How many RSR to make it?

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1 million

I only have 500k user. Going to add another 500k soon. This is the true decentralized stable global currency.

This, Sergeant Major

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This is awesome user! I saw something like this for link too. I am big bag holder of link and rsr is next moon mission.

sqt major reporting

I think 100K is minimum for a good return.
1MM + is pretty solid.

brainlet here, why should RSR gain value?

Is $1 per rsr possible in 2 years?

This is targeted to third world countries where inflation is major problems. This coin will be used by 1 billions user in 2 years.

RSR is not the stable coin.
It will back the stable coin in the future.

I don't know user but that piece of shit XRP got to 75cents if you buy a million of these at 0.003 cents well you do the math. By the way not a single poo in loo in the team.

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I know that, but why would it gain value?

> up 6.66%
w-what does this mean guys?

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xrp actually hit 3.80 at one point**

BlockTower invested in RSR and Ari Paul was talking about RSR in this tweet. This is huge user!

Watch this and you will see how big is this project.

I would love to own more, if I would not have lost so much on these Binance IEOs before entering.

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Good find

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x30 tops... lotta anons being over zealous

it really depends on your greed level.
1M RSR will easily be worth 10 million in USD by 2024
Just to put it into perspective but keep in mind, fiat currency is dying.
And at that point you'll be able to use RSV to buy anything.
Thats where this is going.

RSR is a 100% money maker. But thats all im spoonfeeding this thread.

First use will be DeFi. Once my RSR bags are full, I’m putting all my Norman savings bux in RSV and supplying it to either compound, or to Huobi’s defi platform. Whichever launches first. Do your part to bolster the ecosystem around RSR.

So many buy orders going through now i should of doubled my stack

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You guys are retarded. Everyone in SV is investing in cryptos. Coinbase has a department specifically dedicated to investments, like YComb. That said, I have a bag. But those arguments are really low IQ.

Frankly, I don't understand the need for this token. USDC is fine. Tether is fine if it Bitfinex doesn't get wrecked or exitscammed.

Why would people use this coin? What purpose does it serve?

If anyone can answer this I will unironically go buy 1 million of these right now.

>Tether is fine if it Bitfinex doesn't get wrecked or exitscammed
I don't hold any RSR but this is a big fucking if

You can make profits once mainnet is live by using your RSR whenever RSV is off its value (arbitraging). This is better explained in the whitepaper.
Whenever you buy RSV with RSR, the RSR will be burned, thus lowering the supply.
If RSV will be used a lot, which there are good reasons for to believe it will, a lot of RSR will be burned. Especially when the price of RSR is still low. Right now RSR does not have any use until mainnet goes live. You can speculate how big the adoption of RSV will be and try to calculate how much RSR would be burned and what its price should be.

What happens when all the RSR is burned? Is this really how this works?

in case you thought this isn't an idex pnd: Two fundamental flaws will cripple the Reserve platform until resolved: 1) the lack of any semblance of an effective governance structure, and 2) the lack of a process for tokenizing their reserve assets and creating a decentralized liquid market for their currency.

It's also minted.

Great to have people start to see the value of decentralized stablecoin, Decentralization enables Reserve to go to places where people need it the most.

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Realistically all the RSR will never be burned, because when the total amount gets closer to zero, the price of RSR will increase ofcourse and thus it will require less RSR to buy RSV because of its higher price.

Then nothing. It's a stupid fucking scam coin. Google their FAQ on their blog and read it, it's fucking embarrassing. The team literally openly doesn't believe in it.

No new RSR will be minted. When the team talks about minting, they're talking about releasing the RSR held by the team to stabilize RSR in certain situations.

to stabilize RSV* I mean

Because retards will buy into the ponzi

Will this be automatic via a smart contract with set conditions or up to the team?

Via smart contracts

So this is where chainLINK comes in right?

