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Looking at charts is dead meme. In our new world decentralised oiracles will trustlessly tell your body when LINK is mooning and it will activate an IoT device in your dick so that every time there is a green candle you get a boner.

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I feel a bit foolish shorting 10% of my stack last night. Hopefully I won't lose any link. A single link down is like losing a child or loved one


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Dead cat bounce

25 more dollars and I'm a millionaire

Zoom out

I fucking hate the same chainlink meme posted every single damn freaking day over and over again. Get some new material you bored losers or better yet go find a girlfriend

Literally nothing happened.


I successfully predicted the BIG green candle last night. there will be another green candle in about 5 hours.

$5 by next Friday.

welcome to 4channel newfriend. bancor is literally unstoppable.

>tfw no funds to buy the dip and it's already recovered


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bought my first 25 link last night for 2.70 each. kinda sad i didnt get to buy more

We are the digimarines and we are never selling!

wow one day you might have a whole $50!

>tfw have funds but jewbase won't let me send them to binance for trading for another 4 days

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This is bait yes?

I'll bite
Why didn't you just buy link in goybase

kek wasn't talking about link. i wanted to buy the ONE dip while it was $0.012

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He probably wanted to wash his money/coins on binance so he can cash out in the future without getting taxed

Why does every little pump crash

any USD sent to a bank, from any exchange is reported to the IRS.

Fags are selling

if by fags you mean Sergey then yes, fags are selling

true but coinbase keeps track of all your capital gains even if you don't cash out. meaning if you start with an amount below the capital gains tax threshold and the value of your asset goes above that threshold than you have to report it to the IRS. whereas no other exchange does that

>hey ZOG, my LINK is worth more now but I'm not selling so hi.

I think I might actually send the "Never selling" pasta to the IRS next year.

Wen $5


1 link is always 1 link

Tonight. It's happening tonight!


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>tfw bought 2k more at $2.80

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I'll just wait for the next dumpening.

Is that all?

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