If you're not buying this, you're never going to get a girlfriend

If you're not buying this, you're never going to get a girlfriend

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Why all the shillng lately?

dont know user. dont know

Noticed it too

About damn time DESU

Fuck you and fuck your reddit scam you piece of shit


>fearful ETH bagholder
>calling best project in crypto a scam
>so scared he FUDs even though his FUD material is limp
enjoy that roadmap
enjoy that github

>If you're buying this, you're never going to get a girlfriend
Muh 2 years of science and research. But muh no product, not even a broken test version. Muh Shelley release dump. Muh still no actual product until Goguen, which is scheduled to "its ready when its ready", by that time if crypto wont actually die and decay and any actual adoption happens it will be already estabilished on other chains.

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came here to ask this.
seemed to come out of nowhere.
coincidentally around the same time BSVniggers quit spraying their curry diarrhea all over the catalog

I heard Jeff Bezos is buying it

I thought biz hates Cardano?

>t. ETH bagholder COPE
has had a working since 2017 dumbfuck. you keep posting this retard level FUD but it doesn's stop being stupid. nice of you to post a portrait of yourself

working what?

who uses it and what for?

ETH bagholder are scared as fuck along with Tezos and EOS bagholders. they all FUD cardano endlessly but the FUD is always irrelevant stupidity mixed with anger and COPE. it's all easily reguted but it takes time and they'll just post the same stupid shit in the next thread regardless

nice scam bagholding niggers

fully functional blockchain being used by a shitton of people. working product you reddit dumbass.

again and slowly, who the fuck uses it and what for? I mean like real people in the real world, not a couple of dev basedboys circlejerking each other singing kumbaya and holding hands

again slowly dumbfuck - you got blown the fuck out with your idiotic "no working product" fud. people use cardano as a cryptocurrency as right now that is what it offers via its very well coded fully functional blockchain that was built from the ground up. why can you not retract your dumbfuckery - does it hurt you deep inside to do so? also, learn the filters you silly reddit visiting retard.

Hey Hey Hey

I'm still waiting for the answer to who uses it and what for - use as cryptocurrency is not a working product you dumbfuck, otherwise every crypto out there would have a :working product:.

So who uses it and what for, huh?

no one uses cardano. you're a joke homie. Don't post this shit here. people barely use ETH or NEO maybe but ADA? no

apparently "use as a cryptocurrency" is a working product these days.


they only have centralized database to basically keep track of numbers (who owns how much ada). The actual blockchain is only on paper. If they ever release an actual product, there are 2 scenarios:
1) the blockchain tech is mainstream adopted and companies are already using other blockchains
2) blockchain died. This is pretty much the direction it looks like now since even the fully released chains have like 2 transactions per week, fucking kek
Cardano along with XLM and other muh development first chains are late to the party becuase they think everyone will wait for them and act like they're the only blockchain in the world.

Good, fuck women and fuck this shitcoin

i'm still waiting for your capitulation. you post dumbfuck provably false fud and then you shift goalposts and hope nobody notices how stupid you are

of course it is dumbass, glad to see you capitulate

Imagine buying this old fucker, instead of Harmony ONE, literally the next gen platform

cardano debit cards are already being used in s. korea. cardano used in commerce in japan as well. for the uninformed ignorants of biz - cardano is a fully functional federated blockchain crypto right now and has been since 2017. in the interim they have researched the question as to what is provably possible (mathematically) for proof of stake - pos sidechains - non interactive proofs of proof of work - sharding etc. the hard work of research is done - the code has been reworked and is clean and now pos is coming along with smart contracts.

from link into ada really?

i am justinking about, why this shouldnt be worth as much as litecoin, from a market cap perspective

Next big boomer coin

Bag holders.

try refuting that your CEO is an insufferable cunt
(hint: you can't)

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i read that thread when it happened. holo fags took the questions as a threat because like most of crypto they are scared of better tech. they lashed out but unlike other pussy whipped sjw faggots of the modern era - charles doesn't tolerate that bullshit and he seems to be unafraid to tell it like it is. insufferable cunts can get fucked. were you one of the insufferable cunts that charles told to get fucked? did he hurt your fragile fee fees?

on google i only get some "news" that they would be launching these cards and be accepted around south korea...but thats from june 2018.
now its july2019..and there are absolutely no news about anyone accepting these cards that....dont exist?

they do exist and are in use in s. korea.
first google result for me

But I have a girlfriend and I'm never going to buy it.

lol, hi charles. holochain is still the most promising project on the market, and infinitely better than your shitcoin.
you were obviously triggered because people don't baby you wherever you go. try acting like an adult next time.
if you still have complaints please contact my support email

seems they... do exist

holo bagholder COPE. lmao at this immature bullshit complete with reddit spacing

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>doesn't know what reddit spacing is
imagine being this much of a retarded nu/biz/let

>pressing enter after every sentence
>trying to reddit space and failing even at that

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>cardano debit cards
ADA sure does have that "REQ" feel about it right now.

>wanting to get a girlfriend

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