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MILK telegram chat: t.me

If you missed any of the airdrops you can purchase MILK for literally 1 gwei on fork delta

Or you can join the discord where you can receive an airdrop every 24 hours

We've gotten word that the website design is finished and the whitepaper is almost done. We're way ahead of schedule and I'm excited for this team and the future of Milker Token

Show some love by posting some MILK lads.

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Lets go boys, you planning on getting some ethots on this?

Sure are, expect to see some ethot partnerships soon

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Damn this is gonna take off for real.


daily reminder
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>men of yore drank from their wives
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>it acts as a natural birth control for a significant amount of time
>proverbs 5: 15-20
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>I will drink my woman'w delicious milkies,
To be be blessed with breasts

I know for a fact someone from the brap team is working on this since they just used the term "brad" correctly and it is a meme limited to that fucking shit heap. It's time for round 2 I guess.

We got some real talented people working on art, merch, PR, getting in contact with thots for commissions and partnerships, exchanges

I've seen more heart in this project for the past 3 days than any other coin shipped here.

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Honestly don't know but so long as he doesn't proclaim it to the world like Xander I'm fine with that. Brap had the absolute worst PR in crypto with its short little run, so glad it's finally in the gutter where it belongs.

Holy shit you little milkies are so immature and stupid. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "sow" . It's not sexy. Beastial coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "sow 2%" coin. Think about it you pathetic milkies

Lots of people here used to be BRAP holders, and the copypasta is posted in every thread. But as far as the developers themselves being involved with MILK that's a negative. I'm not worried about what they're doing atm

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I can assure you he's no drug addict

I don't want to speak ill of them but our developer doesn't blog post his problems, he just works. That should tell you all you need to know

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this desu senpai Obviously a similar idea, but if the devs are more competent, then that gives us more reason to be involved.
excited for this one. Especially with the traction brapper nearly gained.
Good luck, milker team

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Imagine falling for the same scam twice


Imagine shit talking a project that's 3 days old

No one can prove it to you, guess you'll just have to sit back and watch

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anyone with 2 neurons will sit back and watch. Yeah man, your boob and butt coins are gonna make you a millionaire. It's gonna be great

You're talking like we're using "1k eoy, moon mission" shill speak.

Relax man, just enjoy the tits

And anyone with 4 neurons will grab a free airdrop and THEN sit back and watch. I made $600 for free off the failure that was BRAP, do you hate free money? Or lemme guess, you're such a billionaire already that you'd turn your nose up at a free few hundred?


Imagine thinking you're so high IQ you turn down a free airdrop, regardless if you believe in said project

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These pajeet and flip airdrop hunters are running this board.

Well I don't intend on dumping, I believe this project can actually do well

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lets milk these tiddies to the moon!

Whale here with over 2 billion milkies. kek

I know, BRAP is a great project.

Holy shit you little milkies are so immature and stupid. It's actually cute how naive you are. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "sow" . It's not sexy. Beastial coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "sow 2%" coin. Think about it you pathetic milkies

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How will we ever recover?

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Based Milk lad

I fucking hope so lad

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Watch as the founders pump and dump on you, that's their plan from the start, exitscam.

>not exiting before they exit
lol @ your fuckin life bro

This is probably made by the same guy who made brap and is now magically silent

Based milkers

Just what I was thinking. Who knows maybe the whole team.

Just noticed the 69 in milkers telegram. Xander would go on and on about that shit. It's the same fucking guy.

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it doesnt take a genius to figure it out, only morons think this is a copycat. Brap is running out of steam from milking Jow Forums, now they are trying a second attempt. Im guessing this is his last until many months later until newfags join. A shame because they had the right idea, if only the scam was run by a more competent autist rather than a drug addict who sell his stack for a cheeseburger.

What if I told you that you too can create a premined token with 100 billion supply in a matter of seconds, keep half the supply and then market it however you choose?

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i dont care where he got the codes from, the marketting potential would've made this brand more profitable than some of the chink coin.

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I think I'd be a waste if the brap dev just left his project behind to start another of the exact same caliber.

I'm positive our Dev isn't the same person as brappers Main dev. He'd be ranting about boarding up his roommate with chicken wire and posting blog posts on tg every 5 seconds if he was.

The projects 4 days old, so I can't tell you anything besides "trust me bro"

I guess my best advice is to wait and see.

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Even if the Dev isn't the same person as brappers main dev, what's preventing another regular homeless dude from starting a copy cat of BRAP with no significant differences besides in name?


Scamcoin 2.0

Milk me Milkers