Vidt vs QNT

Can VIDT do what QNT has done? Why wouldn’t it follow a similar path? Maybe not quite as high but still easily 5 dollars

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vidt is dead we have all moved on

qnt has goverify. vidt is obsolete

It will probably slow climb instead of pump, but it's definitely worth getting. Considering 10% of the tokens in use are burned every month, the supply is going to get even lower, and there is going to a major listing at the end of Sept.

If you're not onboard the VIDTexpress, you're missing out on a one way ticket to riches.

The dumb pump chasers who buy at the top have, sure. Miss ya.
You really ought to understand what goverify does before saying dumb stuff like this. I have a nice stack of QNT too, so this isn't just coming from a "fck u by my coun" place either.

yes it can. exchange listing imminent. real bizness mean hold qnt, vidt and lit

Why won’t it just dump on listing like most coins

it might, which is why holders will have to decide if they sell the pump on idex first and risk it not dumping on the new exchange. In the long run the added volume will do it good, I think. I'd also say it's less likely to dump as this project is far ahead in terms of delivery, relative to other projects, yet that might count for nothing in this fomo dominated market. that being said, it's a gamble just like every other shitcoin

LINK pumped when it went on listing from like a dollar and a half to about 2.50 before the rise in the last week. VIDT is likely to do the same by Sept since by then approx 20% of the tokens currently in use will be burned minimum.

This coin is going to go to at least 2-2.50 by the end of the year. Minimum 5 by next year. Token burns and buybacks are happening every month

5k reporting in fellow passenger


vote for binance listing

you retards wont even think to buy both vidt AND qnt ;)

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11k stack reporting, bought in at 7.5 cents. gonna ride this coaster all the way to a binance/huobi listing

Is buying a 10k stack worth it?

Yeah youll make it

Better believe I did
Double what I have but def worth, esp since it's so far down and has iron support rn

is buying now a good idea? price is sitting around 90K

i just picked up 100 more at this price, it might go lower so im saving some eth

You realize Binance DEX is where shitcoins go to die?

Tell me when
"VIDT" integrates their core tech to 580+ Banks and is named Gartner Cool Vendor 2019.

Quant is one a different tier. Do not even fucking use VIDT and Quant in the same sentence.

VIDT has bigger clients and is doing bigger things than QNT.

You bizlets are too dumb to tie your shoes let alone invest in anything worthwhile.

VIDT is a scam. Buy ETHPlode. Better gains than QNT / VIDT put together.

Def do not listen to this pajeet.

Lmao this FUD is better than any shill I could conceive


Are you the same retard asking for proof that VIDT partnered with Airbus?

And the proof is on the blockchain (in the case of burns, which is actually 20% of validation wallet, 10% buyback from circ supply) and in their roadmap that they've followed for the last year brainlet

This sounds weird but hopefully the price stays low until the end of the month so verifications will cost way more tokens next month.

It went from 23 tokens down to 5 for a transaction, which maybe explains the price drop.

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OceanEx lad. Relatively unkown so far, its an exchange thats gonna get fiat pairing soon, low market cap and they have custodian wallets for companies such as wallmart and vechain so the companies can hold cryoto and buy gas. Yesterday they bought 50million gas, its ramping up quickly.