Ph.D. in Math

>Ph.D. in Math
>any job I want
>$300k starting

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>he fell for the math meme

Cool your boss is making 1.5m off ur slaving congrats

Not bad, but you can get 300K starting with just a CS degree these days.

but you have to live in SF. no thanks

>Pretty huge dick in life
>Doing anal with your mom starting

So how much are you getting paid?

lol everybody laugh at this poorfag non-welder

no u cant
t. cs degree hodler

Unless you're apart of a particular tribe. Good luck with that 300K starting, wagie.

You would be laughed at for 300k starting. That’s a literal joke.

>degree in 10 year old Jow Forums pasta
>make threads any time i want
>300 replies guaranteed

>Ph. D. in physics
>any ledge I want

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>ONLY 300k
no larp I have a bs in math and started at $450k. and that was only searching for a job for 2 weeks.

Michael Block, you've been posting this shit for over 2 years now, and still haven't found one?

BS, most CS grads top out in the low 100's. Maybe after 20 years if you make it to executive level you can get 300k but then you get mogged by MBA Chads anyways

i would believe this if you worked in finance/stocks and made commission

>barely graduated highschool
>cant math for shit
>talent for extremely autistic pattern recognition
>more accurate than 90% of the best traders on the planet
Enjoy working for a boss while paying off your college debt.

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Complete bullshit

i honestly just got lucky. i had an old wallet key sitting around from my shitposting days on the SA forums. on the YOSPOS subforum goons would post about btc a lot, and we would buy each other custom avatars and account upgrades for funny numbers of bitcoin, like 69 or 420. i found my old key after all the bitcoin news in 2017 and the wallet still had a little under 420btc

are cs degrees a meme then? what's the correct path in 2019?

>t. small business owner that needs to close down b/c he is 100k in debt

well, you frequent the only 2 board i frequent. good on you

Holy shit I cant believe how many newfags are in this thread. This meme is fucking ancient

lucky bastard. I used to browse SA back in the day but not that board. I was so close...
How has your life changed since then? What do you do all day now?

- calculus? useless.
- combinatorics? useless.
- algebra? useless.
- probability? useless.
- number theory? useless.
- category theory? useless.
- proofs? useless.
- closed formulas? useless.
- raping with the force of Allah the naïve blonde girl in class? usefun.

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>300k starting

Aren't you happy to have gone through 6-8 years of higher education school to come out earning what a second year analyst with a BA in econ makes before bonus

no thanks

Just wait til they hear about how I make $400k/yr doing underwater welding

holy fuck bro you just gave me tons of nostalgia
>been on Jow Forums for almost 12 years

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This. Or NY or Seattle. Yuck.

05 fag reporting in. I've probably forgotten more memes than these zoomers remember

How tf do I make bank if I just graduated from a second-rate uni with a CS degree and no work experience or personal projects? I also have confidence issues and undiagnosed social autism

buy low sell high, whatever thing

>How has your life changed since then? What do you do all day now?
it still hasn't. i'm still wagecucking, it's like i can't believe it happened. i'm debating going to a tax lawyer, but i'm also debating slowly dumping all of it into XMR and moving to a country that won't give a shit if i convert XMR to their currency as long as i bring ~$4+ million into their country

If it werent for ids i would OF thought you we're OP

This is complete bullshit.