SWIFT GPI Link = Chainlink

First lets observe some fundamental truths

SWIFT started a proof of concept on January 30 in collaboration with r3, to bring gpi payments to DLT and blockchain based platforms
source: swift.com/news-events/news/swift-to-bring-benefits-of-gpi-to-dlt-and-trade-ecosystems

"To support the growing demand amongst trade ecosystems for secure and reliable settlement, SWIFT has launched a proof of concept (PoC) to trial a new gateway to interlink trade and e-commerce platforms with gpi – the new standard in cross-border payments."
GPI is currently used by hundreds of banks across the globe, and it settles over 300 billion dollars in payments every single day

The goal of this POC was to bring gpi payments to dlt, this is what they call gpi Link

“With the gpi Link, banks will be able to provide rapid, transparent settlement services to e-commerce and trading platforms, opening up whole new ecosystems to the speed, security, ubiquity and transparency of gpi and enabling them to grow and prosper in the new digital economy.

“Given the adoption of the Corda platform by trade ecosystems, it was a natural choice to run this proof of concept with R3.”

"While the PoC initially addresses R3’s DLT-based trade environment, it will be extended to support other DLT, non-DLT and e-commerce trade platforms."

Now what the fuck even is gpi Link? What are the details of its implementation?
SWIFT has intentionally kept the details of gpi Link under wraps, but with some digging we can uncover the secret.

There is a very educational webinar between SWIFT and r3 that requires email registration to gain access (anyone can register, feel free to do so)
Here is the link to the webinar: info.r3.com/corda-settler-webinar

Skip to 13:40: "The SWIFT gpi box is actually manifested as an oracle service on a Corda DLT network, they would have access to the gpi Link"

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So now we know officially and undoubtably that SWIFT gpi Link is an oracle service and its DLT/blockchain agnostic since they plan on being available to all sorts of platforms, lets try to find out who could be providing this service.

Navigating to smartcontract.com/ we see the image in pic related.

"We're proud to be working with SWIFT on their own SWIFT Smart Oracle. Allowing smart contracts on various networks to make payments, send governance instructions, and release collateral with over 11,000 banks."

Okay, so we know gpi Link is an oracle service and SmartContract.com is currently working with Swift on a so called "Smart Oracle"

The only question that remains is, how do we know the Proof of Concept was successful?

Well, it was very successful, confirmed by SWIFT themselves: coindesk.com/swift-gives-blockchain-platforms-access-to-instant-gpi-payments-following-r3-trial

From June 25, 2019: "Global interbank messaging giant SWIFT has revealed it will allow blockchain firms to make use of its Global Payments Innovation (GPI) platform for near real-time payments."

So there we have it, GPI Link is an oracle service that was piloted with the Corda DLT platform and will be rolling out for wider use in the near future, but when do we find out?

Here's a direct Quote from SWIFTs program manager Wim Raymaekers: "We will demonstrate the conclusions of the proof of concept at SIBOS in London in September of this year" (source: swift.com/news-events/news/swift-to-bring-benefits-of-gpi-to-dlt-and-trade-ecosystems)

Also note how familiar the logo for the "oracle service" looks in this R3 demo: info.r3.com/corda-settler

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You're a good man.

Priced in since 2017

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1000EOY is already confirmed. We’re done, just chill bro.

>Also note how familiar the logo for the "oracle service" looks in this R3 demo: info.r3.com/corda-settler
Great thread but there's no logo here

look at the images used for the Settlement oracle and the exchange rate oracle

We are gonna be so fucking rich

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If they run on link, why there is that small ammount of nodes running link faggot

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This isn't shilling, it's information gathering, and it's literally the best thing Jow Forums does. Staying up with this shit puts you 12 months ahead of the game.
OP, God's work etc.

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1000eoy already planned. no reason to shill harder. dont help idiots.

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Wow. We're actually going to make it

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Price predictions for SIBOS?

