I bought QNT because the fud was hilariously bad

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I sold QNT and made shit FUD to bait anons into buying, will buy back in once it corrects 25%

Lol Quant is a scam bro

>scamcoin where curryniggers try to pry off every single dime off the hardworking whiteman
Ill never buy it

This. Its dumping as we speak.

Lol it really is the worst fud I’ve ever seen. Most of it doesn’t even make sense

Lol seriously QNT is the worst of all the alternates, its so bad. Why do retarded anons keep buying this obvious scamcoin?

10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits

Yeah just plan horrible. That chart has been on a steady decline all fucking year. They scammed sia into integrating overledger into 570 banks. Fucking horrible

Confession, I bought too... the fud was hilarious

I didn't buy because people talking about Quant were robotic, repetitive and never talking about fundamentals

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I only fud QNT to prevent retards buying it. Smart anons are already in.

Gilbert spanked my moms twat in church and that’s why I bought, so damn scammy

I can no longer remember if I think quant is a good or bad project, the chess has become so multi-dimensional that I have no idea what I believe any more.


this. just the same ironic fud by 2 or 3 samefagging pajeets over and over

Real confession OP made the bad FUD.

how's that working out for you? LMAO fucking retard hope you're enjoying those losses

lmao did they pull the rug on you?

You might as well donate to charity since you practically love giving away money

>5x in a month
what did they mean by this?

right but all the newfags who want to make money are losing money.
>buy this alt
but Im losing money
>ha i-im up 10x!
okay.. so us newfags are buying your bags?

Not a good look quant pajeets

Exactly why I bought it. I dont even know what it does, still havent researched it at all, but I'm x3and it's my best investment yet

not selling so quite impossible to buy my bags. never told anybody to buy it because i don't give a fuck what anons do with their lunch money

sure pajeet whatever helps you sleep at night