Fuck the banks. What's a good hiding spot for money that doesn't involve punching a hole in the wall

Fuck the banks. What's a good hiding spot for money that doesn't involve punching a hole in the wall

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>brown skin

I'll keep it safe for you

kick a hole in the wall

Seriously? Bitcoin lmao.


That said, purchase rare coins and swallow them, shit and sell when you need fiat.

Stable coin on hardware wallet


Smells like mexican from here.

OP the best and most based way to hide money is to put it into a chest and then bury it on a secret island.
And then make a map user

you can store your value on an immutable global ledger called Bitcoin, nobody can steal it from you unless you give them your seed. No need to punch any walls.

>sunburnt cumskins

Have you ever heard of buried treasure faggot? Bury it underground, make a map where X marks the spot, then put the map in a glass bottle and throw it out to the sea

I have never, ever looked like that. And I don't get sunburned because I actually take care of my skin. It's worth taking care of, but it doesn't look like shit.

Glue them together and pretend it's novelty toilet paper

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unironically false but stay coping

prison wallet.

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that's where you're wrong
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chop a slot into the ceiling

so then you live in a shithole. that's too bad

>fuck the banks
which came first? banks or money? subhuman.

You are literally retarded

>No other race on the planet is a bigger cuck than you guys.
>Literally conquers the the majority of the world's resources

Now let me ask you something, has there ever been a beaner on the moon?

The best place to hide money is the trashcan in plan site. Hide it in the trash can IN YOUR GARAGE. Put it in a McDonald’s bag in your trashcan. NO ONE is digging through there.

There is some risk to hiding it in a trashcan in your living room or kitchen. There is a small chance that a friend might come over and take your trash out. This obviously doesn’t work if you live with someone else.

Best place is buried out in some Forrest (properly vacuum sealed) in the middle of nowhere. This can’t be an area that is likely to developed and dug up.

The very best place is a safety deposit box.

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ur urethra

Monero dumbass.
You can literally be a pleb and hide money in a way the was only available to billionaires with offshore accounts a few short years ago.

I once gave a woman my seed, she stole from me for years after.

>he believes in space
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