Kek this


cntrl f "chainlink"

o results.
[email protected]

If you don’t feel like pic related while holding link you should probably sell, because you’re going to sell too early anyways

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Through our Lord and Saviour all things become possible. Just make sure to return what he asks. This is all he has asked of you in return for his grace.

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Just like a Mexican drug cartel?

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good thread.

i have to be honest, the last dip was hard on me bros. it's good to have reminders why i'm


It doesn’t matter the price would still dump after Swift officially announces using Link.

Only if there's buildup. Surprise announcements cause LINK to go to the moon. Why else would SWIFT go to such lengths to keep it a secret?

Doubt it... historically Link is one of the only projects that actually maintains gains mad after news. Sell the news at your peril.
Also the only project I can think of that increased in price after a product release.
All other crypto assets crash and burn as soon as they release a working product, nothing left to hype over.
Link is different in so many ways.
Never selling

You forgot the webinar OP.

In the webinar recording the guy explaining gpi link said "gpi chainlink" twice..

Link is not dumping it's price, it's being consolidated by whales, it will keep going up.

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I wouldn't get overly excited about this. Chainlink is only one available option intertwined with GPI Link when using the DLT aspect. Banks aren't jumping into using DLT as much as you think they are yet. It will take time. Chainlink will be usable with what they are doing, but I promise you... Chainlink not the central aspect of what GPI Link is. Don't create the expectation that it is.


What is the central aspect, as you put it? Genuine question.

Fucking excellent work, that oracle quote from the webinar really is key.

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>dips from ATH to another price that's literally double the price it has ever been since it was launched
>that dip was so rough on me bros
What the fuck is wrong with you people.

Delete this thread.


You don't need to be a DLT platform to take advantage of Swift GPI Link, part of the reason gpi link is being built is to compliant with PSD2 in time for the deadline. GPI Link will enable ANY bank/platform/contract to access enable payments to thousands of banks through using Swifts infrastructure and API endpoints

And yes, chainlink IS the central aspect of gpi Link, because gpi Link is an oracle service

But why a decentralized oracle? Why they don’t just use a private solution?

SmartContract has likely built a mirrored, centralized version of Chainlink's software that is GPI Link for SWIFT. SORT of the shadow fork meme coming true, but in a good way as Chainlink's software will obviously fit directly into what they've built for SWIFT. I'm telling you... don't push GPI Link running on the Chainlink network and being the central aspect of what it is. It's just not going to be true. We'll get pumped and dumped at Sibos if you keep this shit up.

Costs more, by which I mean developing a decentralized solution - or using someone elses - would cost way less.

Wouldn't this not be wise for SmartContract to do because it would reduce the network effects/value of their main product, the Chainlink network?

SmartContract is not a charity organization. They won't build something for SWIFT if there is no incentive to do so, spending millions of dollars in engineering resources and several years to build something that doesn't fit into the companies long term strategy would be unbecoming of someone as brilliant as Sergey Nazarov.


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When it was dipping from $0.4 to $0.3 my portfolio would dip a few hundred dollars, no big deal. From $4.5 to $2.6 was a significant amount of money for me.
I held NEO from $20 to $200 and back again so I may have some PTSD from that.



Anyone got a guess?

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This is correct, but before any xrp shill or mETHhead soils himself, it will be at the banks board of owners which lets itself consult by its R&D board what solution will be used - and well at least for one I can say with absolute certainty, that they will never use an open DLT, because the security risks are just so damn high

This has nothing to do with Swift, XRP is not involved



>the shadow fork

The Return of the Shadow Fork

.. only NEO would not provide a passive income simply by hodling on.

Even if it dips, you will still earn LINK.

>SmartContract is not a charity organization. They won't build something for SWIFT if there is no incentive to do so

Building out a centralized version for SWIFT, that directly connects to your public facing network is the smartest thing they could ever do.

.. btw, what ever happened to the blogpost?

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The correct answer is London

That's still an incentive, user.

