Shorting white people

I love Jews and I love Israel! They are truly the masters of everything especially money making. They are so much better than us white people. Which leads to my question.

How do we short White people?

I love Jews and I love Israel!

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Let the sand niggers from Syria into Israel instead of shipping them over to us Shlomo

Start with kys

Israel? Never heard of the place. Sounds made up

It is

Very good post.

תן לי את הכסף שלך גויים

Wrong, you mixed singular and masculine plural it should be
תן לי את הכסף שלך גוי - single
תנו לי את הכסף שלכם גויים - masculine

Mah Jews

>How do we short White people?

buy as much chainlink as you can and use the gains to fund progressive LGBT+ rights organizations and pro israel groups / lobbyists.

it's what i'm gonna do with my link gains.

we're all gonna make it bro.

Invest in an Israelis stock index?

Agree. Jews are great at making money.

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Thnx op!
>shorted Zionism
>longed white europe

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>doesn't know the difference between religion and race

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Chainlink is how you short white people.

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But Israel is white people. all the bad things purported to have been done by white people have actually been done by jews.

by voting trump, the blackpill.

how much do you shills get paid to post this stupid shit

You short white people by hiding your face. You naturally encourage whites through you being you. "Oh no just got jewed by my country and neighbors, where will I go now? Some non-white country? No one wants to be gooked or jeeted or akbar'ed or nogged. Isn't it apparent that the least racist race is white which is why it's so attractive to join when youve been betrayed by the norm.

Jews are not white. If they were. I wouldn't be able to call them out so obviously based on looks/behavior.

Extremely UNBASED