stop using crypto, so says the God Emperor

Stop using crypto, so says the God Emperor.

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Trumpstein says a lot of things

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the fuck ever used crypto for anything* ?
>* legal

The only people using crypto are day traders, trading bots and pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein whose assets can be frozen per Trump's executive order on Human Trafficking.

All the elite pedos are going to lose their wealth wither by executive order or by BTC and 99% of crypto market crashing.

Better buy Ethereum.

Oy vey remembah da 6 billion goy

>still thinks Trump didn't go long
You are most definitely not going to make it.

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I'll have you know that my great grandfather was turned into a lampshade and your comments are very hurtful and offensive, not to mention illegal in most European countries. I reported your IP address to Interpol, they will be arriving shortly.

unironically just bought 10 more BTC
thanks op

You are all racist bigots. My grandfather died in a concentration camp in WW2. He fell down the watch tower.

trump is basically talking about shitcoins. which he is right fuck shitcoins.

he dont like BTC guess what neither do i

im all in LINK, ETH, XMR

I will send POTUS 500 linkies to stick his cell phone up his ass and post a pic here on Jow Forums for proof.

>so says the senile buffoon
ftfy OP

All of his arguments about crypto can be said about the USD. It is created out of thin air and not backed by anything currently as the other tweet states. This is another one of his bait tweets. He's waving dick at the FED right now

I umironically dumped half my bags because of this. I can’t bring myself to exit completely but no way am I not at least chiseling some risk off now.

Fucking pedophile talking about using money for illegal things LOL get fucking justed boomers youve been exposed as retarded.


Trump’s tweets have routinely tanked the stock market. He’s deranged and doesn’t care who he hurts. Almost certainly does not understand crypto. This may get ugly.

>the world's richest man doesn't know shit about finance
Let me guess, you get all your investment ideas from some youtuber trying to unload his bags


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Trump kicks ass, deal