60k eth whale is done accumulating RLC. there is not much time left:

60k eth whale is done accumulating RLC. there is not much time left:

Buy now thank me later

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Just bought 80k thanks

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nice, 30k here

D-do i fomo in?

It has bottomed in sats, so yes

Solid. We're all going to make it. You have 8x a suicide stack.

It looks like it's starting an uptrend. Depending on what the iExec team releases over the next few months before and after v4 it might be "the last bottom" to buy.

the bottom is 0.

not for iexec

I bought a suicide stack. See you in Lamboland 2021. Bogs be with you

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Imagine still fudding RLC in 2019...

It is a french team i.e. REQ & AMB, so there is chance it hits 0

Also its an “AI” shitcoin, while fintech is going to be the buzz of this cycle

it is not ai shitcoin low iq pajeet. anything related to ai on iexec are dapps built by 3rd parties

>he fell for ze "iExec is only an AI coin" fud
kek, absolute retards on biz I swear

Sorry, I was referring to their most recent article. Its a decentralized computing shitcoin which I don’t really care to know too much about despite owning 80k of. It just has a tasty bottom

How is something that is going to attack a 500b+ industry and offer things never seen before to said industry a "shitcoin"? When real usage picks up, RLC will moon so hard you'll wish you bought more...

Also, by chance, have you read this? hackernoon.com/blockchains-need-iexec-the-market-just-hasnt-realized-it-yet-5597c743cd0a

iExec is a very powerful platform and affects many, many different areas of technology.

bro I have 24 thousand dollars in this shit I think I won’t regret buying more

I have over 10k into it bought around ICO price and I'm always hustling to get more money to pump into it. iExec is a slow burner. It's going to explode when usage even slightly picks up.

I'm a 5k stacklet but I'm happy with what I got. Can't wait for the market to call this coins number

>ring ring

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ive been accumulating over the past 3-4 weeks too
only a 9500 stack but hey, that's all i can afford anyways..

are there any news on RLC?
anything in their pipeline?
so silent around the coin, hence the dump I guess

So silent ? Are you kidding ?


V4 (GPU support + Sidechain to reduce cost of computation) on december 2019 (previously scheduled for may 2020. They are ahead on roadmap)

Yet this shitcoin always dumps 1 week after each new version.

Same shit happened with V3 in May.

Fuck this garbage coin.

Lol you have no clue why utility coins dump or pump.

Also I heard that this shit is getting delisted from Binance in Sept. because it's an illegal security token or something.

In which case, this shit is literally going to zero.
Unironically the next REQ shitcoin.


>Believed the security meme
Yes its been delisted by Binance for US but they are delisting half of their shitcoins. Doesnt mean its a security, they just dont want to deal with the SEC. CEO confirmed French SEC classified it as utility and multiple lawyers from Europe and US already have said its an utility. CEO is also working on getting it listed on US exchanges and KRW pair

This. Imagine not buying because of muh exchange fud

how do you know he's done accumulating by etherscan?


Going down again, just as expected.

Your retarded shitcoin is just another p&d scam amongst a million others.

>Going down

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how do you know he's done accumulating by etherscan?

he doesn't. It is a standard marketing practice, tell plebs some unknown big entity is in and pray enough sheep fall for it. Basically this kind of thread needs to fall under advertising and begging

Transfered 200k RLC 17 hours ago into his account. That motherfucker owns half a million RLC

And his ETH wallet is worth 15m$

Why isn't this blatantly obvious shill thread deleted then?

Do the jannies not care that half of this board's threads are just pajeets trying to scam people out of their money?

I remember the same scheme back when another shitcoin called FUNFAIR was shilled here.


Kill yourself niggerjeet


My mom said linkwhales are dumping their link bags and buying up rlc. A huge push for iexec oracles > chainlink centralized kyc nodes will happen soon

They are in on some scams
Research Taykey and David Irving and understand why Jow Forums is the shithole it is. Moot was a faggot, but Hiroshima moot is blatantly selling user data to chinese scammers. As soon as an OP has a question in his thread you can be certain it is a sentiment mining thread.

Jow Forums is a single giant data mining operation of fringe users that have been banned from everywhere else, or can't be data mined because they refuse to use other services. My suggestion, if you aren't here to study, gather evidence and expose/blackmail them, go to h8han

there never have been truer words said by a link holder, bravo

if you buy this you deserve to lose money

Most of the coins volume comes from the US, good luck stopping this coin from going to 0 come September Gilles.

Because then they would have to delete all the link + google partnership threads that are blatant lies

Poor fag
Will be listed on a US exchange before sept. and will moon hard. Stay poor

Wut? Anybody with a bit of a brain understood that those were the same kind of shill threads like this one. Linkshills are most of the time just more creative and son't use shit techniques like the low quality literally all other shitchain shills

This isnt even english. Please try harder. The only reason its even being brought up is because based whale user made threads months ago outlining his suppression of this token, why he was doing it, and what would happen when he stopped.

Even if that was a LARP, who gives a fuck. This token has real partnerships, not blogposts.

Blogposts are how major tech companies announce major news.
Like Google Cloud’s flagship Anthos project: google.be/amp/s/cloudblog.withgoogle.com/topics/hybrid-cloud/new-platform-for-managing-applications-in-todays-multi-cloud-world/amp/

Just cope, user. For your own mental health.

