Moonshot portfolios

post em

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how can you have 17k and not get a suicide stack of LINK?

because it’s worth $1B and devs are cashing out

You'd be surprised, some people just don't get it
Not smart enough to understand the impact of smart contracts and their obsolescence without oracle's
And not stupid enough to buy for the memes

Just unfortunately in the grey area where they're cocky enough to think they can beat the market and do better than the majority

>hiring more devs and onboarding nodes for oracle is bad
you deserve the poverty that is your future

my suicide stacks
also add 270 QNT

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>no link
Pick one

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link is a scam

> moonshot
> 0 LINK
Nigger wut

>still using Blockfolio in 2019

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Lol the mental gymnastics linkies have to do

My two "dont kill yourself if these take off" stacks

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Harmony Army, baby.

If I miss another meme shot like I missed Link I'll rope myself.

ONE to $1 my dear sir

All in ONE, it drops more I buy more.

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2.3m Harmony

Lmao when 2.3m here sir, I'd kiss you if you're right

Btw I got priced out. Want to kill myself.

what do you use

Never selling.

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Duhdefs cashn awt billdolahs

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chainlink is useless/unecessary. people who dont understand the basics of crypto are the ones who just dont get it

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Yep anonymous Jow Forums user zw9AvOcj knows more about what's necessary for smart contracts than vitalik buterin, the man who created the first and largest smart contract platform to ever exist
You must be so smart little buddy

hey guys

what's the reasoning behind your choosing one coin/token over another, and especially over btc?

fuck off cunt

as far as moonshot degenerate portfolios go, not bad. missing suicide link stack and erd. but i like it. just plan on moving big gains to btc and not holding forever.

no u

No VIDT...myou will not make it OP.

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I will overtake OP in the short, mid, and long term.