Friends NOW compared to Friends BACK THEN

>tell close friends about crypto, specifically bitcoin 4 years ago
>"its a scam user", "it already crashed", "don't be an idiot"
>fast forward to the bull run in 2017
>Same friends want help investing into bitcoin when it was already at 14-16k.
>they hodl for about a month+, some few before selling and saying this shit just isn't for them, the swings are too crazy and this is crap
>winter 2018/spring2019
>"yo you guys should seriously get back into bitcoin, its finally starting to bull"
>"Hahahhahaha, yeah right I'm not investing into that, its your thing, not mine"
>the last few weeks have been pretty quiet, no talk about anything, i know they KNOW about the pres tweet, and all the media and general attention into bitcoin again and i think they realize the bus has left, i tried, they fucked up, and I'm sitting really good. thank god i always tell people the same shit when presented with the dumb question of well how many do you have, i start by saying not enough, followed by just a little bit, never ever telling the true amount.

BTW, thank you biz, 5 years ago office waging, now I'm literally planning a trip every other month with the gf, senpai or friends and work with some side gigs. THANK U ANONS.

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I wish I can be like you OP, get out of office wagecucking and raise my child, not worrying about tomorrow. Jow Forums please be true about chainlink, its all I got.

Congrats i guess. You seem kinda spitefyl still. Hopefully sometime away from the world will help with that.

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Still no one cares about crypto. You're all freak social outcasts. Literally no one gives a shit.

>freak social outcasts
We just live ahead of everyone. They'll catch up.

ups and downs sucked, that was the true test, fud was more "real" back then too. I don't have 100"s of btc, but enough to be free

>You're all freak social outcasts
you know, you're not entirely wrong. who do you think really made millions of $ off of crypto here on biz? a bunch of racist incel oldfag freak social outcasts. on the SA forums back in 2010-2011, we had a period of time where we bought eachother custom titles, platinum accounts, avatars, etc. for either 69 or 420 bitcoins typically. sporadic posting about bitcoin has been talked about here on Jow Forums since the beginning, too, with anons mining for fun and throwing bitcoin around for fun. what do you think happens to the people who have been addicted to the internet for decades? we start to accumulate internet things--funny pics, videos, pasta, and bitcoin. do you know what else happes to people who have been making dumbass posts since they were shitting in diapers? they become racist incel outcasts.

and now these racist incels, like me, are multi-millionaires.

>having friends
never gonna make it

>basement dweller shunned by society
>”i’ll be rich! I’ll show them!”
>get rich
>nobody gives a shit and hates you even more because of jealousy
>buy a nicer basement
>die and govt takes all your money because no kids
Thanks for playing sir, come again soon.

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>die and govt takes all your money
>what is XMR?
and before i die i'm going to donate all i can in XMR to the III%ers

>government takes all my money
I'm absolutely triggered holy fucking shit, at least my brother is super chill and I can give it to him

>>die and govt takes all your money because no kids
you're aware you're supposed to write a will to state where your money will go before you die?

are you really a multi millionaire?

my old wallet that i found had over 400 btc. being addicted to the internet since i was like 8 years old finally paid off

Holy shit, I really envy you user, now you can do whatever the fuck you want with your life.

>now you can do whatever the fuck you want with your life.
i plan on buying land in a rural area with good internet, fencing it off, and living alone. i'll have a home gym, music room, and a mega gaming/anime setup. it's all i've ever wanted or needed in life.

That sounds like a recipe for being depressed in a couple of months, don't forget that as a human you also need social interaction.

just noticed my thread ID changed. that is me.

>That sounds like a recipe for being depressed in a couple of months
i've already had a time in my life where i spent a little over 2 years as a NEET. i did nothing but go to the gym to lift, play vidya, watch anime, and go hiking by myself. that was the absolute best time i've ever had in my entire life. i don't need social interaction outside of what i get online. people are different

>I don’t need social interaction

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i've tried. every single time people manage to drag me out with them all i want to do is go home and play video games after 5 minutes. after 10 minutes i am so annoyed by their NPC-speak that i can feel my anxiety rising
>hey user do you watch (((jewish brainwashing tv show or movie)))?
>hey user did you see that last niggerball game?
>the weather
>gronald grummpffff lol!
no thanks, friend. i haven't found anything worthwhile in other people

oh i also forgot that when i mention video games
>i loved playing skyrim on my 360!
>yeah i play cod
>i'm a hardcore gamer i play LoL!

and of course you can sig with said wallet no problems so that we know you are not larping like all the ones before...

>IDing myself for government niggers
you glow

>Jewish brainwashing

Ah it all makes sense now

did you not read my original post here ? i already told you i'm a racist incel outcast, sweetie

nigga do tell activites you enjoy then
it's not like im after your 400 btc or anything

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This is actually true and a good sign. Btc is not mainstream - YET. The question is: will it be?

The rewards come to the pioneers who enter the terrain when it is unknown, who dace the risk, who trust their vision. As soon as it changes into the safe, the accepted, and the normal the greatest rewards are in the past.

One day, everything of value on this earth will be denominated in bitcoin.