Possibly, I don't know

The major problem with the majority of stable coins at the moment is many of them dont have the capacity to actually scale when the crypto market cap enters into the trillions. This bullrun we're in right now will see massive adoption of stable coins as anons begin selling off into them at the ath. What the Reserve protocol manages to accomplish is the establishment of a regulatory compliant stable coin that has the ability to scale for world wide demand and a crypto market cap exceeding 100 trillion. For these reasons, and a long list of many others, smart money is in on this dark horse early, and make no mistake - marketing for Reserve will kick into high gear in Q3 and many nu-bizlets will miss this boat.

Zero. This is a group shill. Buy Zuckbucks to make it.

my portfolio is 50% libra 50% zuckbuck, am i 100 cucked?

Why do you keep repeating this user? I've seen this too many times again and again on warosu.
This is the type of shit that makes me skeptical about this.

do you buy when available or wait for inevitable tank

You let yourself get influenced by a single spamming user?

No but usually the shit that's shilled on Jow Forums is dogshit.

this is blatantly false and not in the whitepaper

Then explain how it is

the white paper literally says new RSR will be minted when needed to help stabilize the price

Smh, learn to read. You can always ask the team yourself in their telegram or wherever

This isn’t true after link

There are researchers who find the RENs, then Pajeets who come on here to push nuke and brap


>Have over 2 million RSR
>one of its original posters here
>only a first lieutenant

Fuck that shit man. I'm like rank #140 in holders.

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op, get as many rsr as you can. sell your house and car, live in a tent, take out a loan, ask friends and family for money, rob people, get knee pads, do what you can to get more rsr. rsr is going to 20,000x over the next 8-10 years

dont you wish you did this with bitcoin 10 years ago? this your chance now

bought a couple million

This is not how you spell XSN. And the answer is 30,000.

You are telling others to learn to read? Try learning yourself first. Section 4.5 of the white paper:
>Collateral tokens are somewhat volatile. While we may be able to select a portfolio
with minimal downside risk, the reality is that drops in the collateral tokens’ value will
happen. When this happens, the Reserve Protocol will sell newly minted Reserve Rights
tokens for additional collateral tokens and add them to the backing.
>newly minted Reserve Rights
RSR looks like a good project but this mindless shilling is a red flag. I hope you're just an overexcited buyer who simply didn't read the white paper properly, rather than a paid shill who is deliberately misleading people. Go back and read the white paper again, and then tell us whether or not new RSR will be minted in certain circumstances.
The fact that new RSR might be minted doesn't make this a poor investment. This is exactly how Maker and every other algorithmic stablecoin works btw. MKR/RSR will be burned in the event of under-collateralized loans. This risk is why you get rewarded for holding them.

we know rsr will be minted sometimes you assclown. we believe that more rsr will be burned than rsr is minted

minting RSR is a failsafe of the system in the event some malicious whale rekts the entire supply. its to prevent the system from collpasing. ir likely will never be used. hence, RSR is deflationary.

I was responding to the person who literally said
>No new RSR will be minted
Try figuring out the context before you join in a conversation, otherwise you'll continue to make worthless contributions and waste everybody's time.
The team/white paper disagrees with you, and says
>When this happens, the Reserve Protocol will sell newly minted Reserve Rights
Notice the "when this happens", not "if this happens".
If you people are missing such basic concepts no wonder most of you lose money.

you are fucking retarded dude. just stop shitposting.

Congratulations on finding such an efficient way to demonstrate your lack of reading comprehension.

id break your fucking legs you pernicious faggot.

Where can I see my rank in shitcoin/rsr holdings among other hodlers?

i dont believe for a second that any of the big investors own the RSR token itself. They probably have some kind of financial agreement with Reserve itself

>tfw not even top 200

> tfw rank 69.

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Man sell your zbux soon. Just one of the early whales could dump anytime and it will never recover. I got out a week ago and made off with 700usd for free. Dont be the smuck left woth fake shekels.

You care an awful lot about a super random obscure internet money that you dont even like?
Come upstairs user. We miss you.

>I was responding to the person who literally said
>>No new RSR will be minted
>Try figuring out the context before you join in a conversation, otherwise you'll continue to make worthless contributions and waste everybody's time.
i know you were correcting that other user but you should have said they expect more rsr will be burned than minted