Whoever Linkshills are, they did great demographic research, beside the discord fags, they are easy to spot and fall into the same category than the rest of the shitcoin shills, which includes rlc shills as much as xrp, eth, etc, one, lit, vidt... shills. The worst shills on this place are definitely brap and milk shills, they seem to mistake this place with 9gag

>implying potential use case scenarios of over 20 cryptos over the course of a few weeks is big news

No, big news actually makes in on their website, and has lead engineers making videos about your product.

Does it hurt when you attempt to tie your shoes? Like, do you experience physical pain?

Show me something similar on googles website for CL. Pro tip: you can’t.



It's pretty fucking clear that RLC is the next LINK on Biz, its the only other researched coin with a huge history in its own industry before launching a coin.

Miss out like always and buy your stacks at $5

>derails back into blatant shilling
oof, this is why you have no chance on Jow Forums, plebbit could fall for this kind of shilling but it is too atomized to reach a good cost - spreading ratio



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Oh it is you
thanks for identifying yourself, didn't knew you are also involved in rlc shilling

>you wont make it because you should be making shit up, not posting actual sources w actual facts


Are linkies really this retarded?

>mistakes me automatically for a bag holder of the shill group that memetically btfo of every other group
You can buy my book in 4 years. anthropology takes some time, especially in an "anonymous" environment

>i didnt knew

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sheds a different light on the situation, but still doesn't change the current findings

Memes are great, until it comes time for actual adoption.

>fundamentally fundamental
>ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

NOT gonna MAKE it

What light? You literally just brushed off actual links to fortune 500 companies shilling IEXEC on their websites, and your reasoning was “muh memes”, and you call this informative? Cmon man...

I care about prices just as a factor on the demographic, adoption of anything doesn't concerns me. The fact that you still throw around low quality greed memes is concerning, a third party will most probably not care for this exchange

>memes don't matter
the 2017 memeflations tells another story

>Memes bring 3x-5x over two years, with a sell off
>RL adoption brings 100x-500x in 3-5 years

I don’t think I need to tell you where the smart money is.

I have 8k RLC. Am I good?

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Id try to shoot for 15k for 2021

>blatant shilling
>talking memes down when they are fastest and cheapest at spreading
this is so tiresome



Memes are great, why you are acting like it has to be one or the other, when it can clearly be both. Low IQ detected.

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Shhh user, just cope.

The Linkshill memes (by one group) are just way better crafted and more suited for this imageboard, where the rest of the shill groups (of which at least one shills multiple bags) is extremely basic advertising that resonates like shit with this place.

We know who is really coping here, user.



>doesn’t realize most RLC holders are also LINK holders


>back to basic advertising
it is too tiresome, like talking to a bot

You have no decent points user. You ate comparing meme communities like a 12 year old who thinks area 51 memes are hysterical. If you want to have an actual discussion fine, but bring something to the table, or fuck off.

Based af

What I'm saying is, that Jow Forums resolves around competing about new bag holder and that different old bag holder (which may hold multiple bags) use different techniques and memes to catch them. And what could be observed since early eth buyer pooled together to go into LINK is, that the memes and techniques from the early Linkshilling are better suited for Jow Forums. If by any chance rlcshills, xrpshills or neoshills start to come close to the memetic abilities of early Linkshills that could mean, either what you claim and I discard as classic substitute advertising, is right and that they are all the same; or if Link memes drop drastically in quality, that the old Linkshills switched to a new bag. Time will tell, but my assumption is, that the dominant meme, regarding how well it also spreads outside Jow Forums will devour the other bagholders and make the shilling of them even more unsuited.

>The Linkshill memes (by one group) are just way better crafted and more suited for this imageboard
Again with the meme indoctrination. Go back, you obsessive, schizo newfag.

>memetic abilities
I recognize your posts. You are cancer incarnate.

>iexec integrates IBM cloud


Let's laugh at chainlink killers



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It's funny how this is the most hated crypto on Jow Forums. The COPE when it hits 5$ is going to be hillarious

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>looks at biggest gainers of the day

Kek, just watched the chart, that massive dildo. TY basedwhale

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nice p&d you got there, congratulations seriously

And it's already going down LOL

What an absolutely useless shitcoin xD

>Goes down 2%
>hurr durr pnd

Imagine being so low IQ you literally beg to stay poor

I remember when rlc was higher in value than chainlink, luckily i am and was all in in chainlink, how did it work out in your mind? How's those rlc bags doing? kek

>2 year 3x-5x max, with sell off
>3 year 100x-500x, with 1/10th the total supply and mainstream adoption, not blogposts

Imagine being this short sighted, and begging to stay poor

Also i made plenty of money off link, as I held it for 1.5 years. You seem to think most people in RLC werent in LINK.

The 1000eoy is a meme

Well, you had your chance. Good luck with those bags worth pile of dog shit, cya!

Who wants to follow the movements of a whale who buys meme shitcoins like ELEC, GENES, and Shaggy coins? No thanks, RLC retards.

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Intel and IBM do.


>intel and ibm
Wow, absolutely amazing! Those are like the smallest partners of the hundreds chainlink has. COPE RETURNED

>stay poor

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Show the “partners” chainlink has, and link those partners websites where they actually acknowledge chainlink as a partner. I’ll wait.