BRAP = memecoin for retards MILK = retard copycat of a memecoin for retards

Don't throw money into this, milk is just another pajeet scam.

Wait for the ath and then dump your airdrop. You know that this is the best thing to do, don't lie to yourself

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s-shut up

ill send you my remaining brap tokens if you send me enough eth to send them to you...

Thanks just bought 100k of each, only cost me ........ 0.50

I can understand the concept behind milkers.
the problem is that they have no developers, no website, no listings.
milkers are simply not in the same league as brap
maybe that could change, but so far I have not seen any indication of that
I will hold my brap until the top of the bull run and I will never buy any milkers, I am pretty sure of that

they are the same developer, you just be feeding his drug problems

thats fud now stfu

I mean BRAP does have a month of dev time while Milk has had 3 days.

Idk, I hope either coin does well because I'm holding both

ok, I'll wait 27 days for the milk fud

this is what you need to be successful

cant fud you idiot, I cant even dump it.

you absolute retard
you look at the charts now?
this early?
I will be laughing when your 10 gwei sell order gets eaten up just before mercatox.
we are so early
and you cannot grasp how early we are

Milk was started by the rejects who were kicked out of BRAP, they couldn't carry their weight.

Milkers are trying to FUD BRAP, gain market share, then pump and dump/exitscam. They are doing exactly what they accused BRAP of doing. BRAP is still working hard and will release BRAP app soon.

an app? This can change everything

Where I can buy BRAP at a good price?

Forkdelta is cheapers but ddex and bitcratic are easiest to use.

BRAP is a actual project. MILK is a meme copy paste that will pump/dump. Screencap this and look back in a month. BRAP will still be going strong and MILK will have pulled an exit scam.

how many you gotterino

You fuckers dont get it. Almost the entire board is in Brapper for FREE. Everyone who cared the last few weeks got several airdrops. And now we should all try together to make the token worth something. But instead of embracing the meme, the few people left behind, who were too dumb to type their fucking ETH address, try to destroy the project out of jealousy. They want us to stay in the gutter with them. At the same time milkers fud BRAP and try to steal not just its idea but also its community. This divides us and makes us weak. Meme magic doesn't work like this. Civil war works like this.
Instead of being salty that you got left behind out of pure stupidity and trying desperately to destroy someone elses ticket to wealth, you could just pay the 0.5 ETH for your own ticket and embrace the meme with us.

nah man, the developer is a meth head. Who the fuck believe in a guy that say shit like freedom and saving homeless while creating a token call braper for thott.

Don’t waste your time with either. Buy Zuckbucks

Jow Forums >> retarded copycat of Rome >> retarded copycat of Greece >> retarded copycat of Egypt >> retarded copycat of Atlantis >> retarded copycat of Jow Forums

>be me 6 years old
>elementary school playground, tag
>see girl I like. I also like dogs a lot
>think it'd be super cool to sniff her butt and talk about dogs
>About 7 years later, I'm going back to district highschool after being in all boys autistic school
>I can get first girlfriend
>School knows me by the 1st grade ass brapper
>tfw when no highschool girlfriend

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unleash the power of ethot economy in your own hands, get brappilled

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Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

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Hey Brad, tell me, do you like Huey Lewis and the News?
Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83,I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humour.

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BRAP is more legit. MILK hasn't really done anything besides airdrops.

they are afraid

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That's why you go into whale phal. Solid fundamentals.

>Brap poster:
Facebook ---> 9gag ---> reddit ---> Jow Forums --->h8/discord
>Milk posters

Both are the absolute worst and uncreative "meme" group ever hosted on Jow Forums. Trollface posters were top notch compared to those 30 year old zoomers

this is the actual reality. we can meme BRAP into existence. Memes drive expectations and drive buying pressure. This realizes the meme into something greater.

Why do you hate money?

Brap had porn in the first week. Milk's gotta beat that. They won't tho.

All Xander does is answering to people on telegram and posting ass pics. He's basically one of the community managers and actually quite good at that. Quit the crap and spend the 0.5 ETH instead of killing it for everyone. As if milkers would take off if you memefud brappers into a disaster. We are together in this.