Time to go gemhunting Jow Forumsbros!

Time to go gemhunting Jow Forumsbros!

no bullshit shill, only hard, cold REAL facts

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listen user, get the largest loan you can get, call your relatives and ask them for money, sell everything and buy enormous quantities of LINK.

Sleep in a cheap hotel (you have sold you place) until LINK reach 1k EOY and sell.


Walton is a easy 1000x from here feel free to cap this and re post in the future

buy COSS

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B255 is the real gem user

buy BOLT niggers. just got listed on KuCoin. literally makes more annual revenue than its marketcap.

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Sir.... buy mobius

Sentivate will be the next VIDT- quick x5 pump and dump. Get in on the ride


Data products are already a trillion dollar economy. Success stories like Cloudera and Databricks show the massive demand for big data related products and services. IBM’s acquisition spree in the cloud, stream and data providing market as well as the notable RedHat acquisition, paint a picture of an even more data centric future.

Data products like address data, location data, investor tax filings, weather sensors, price feeds, movement data, customer preference data, AI training data, analytics etc. are in high demand. Demand will increase with the growth of IoT devices and sensors that generate and contribute to thedata products of tomorrow. In that sense Constellation not only allows for the secure connection, traceability and interoperability of devices but also enables their data monetization.

Constellation’s unique feature is that it allows for direct on-chain data processing. No other blockchain infrastructure is able to do that. Ethereum as a world computer falls short in that regard, as it cannot process any sizeable amount of metadata.

Less from a tech point of view but a practical investor one given the circumstances for the potential of this coin
It seems like the de facto Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) going into 2020 as it does both IOTA and NANO's jobs better but has 1/180th the marketcap right now with so much room for growth. This shit looks primed for the perfect storm.
>Dropped right when the 2018 crash was in effect BTFO all the initial investors

>OG-CEO found daytrading with cuck earlier investor funds, forced out

>Devs all burn their personal stacks as a sign of good will to keep centralized threats like what happened with NANO

>Coin has completely bottomed out just in time for the next bull run while the tech just keeps getting better and better compared to all other DAGs.
Regardless of the team refusing to lose face over their Ex-CEO fucking them over, this coin is primed for a megamoon given its potential. Just reaching the IOTA market cap would be almost a 200x, and with the bull run raising all tides, normies flooding in in 2020 as Libra, and financial institutions being on the table soon, Constellation seems like the Ripple of 2020.

At the point you realize what a gem this is, the price is going to explode rapidly. You can't expect to make a big profit investing with the herd. When something is obvious it's already priced fairly, or more likely in crypto, overpriced.

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if not larp (which is likely) go fuck yourself. It's like betting on your local village retard to win the next olympics.

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Holo, u fuckin brainlets





read the whitepaper

i was all over LINK since ICO but it's hit 1B cap. my investments have 43x and it's topped for awhile.

HOT is next on my list to hit the 1B club.

It's dogshit.

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if its such doggy doo doo how come you're not buying?

i thought pajeets liked this sort of thing

pi network
>mobile PoS mining, next to zero battery or data usage
>invite codes not pyramidal, but flat - everyone at any referral depth gets the same reward for just the people they invite, so it just incentivizes casual spreading and even distribution no matter how late you join. when the rate halves, it halves for everyone.
>social chain incoming
>in-app transfers incoming
>direct product/service purchases incoming
>make a group and mine with your frens
you can use my invite if you join, its "fren" :D :D :D

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SHOCK the next 100X

any NANO shills here to tell me why i should buy?