Is Tether going to collapse?

Is Tether going to collapse?

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No, Bitfinex solve the problem with LEO

As an RSR holder, I hope so

Yes and so to will BTC along with many a pedo's wealth.

Sooner the better

no, they'll just print a billion a month till doomsday.
no-one cares, y'see

Good chance it will in the next couple months. July 29 is their day in court, after that the FBI will seize their domain and they will be sent cease and desist letters from the SEC. When and if they refused their offices will be raided and the executives arrested.

If you think they cant do this you will be in for a rude awakening. If they thought the NYAG couldn't do anything why are they speding millions defending themselves in court?

The writing is on the wall.

this but they'll simply come up with teether or teher or whatever the fuck they want to call their money printing scam and continue unabated

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Based and Justice Department pilled

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The thing I don't understand is why it trades at 1.00 USD when the reserves are like 74% backed, why doesn't the market value reflect the true value? Does Bitfinex wash trade THAT much that they can pin the price?

Bro... what do you think would happen if everyone wanted to withdraw all of their cash from the banks at the same time?

>reserves are like 74% backed
reserves -were- like 74% backed. They were then backed with 'loans' (from Tether to Bitfinex, no conflict of interests there then). Now, they just print shit like confetti and gave up all pretense of being backed by jackshit.
But yeah, '$1 value' and why Binance etc. support these chancers, still.. who knows. The only theory that maybe makes sense was, they were in too deep anyway afther the $800 mill tok a walk and were pumping BTC till 'Institutions' FOMO in, then, they could cash out and balance the books. You'd need to be in an Institution to be putting new cash into this shitshow tho, my opinion

Take USD, give Tether, don't store USD in reserves but instead use USD to buy BTC pushing up the price, users buy the BTC with the Tether, you have pocketed the difference of their dollar spent on Tether and your manipulated BTC price. Then use the proceeds to continue pumping. Is this how it works?

Yes Tether will crash, but not until the stock market crashes, leaving everybody fucked except for the shiny rock boomers.

I agree with you. It's time to get rid of Tether, it's totally manipulated, not audited and not decentralized.
Reserve is a much better option, I have heard that they are launching RSV in Venezuela this quarter, this just makes me feel more bullish

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when the scam of tether comes out, bitcoin is going to crash big

you all were warned

Nobodies giving them USD.

What if that happens though? I'm not sure it will. But the run for the exit would be hilarious. I think if it was going to happen you would have dumping going on already no?

what market?
tether IS the market they sometimes have higher daily trading volumes than bitcoin

Anyone buying in the last 2 years is.

Exactly this

It's not fud it's fucking facts, you dumbshits

No. It’s FUD you dumbshit cunt. You nocoiners have been wrong for years and you want people to believe that crypto comes to an end in July loooooool. Do some fucking research. This is about paying taxes in NY. The worst NYAG can do is fine them and “officially” officially ban them from NY. Fucking children brainlets on this board. You retards realize if btc goes down so do your chink scamcoins.

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Yes, and good riddance. USDCoin is the only valid dollar coin.

I am intrigued.

Shill me on this.

only a matter of time. reminder:
The following Persons are prohibited from depositing to, or withdrawing from, any Digital Tokens Wallet on the Site:
>Persons domiciled or ordinarily resident in, certain nationals of, or the Governments or Government Officials of Prohibited Jurisdictions;
>any Person that resides, is located, has a place of business, or conducts business in the State of New York; and
>U.S. Persons.

the reason they are super clear about this is so that when tether finally becomes valued at 0 USD over night (and it will happen over night) you have no right to make a claim because you shouldn't be holding tether anyway

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All other bitcoin FUDs were FUD, but not Tether. The danger is we are so used to "Bitcoin Obituary" that when a REAL threat to BTC appears, we also shrug it off, like a reverse boy who cried wolf.

all so called "tether fuds" ended up being true.
the only fud that hasnt happened yet is its collapse

I just want to see some pink wojacks in the next weeks/months

Will tether guys going to prison make BTC dump hard?

Tether is gonna is colapes.

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How heavy are your shitcoin bags nocoiners ??? Imagine your entire life hedging on this. And what will you do once this turns out to be a nothingburger to the price of btc ??? Collective live streamed suicide sounds good.

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