So you're saying effectively it would augment the network, not be a parallel incompatible network.

LINK shills make my want to sell my bags already. You guys are pathetic quality in what you shill. Give up because it's gross

Not so sure about that. If we are in a similar situation both of us can't present proves


>what is nightfall

How does this make LINK moon???

Like, in terms of actual objective value as a token. If it's used as a collateral then how exactly does it go up? Is it solely from companies buying it up en-masse as they all want to use it for their own shit?

Yep. Now ask yourself how long until this happens?

It was a nice idea, but looking at the github it seems abandoned. also E&Y isn't bank

>NEO would not provide a passive income simply by hodling on
It does, it earns GAS, an even more worthless shitcoin

Not if it goes to zero

people who expect to moon off such a massive supply need a huge demand. No one here understands the most basic tokenomics. Biz is mostly tards

NEO has way more demand than LINK but good luck explaining to you idiots about China. I bet LINK holders are mostly teens

>He doesn't know

I don't know. Im starting to think it'll be pretty soon. I feel like whether or not chainlink is absolutely perfect might not even matter.

Especially if it was to be fully integrated with Swift. That'd be nuts.

call me when it happens

*spoiler* It won't

Keep coping, friend. I'm sure Zhang will let you gargle his chinkoid semen once or twice under his desk if you're this dedicated for the rest of the year!

Internal review before release

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thanks for the hopium faggot but I have pretty much written off my NEO at this point

The gay insults coming from sergeys choir boys seem like disingenuous and over the top. Go do some actual research first before talking to someone who makes $

>NEO has demand
from gamblers and tards that fell for the free transaction and muah GAS
>Explain china
You mean explaining a degenerate corrupt empire that hangs on a silk thread with an army mostly composed of papier-mache with a marine that could be btfo by India?

China is done for the century

>China is done for the century
Do dumb people feel dumb?

I hate China BTW, so keep insulting but they do print a shit ton of money so when I invest I have to consider them. You guys really play baseball cards with your crypto huh?

China has no option to become a first world country with a middle class, it will rather desintegrate into cheap producer and "rich" sovereign consumer states than keep it together. China as a country is done.

>They print a shit ton of money
>I invest
Topest Kek, and you have the guts to insult anybody as stupid

have i missed any LINK XRP breadcrumbs?
this image (and further digging on my part) suggests chainlink needs to be compatible with ripple before swift can utilise it.

>NEO has way more demand than LINK
So this is the level of devolution the FUD has come to.

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xrp has been out of the game after the Larsen - R3 drama. Ripple will dump for all eternity, first because Larsen is paying for the shit companies and bribes and second because R3 has to somehow get back the funds from the court case with ripple and their funds because basically ripple scammed them.

Is Corda still settling payments with XRP though?
not shilling ripple by any means but a few months ago that was the case.

>China as a country is done.

LINK is only speculative, it's facts not fud. You linkers are too sensitive. Sorry it's still below $5 after years

>t. can't read a mortality table

20 years after the end of the one child policy, China's running out of 20 year olds. They're not as good at math as they would have us believe.

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Make sure you jot down suicide hotline for the end of this year.

Can I get an idiots guide to buying and cashing out LINK if youre in the US please

not an amerifat but try coinbase

Waste of trips...Het on idex, coinbene, or coinbase pro. If you don’t get coinbase pro, then use Gemini to buy eth with your bank account and transfer that to the exchange that has link (one of the three aforementioned).

>cashing out in US
yikes. move to Germany or Belarus and enjoy 0% tax

Isnt coinbene prone to being hacked

It must go up rapidly, otherwise it's not gonna work, so I think some morning when you wake up, it's in the thousands.



trips are wasted of reddit scum

no. R3 is trying everything to get rid of ripple. Larsen scammed them, they are currently dumping all their xrp on the market. They partnered with accord and are using the god protocol

Please sell

>swift gpi chainlink


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