All you larping fags keep bragging about how you started at a 300k salary straight out of university, how you made 1...

All you larping fags keep bragging about how you started at a 300k salary straight out of university, how you made 1.7mil off bitcoin years ago, how your autism has allowed you to see complex patterns in financial markets, how you're a chainlink marine, blah blah blah. Ok so you can make yourself rich. But can you make someone else rich?
Prove to me you're actually a bigshot and I'll give you complete control over my daily life. How many hours I alot to certain tasks and activities, what career moves I make, what I do with my money, what I eat, who I fuck, which clothes I wear... You'll be playing a literal life simulator via me. Ready?

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sounds good. need current status

Ok, market buy 30k links right now and then market sell them 8 mins later

Stop posting

Have sex

fuck off fag no one is interested unless you have tits

>asking for a free life coach
you're never going to make it user

last time Jow Forums had control over a 'sentient being' it became a ring wing racist. so if you can get past that this should be fine.

>started at a 300k salary straight out of university,
i'm in community college and barely employed.

well good job you just disqualified yourself

savings and country, lets do this

1.) walk into mcdonalds, look in managers eyes, shake hand, get job
2.) put away 90% of money outside of necessities into savings account
3.) live with parents, do not go out to save money
4.) repeat for 50 years
5.) retire comfortably after taking into account social security benefits

just start any business, even if you fail you will need to learn in order to make it.
You won't make wage cucking.

Invest in yourself. That is the most important ivenstment. That means learning and improving your skills. For example, if you had the skills Vitalyk has, you inmedialy could make it developing any project. Develop your skills and everything will come easily.

Also, buy Harmony

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Everyone is so mean to each other on Jow Forums
Must mean we got a lotta virgins in da house.

I'm a bitcoin millionaire but also a college drop out neet and have a felony drug possession charge
nobody here is chad

Can I have the left girl with the boobs from the right one?

That doesn't contradict what he said user

travel back in time
what you're seeing is survivor bias

Can't unsee the cross-eye.

sell everything you own and buy harmony right now it will 40x i promise you will make it.

if you miss the singularity you will be done for and there will never be another project that will 40x within a quarter like harmony.

however, maybe in the next few years within the cryptosphere there will be another 40x coin such as this.

by realising that moon missions are less frequent to occur and that good projects will come by less often, along with market saturation of countless new coins it will take longer and longer to make it financially.

chestlets when will they learn

I'm interested....

I don’t understand the problem here?

5k crypto savings, 3k cash cad. Canadian but multiple citizenships. I can give you full life details if you're really down

email me at [email protected]

have a bachelors degree at a top Canadian uni. did an internship at a fortune 500 company. work at a big company as a programmer with a 50k salary, learned programming on my own after studying something else so can probably learn any skill and make myself marketable. already have a bag of harmony. already trade public stocks.

in my early 20s. charismatic. handsome. enough experience with women to know what I'm doing and to not let them be a distraction.

I have made a lot of progress in life and have come a long way comparatively to my peers, but I see bizraelis claiming to have done so much more. im not on the wrong side of average but I dont want to be just a little better than the average either.

congratulations. I'm looking for someone who consistently makes good decisions. you made one good decision to buy bitcoin but it sounds like you made a lot of bad decisions too. and it seems like you're right about biz

I bet you think you’re reaaaally funny shitting up the board. You make me wince.

only people who dont have sex care about sex. and this is biz. can you stay focused?

Left > Right


No one asked for your life story faggot. If anons want to larp let them larp. The fact that it bothers you this much shows just how much of a bitch you are.

>top canadian uni


no one sounds more bothered than you fren

thats the point

Also the super advanced Microsoft twitter bot became nazi in less than 24h

>300k salary straight out of university
I didn't go to university or college. After high school I just got a job making $120,000 a year