They're catching on

They're catching on..

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Sergey nakamoto wasn't a meme

Feeling less and less schizophrenic every day boys

imagine not knowing

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Wait a minute, wasn't this the bitch who was dabbing on us a few weeks back?

Could you imagine? I would absolutely love for Sir Gay to BTFO of faggot wright

eventually they all bend the knee

satoshi was just a decoy, the real elephant in the room...who the fuck is Jason Parser?

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it own't happen but holy shit it'd be hilarious

She took the linkpill
better late than never

Literally who


Lol wut

Jason Parser is a legendary programmer...some would even call him a codemaster. He pops up in the most peculiar of places, like a digital monk.

>it won't happen
exactly how long have you lived on planet earth

I heard that Jason Parser is an international assassin that kills his targets by force feeding them McDonalds until they die.

Faggot stop spouting the game of thrones reference you fucking nerd. It's played out already.

this probably means sergey is a front man, and both chainlink and bitcoin are three letter agency projects

how do we protect sergay nakamoto from the onslaught of normies/

...thats from game of thrones? I just thought it was like a tough guy thing we all said as a sort of medieval themed joke. See I don't know this shit because I don't own a TV or watch kike propaganda

QRD on the Jason Parser Saga:

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I should buy more LINK

We should sell everything we own and buy link

Mfw $5 million later

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Bitcoin and smartcontract?
>mfw in 1999
>pic related

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"it's a meme" IS the meme

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Tiffany confirmed for a Jow Forums lurker
Lol everyone’s here now

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Possibly Szabo/Juels owned the domains/therefore one of them or both of them are Satoshi?
That would explain the bizarre larp with the hippie chick and the 'atoshima'

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I suspect so
A group project, with Sergey as the protege
They’re making expert level moves and plays
It’s amazing to watch, and learn from

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I agree, it's fascinating.

This is just reaching and insanely cringe

Good luck with your sickness anons

nobody will save you..


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cringe from the kids



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>he didn't buy in at $0.25

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I have LINK.

But do you kids have another "argument"


I did not think so.

By the way, what happened with that larp? it was a big topic during the bigdogg era

Imagine simplifying culture like this

how many times are you gonna say this in these threads? SHUT THE FUCK UP!

All the dirt gathered over the last 5 years will come in so fucking handy

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>tfw no breadcrumb gf

Not sure which larp you’re referring to

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All the other shitcoins will be BTFO in the coming days. Bitcoin, ETH, all of them. They're nothing.

They'll bend the knee or be destroyed.

your towel is wet
be careful

evry word and conbination of words were registered

The new protocol is Chainlink (Sean ironstag and Geostar larp):

Pic related

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lol that bitch called linkmarines ugly on the inside just a month ago.

At least we're not a dumb ass roastie. Fucking XRP shills. Can't wait for Swift to btfo those wankers.

So you’re the sunuvabitch that’s been stealing the towels

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That's the one.

She learned something valuable
Never judge a book by its cover
>webm related

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Ahh I remember that one
Yeah the satoshi connection goes back far

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stop using the wet ones
told you this

LINKies are so stupid they make me not want to buy this project. I just got into crypto and am looking to diversify beyond BTC and ETH, I was thinking LINK but you guys are legit full retard with your low quality posts. I need to do more research. How many years from oracles are we? That's what I need to know

Fuck off we're full

>How many years from oracles are we?

you fucking just said you need to do more research
go fucking do it

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>How many years from oracles are we?

Sergey is Satoshi.

Sergey Nazarov
Satoshi Nakamoto

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Satoshi Nakamoto
Sergey Nazarov

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But isn't Sergey a math uberbarainlet?

>not consuming all kinds of normie media ironically so you make fun of them later while citing/referencing the series better than any normie ever could

None of that came true, the dump happened and we are now back at 11k.
Big dogg predicted 1-2k btc in early 18. Satoshis coins didnt move

You realize there wasn't a billion webhosts in the US back in 2007.

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Who was Ari Juels?
Did he die?

nulinkers get out REEEEEEE!

>all the people in this thread who don’t know how fucking domain registrars work

All of you just get the fuck out.

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Linkies are the delusional Q user fags of the crypto space prove me wrong

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>literally who is this thot

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>q user
go away, btw tell hiroshima moot to hire a new batch, yours is about to get Fischbeined

>Swift in September
>Epstein arrested
>Alex Acosta not denying Epstein was a Mossad asset
You actually might be on to something here

This is the most bullish thread I've ever happened upon. I'm starting to get it. I'm going to be rich, unironically.

They were probably just parked by the same domain name provider.
If two different people buy domains from godaddy then they would both have default pages owned by godaddy till the domain owner updates the DNS on his new domain.

I swear to god women are so fucking stupid why are they allowed to vote.

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>As the price keeps tanking, the linkie falls into greater delusions, his subconscious inventing new ways to cope with a hard and uncompromising truth. The linkies project thier delusions at each other, creating a feedback loop that keep them enclosed in a cloud of hallucinations, unable to see through the facade of their false messiah. The cycle repeats itself once they all perish and a fresh batch of rookies becomes enchanted with the next trendy but worthless token. Nature can be quite tragic sometimes...

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the finest of all copes

The domain was never registered by him in the first, it was bought.

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The ones that resist the most, become the most ardent followers

Good show, has some of the best TV I've ever seen but the last two seasons are awful.

Turns out our hallucinations weren’t hallucinations after all


>the original breadcrumbs image on the projector

>he thinks Q user is a larp
>he doesn't trust the plan
haha no wonder you're a nolinker

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Fuck this slut

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do you have that pic on ur pc?

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oh woah this dialogue is really good, what is it from?


roastie postie

don't overlook the importance of this, guys.

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thanks fren

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