Suicide stacks cost 31k

Suicide stacks cost 31k

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A suicide stack costs 310,000 linklet. Did you think you're gonna be a millionaire with such a baby stack?

>not having 1.3M LINK

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A suicide stack costs 3.1k (1000 LINK)
Minimum to make it stack costs 31k (10,000 LINK)

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Two years from now having 100 LINK will make you a moderate sized whale.

People won’t believe you if you say you have over 1K. I’m holding until Tony Stark money personally.

Done with this pleb life.

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I'm not sure I believe that, even as a current whale myself. Either way, I'll hold LINK in my portfolio forever.

What's the difference between "suicide" and "make it"? I never understood that concept.

What? COSS is only 4 cents at the moment
Poorfags have no excuse not the make it

Do normies really now have 3k to invest?

I meant not

Suicide stack is enough that when it moons you won't want to kill yourself for missing out.
Make it stack is enough to never have to work again.

newfag numbers

Suicide stack is like being comfortably middle-class (like a solid 250-500k).
Making it stack is like actually having the chance to build a legacy and true inter-generational wealth (2.5-5million)
Best case scenario a suicide stack nets you a million USD, and a making it stack nets you ten million USD
By the time you're an old man you'll either be /comfy/ or truly wealthy and patrician-tier

>make it=$5m

Lmao suicide stack was always 1k bud. Take a hike

Suicide stack is 250k-1mil
Making it stack is 2.5mil-10mil

Arigato Mr Roboto

Most normies don't have 3k in the bank

normies live paycheck to paycheck. they don't even have $500 as an emergency fund in case something goes wrong.

Assblaster said that his conservative estimate for Link was 20$
But assblaster has always been wrong with price
Link will pull an ''Eth'' (this expression was common in 2018) at some point in time, obv the one missing it will want to kill themselves.
300$ is likely in 3 years time frame.
1000$ is speculation and I don't know
Based on the math (not astrology) of the derivates market, the increased market cap of crypto and ChainLinki reaching 1% of API economy the price per Link would be 180$

Suicide stacks are small stacks of promising cryptos that are bought so that you don't kill yourself if the project moons and you weren't holding any.

Unironically cashed my 30k out I've never had this much money in my life I quit my job and am just going to chill for a bit

Checked let’s hope

your are going to burn through that 30k so fast user. You shouldn't have quit your job. Please get another job user

Holy fuck you are dumb if true

>make 90k before taxes
>stop working
You're supposed to turn your seed money into more money not fucking blow it on rent you retard

You're an absolute fucking retard

retarded fucking stoner

i guarantee you will commit suicide in 10 years