What does a billionaire hide inside a creepy fancy looking temple in a private island?

What does a billionaire hide inside a creepy fancy looking temple in a private island?

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Who keeps secret dungeons clean on a private island? Captives and slaves?

Is that wooden door just painted on?

whre the fac do you got those photos, is posibl

>just posted this on Jow Forums
Its a 3D painted in 2D art technique known as Trompe-l'œil - which is French for "deceive the eye". Which is exactly (IMO) what this building is doing. It's TOO gaudy and obvious, a distraction to keep you from looking too closely at something else
drone phootage

Holy shit this is big, link to thread on /pol?

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or just catalog, they are more or less a continual feature at the present. None of them make any the wiser tho ;)

That's an expansion joint you dumb NEET

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Literally a movie theater/bowling alley/bar user.
It's like you don't have one or something lol

how long will we be locked up and will he even survive his sentence?

this all seems too "in your face" with the temple and golden statues people talk of, plus who the hell gets to fly a drone over there? i wonder if this dude is being set up cause he is some kind of threat

You are correct but I still wouldn’t doubt there is something fucky going on at that island.

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hes been a major target since trump got serious with presidency

what’s the pic on the right user?

Jews are evil. I even played this game called Wolfenstien that showed how evil jews have ancient temples under the ocean and build weapons to kill the goyem. Terrorism should be renamed to jewishism my dude. They are all nepotisitc pedofiles and demon worshippers. Nah, sorry I got that wrong, made a mistake. Jews are actual demons.

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Its a forged leather scroll that if it was as old as they say it is would be fucking crumbled up trash.

Its a parrot.

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It was concealed

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Take back the negative Jew remarks. Its punks like you giving us a bad name who deserve 1000 lashings from a bull whip.

HAHA no. How fucking moronic do you have to be to believe this shit? The leather would be destroyed. Do you honstly believe that shit was air fucking tight? just fuck off. Its just more stupid kike misdirection. Even the fucking art work they used wasn't used then. Shits fake.

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Hey bro I am just reporting what I have been told by the games media. It actually scares me. I heard they cry out in pain when they strike you.. Wtf is that shit? Sounds like Serious Sam or something bro.

I believe they do bite baby dicks but I don't think they are fucking satanists they are you know JEWS for a reason. Just because christkike shitheads can't grasp the idea of there own religion being apart of Judaism doesn't mean its satanic.

there's photographic proof they bite baby dicks
their holy book the talmud proves they're satanists

study their religion a little and you'll see how disgusting they really are

>I don't think they are fucking satanists

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>there's photographic proof they bite baby dicks
You are really low IQ. I just said they do bite baby dicks you fucking retard.
>their holy book the talmud proves they're satanists
bullshit maybe you should. Do you know what the Torah is?
>study their religion a little
i believe you do. I hate jews just more so but that doesn't mean i have to believe /x/ tier garbage like you do.

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you know concrete expands and contracts right?

read this

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You actually think the desert nomads that could never build a civilization of their own civilized us. Lol you are retarded and an obvious jew shill. Get out of here schlomo you are not welcomed here. Biz is for based people only.

You miss the point AGAIN. You don't deserve to be here gb2/alex jones or whatever reddit shithole you came from.

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>using literal nazi propaganda to convince other that it's da joos
Oh no user... oh no no no..

What do you supposed they used as red pigment for the surface art?

How much did it cost?

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For anyone curious "why owls" (you also see a giant owl in the Bohemien Groove) Owls are the actual depicted form (or avatar whatever) of Moloch, that's why you see them over represented in occultic shit (no Moloch is not actually a bull, his actual form is that of an owl in the lore)

im not really sure what why you are commenting kike

Hopefully, a trezor with 5 BTC worth of ETHplode.

the torah is a false book they parade around
the jews still bitch about the nazis burning their talmuds
they're manipulative in group satanist garbage
you're probably a fucking kike deflecting

>the torah is a false book they parade around
HAHAHA sure thing.

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I bet you're literally red faced seething right now user.
Take a deep breath and realize not everyone is a jew


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never happened

That's a cockatoo.

>Being set up
He's literally the whole power structures handler. He's running blackmail for mossad. Trump hates him personally.
He's been the guy setting people up.
Q is legit

I think this post is satire, but you actually hit it in the head

Now that I hear that, you're all the way right. That baby baphomet head looks to modern to be ancient

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