ChainlinkBreakfast time

Lovely breakfast. Celebrating link's rise year to date. The end half of this year will be awesome too...

Show me your link merch

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you look like a bottom

its funny how i can tell you are gay just from the way you sit

wishful thinking

Def a little Asian twink

A twinklet?

Sorry to disappoint

Yea I can spot them a mile away. The Chainlink shirt gives it away since only homosexuals hold this coin.

hi bagsy


Fark who are you?


A good posture is pretty gay.

i like everything about chainlink except those tshirts.

i would never wear one,

t. 23k holder

Sup Dan. Blythe's feet are 10/10. You're a lucky man.

10/10 Would sniff again


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o shit
where does a nigga get link stickers?

glasses was a dead giveaway :)

red bubble

www.bonfire .com / chainlink-mariner-shirt/

This one looks better

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If only it doesnt have the link logo on it. Would definitely cop

a chainlink t shirt is unironically a boards of canada t shirt

I would love to buy some chainlink merch but only after I've made its. Can't wait for Sergers to announce the roadmap next week

These are my treasures

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Imagine buying merch for a ponzi scam.

Sergey will buy that shirt off you one day for 10 LINK or $100,000

>Yea I can spot them a mile away
Because you have so much experience fucking men

This might be the most redpilled post I've seen on Jow Forums yet

I hope link gets me a gf one day

100% this, nohomo

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You mean most autistic.