Hi guys. Raulito here. Me and the boys finished with erd, guess where the profits are going now ;)

Hi guys. Raulito here. Me and the boys finished with erd, guess where the profits are going now ;)

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I unironically have no idea who these raulito posts are talking about but I made 5 grand overnight so I couldn't give a hoot or a holler you go girl keep it up you're doing amazing sweety

Fuck you bitch. Pump is now postponed cuz of u retard

By the end of today you have made atleast 10k. Make some good one memes and shill this shit everywhere and it is 15k in the evening


Kek. You think erd is done pumping. It will literally pull a matic. Screenshot this. Also kys larping faggot

it was de-cancelled after the second post, but now you re-cancelled it

ERD is making a reverse H&S
next stop 45 sats

feels good having so much power

You thought wrong. I said it is postponed. It will happen in the evening, just watch out

Well me and the boys got out of that sinking ship, good luck with that

Tbh this will even pump little without our help. Perfect bull memelines

I have no idea who Raulito is or what ERD or ONE does, but Im in ONE for the memes.
Pump my bags Raulito

Just go out and spend a nice saturday. Check back in the evening and you will be really happy

Ye, sounds like a fine plan.
Dont make me regret trusting strangers on the Internet and pump my bags.

Dude, I regret buying onky 77k ONE. I need a new bottom to put more money in.

It is just 35 sats above the bottom, lel.
Still looks like a bottom.

pajeet tell me where to set stop loss or quit larping.

For a poorfag like me, every satoshi matters, fren.

here is why elrond is better than harmony from a technical perspective: docs.elrond.com/detalied-comparative-analysis/elrond-vs.-harmony

kys gay faggot

Just traded 1 eth for this... Will I make it?