The new Jow Forumscoin

The new Jow Forumscoin
Agree y/n?

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nah. thnx for the offer though Pajeet

Y. In 3 months we’ll dabbibg all over the rest of these Jow Forumsfaggots

In three months you'll discover that going all-in at 99 sats was buying high. Happy future bagholding.

Yeah, in the same manner as Reqkt network and DeepakBrain Chain were biz coins.

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all they gonna get chinked again


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Nice FUD faggit
It just makes me stronger

chink scam

If this is so great, why is it outside of top 100? Aren't the IEO's over exposed?

>if so good, y it not bigger?
Nigger, what do you think were all doing here?

I can't get harder

China is the future world superpower. Which means they will have the most prosperous economy. Invest in ONE, invest in China.

Y, the memes are slowly improving but no where link tier..

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it only have %24 up why the frenzy


Just wait until the company gets a memeable face at the forefront of PR. Maybe we should harass them until they fire the roaste.

Holy shit guys, thanks for getting me in on this. Feeling pretty comfy right now.

It's based in Silicon Valley.

i see pretty fill of chinks, its a chink coin

Chinks are just as good as Israelis when it comes to money
We will make it

How'd you know?

It's been dumping forever. What makes you think it'll turn around?

>DeepakBrain Chain
Harmony is good but it will never be the new biz coin. It is and always will be, link. For better or worse.