A storm is coming, Jow Forums. Will you be ready?

A storm is coming, Jow Forums. Will you be ready?

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stocks or crypto?

There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us


nice, gold will do just fine then
25% crypto and 75% gold here

lolno. stonks, derivatives, and fiat will die in the storm. crypto is the underground bunker made specifically to wait it out.

tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down

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Good times are rolling 50k eoy

>boomers be very mald

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lmao stay poor nigga we are only a couple years into a decades long secular bull market

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>>Imagine not realizing that Bitcoin is the product of a DARPA project with only a few entities controlling most of the power in the Blockchain.

Smart. Yes it is, its the lifeboat for capitalism, you have partaken in my threads i can tell by your pictures. The pyramid is symbolic yes but there is only 1 peak, a million buisnessmen entertainers and politicans from the entire world cannot fit on that peak mind you. That is how the lifeboats they are loading are hiding in plain sight, and that is also why so many people you percive as powerful are not packing their bags. They weren't invited.

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Yes you are right. That is why it will not fail. The people who planned this are not the same buffons that face the public. These are the people that keep real power, the people that ensure the continuity of a nations power. Lazy government is a meme, wether you are in and out of the DMV in 5 minutes or 2 hours does not matter 1 minuta to wether a cabal of power is poised on all sides to keep the tune playing in their beat and the game continuing with their rules.

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I know you're reading this.

Welcome to the pirate ship!

are you holding LINK spooky-user?

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we have a trump in the office, i dont know why anyone would believe this shit.

Yes. I am not privy to what mechanisms they are acting behind to bring this plan to fruition beyond knowing crypto is the plan, based on what I know and where things are heading however I do believe cryptos successes is paramount to the success of link, and more specifically you as holders of link. So personally I do hold it.

Ready to buy all your coins for pennies and wait 10 years to sell them all for $30,000+ each yes

Bought $60 LINK today boys
Also $300 BTC and $30 ETH

I’m on the crypto ride now for better or worse

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It always goes up. It's a long term hold anyway. Guaranteed gains in 5-10 years unless there's a nuclear apocalypse or something and the entire computer system is destroyed.

is LINK good? Or what about NEO? What about ETH and XRP?

are u 12?

Look at 1929 on your graph. That's the argument people are making here.