Where the fuck is creg?

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Maybe... It was a scam the whole time?

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Nah way my dude this is blatant manipulation from (((Bitcoin Core))) and (((Blockstream))). I can tell from my experience with manipulation and having seen many manipulations in my lifetime. Go Craig!!! Keep it up Satoshi!!! BSV will flip with Bitcoin Core end of year, mark my words!! YAY!!!!!

he just got back from a yacht trip vacation. back to work now building BitCoin!

Checked. Quasar is just a week or so away. Look at the tx rate. It's sustainable growth.

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google trends has gone ballistic for bitcoin sv
tx numbers going up, blocksize going up, more and more apps onboarding
but meanwhile this piece of crap is shitting the bed and creg is nowhere to be found aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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It's not even about. These dumps are outside his control. There's still many BSV that need to be dumped by the die hard cashies. Just let tokenized launch and the tx rate will go through the roof.

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>where the fuck is creg?
He's in Fort Meade getting further instructions.

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>creg considering suicide
>unpaid shills dont spam biz
life is good

I'm onna git you creg

Don't worry, you'll get to hear us saying "ahhh hahaha I fucking told you" many more times in the future. Just fatigued with arguing with the actual paid shills.

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Yea this! Craig is Jesus Hallelujah!!

Remember to buy BSV = real Bitcoin!!

this bullshit Kleiman lawsuit vs Craig is hurting bsv. especially that its on the table now that craig forged some shit

Nice cope

>ahhh hahaha
not ahhhhhhhh ?
or arggggghhhhhh ?
I fear, you may have made some mistake user
bsv is not an 'haha' investment, nope. Speak to your broker, maybe, still time to remedy

his 'some' forged shit is indeed on a table.
Unfortunately for him, the table belongs to THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA. I wonder, who could have put them there ?

$1200 eoy r-right guys

god i hope so. when/if it does im gonna shitpost this dump nonstop

yeah, its only, what, 40% down on the month, and dropping 4% or so a day ? Plenty of room for upside there

just make sure you got your filters in line fag

Zoom out you stupid pieces of retarded anal leakage

face it lads, Calvin has abandoned you, adrift on stormy seas. The $200 support fountain is DRY. You bsv tards are now navigating up shit creek sans paddle. And theres a waterfall a-comin right up

Calvin will continue funding BSV and its vaporware apps regardless of CSW's fate, no worries here

>regardless of CSW's fate
oh, theres little argument as to how his fate will turn out - q. being tho, Calvin is not completely stupid. Why then did (and does) he continue to back this donkey ? If he thinks cregs gonna turn up the key to some genesis wallets or some shit, I withdraw the 'not completely stupid' statement

Craig cried in court.

Couldn't be more comfy. I'm sure I would have appreciated the chain link gains but i'd rather go with a man of god than a black cube worshipping insider. Unbound blocks by feb, mass adoption.

just because he put forged shit on the table doesn't mean he's in shit for it or that it was him who forged the shit. You go in to discovery you turn over shitloads of files, physical and digital from all your businesses relevant to the case. If his server was compromised at some point and forgeries put in there by someone, then he very well may not know that a document he is submitting is a forgery. if you read the court transcripts the explanations provided by craig are absolutely sufficient to have all the objection to all that cross examination sustained. It was not relevant to the case at hand and simply put out there to dick around, draw the case out since they have got nothing and try to damage craig's character.

yes. The Judge will surely understand, creg cannot be held personally responsible for ALL the forgeries emanating from his person or immediate vicinity.
>if you read the court transcripts the explanations provided by craig are absolutely sufficient to have all the objection to all that cross examination sustained
- 'what about this then?'
- I am not aware of this document
- 'but you filed it, you tard'
etc. All objections absolutely sufficiently sustained here, indeed. Its a wonder the Judge never cried

The judge simply facilitated the cross examination, the Q was being a retarded cunt and couldn't understand simple things like no that is not an email it is a picture of a copy of an email that has been doctored. "so you recognise the email? it's not an email it's a ......, so you recognise this email? //throws document like an autist//, this is not an email" you heard what you wanted to hear, the logic in the argument is sound and the evidence won't be admitted. Don't like it? STIFF

remember the bsv shills ALWAYS lie by omission. They ignore that the FL trial right now has just become "contempt hearings"....cregs is no longer even making points related to the fundamentals of the case, instead is only defending himself against a contempt charge.
One of the remedies a judge can provide in contempt hearings are: jail / fine for person AND/OR default judgement
So its entirely possible that the judge just declares that ira claims go uncontested because the fraud engaged in by creg. The smart money knows this hence why they are pro grammatically selling X% per day to extricate themselves from exposure and leave the indian bag holders with the worthless coin.

This is what it will sound like if Craig loses.
Mr Wright you have been found guilty of contempt because we don't understand the explanation you have given us regarding why you can't provide the "let's call them addresses here". You have been fined 50 000 and 6 months in prison. We believe the reason you are obscuring these "well call them addresses" is because you don't want to pay Ira 1/3 of what you and his brother created under the moniker satoshi nakamoto. now pay up or go to jail for being satoshi.

Him losing proves he is satoshi. Retards don't seem to understand that. It is an assumption of both the plaintiff and the defense sworn under oath by both parties, that craig is satoshi. He is defending against people trying to get money from him.

wow... its gone nowhere since its creation.

Imagine buying into this obvious scam.

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>Him losing proves he is satoshi
nah...when you fully understand the position creg has placed himself in your laughter will be heard all the way to Ohio, USA from the streets of Mumbai.
creg lied about stealing an imaginary $8b that never existed based upon a lie that he was the toothfairy...hes about to lose his case because he submitted fake docs supporting his toothfairy claim, ignoring the fact that the default judgement will mean he will have to pay $8B which was all imaginary.
Its levels of humor that are so deep they defy the simple modern understanding of comedic theory.


dude you are getting dabbed on by 5d comedic theory. you will be the laughing stock with this deluded explanation just to support your anyone but creg bullshit you've got going on. meanwhile everyone who learns BitCoin from him has a deeper understanding of the protocol than neckbeard corecuck devs.

>he’s so worried about the price he hasn’t been actually using the BSV network
>he hasn’t been buying up moneybutton paymails to sell for profit later
>he isn’t buying up cities on cityonchain to sell for profit later
If all you wanna do is hold and not use, then you’ll never have any control over your net worth

Satoj why have thou forsaken us

Ira is 100% sure that CSW is satoshi.

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>meanwhile everyone who learns BitCoin from him has a deeper understanding of the protocol than neckbeard corecuck devs.
CSW doesn't understand the protocol himself. He doesn't even understand how address generation works, let alone cryptography and lower level stuff.

Has anyone told Denis here, he is (Mrs Faketoshi aside, who can't be forced to testify) the only known still-living 'trustee' of this freshly-aged Tulip Horseshit ? I'm sure he'd be greatly interested, especially if this honorific position involved court appearances and stuff. Veritable fountain of info over various creg dealings, be Denis

he's still trying to bruteforce the TruCrypt password of the original Nakamoto disks where Satoshi's wallet is stored



Satoshi is a team. One of them was CSW if we like it or not.

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god the pajeet accent is so thick its hard to even understand what this bicch basterd is trying to say

this ladyboy is one of the trustees

does seem a little careless to leave (s)he the keys to $9 billion, then lose track of (s)he altogether, eh what ? I'm sure, like Mr Mayaka of abacus offshore above, they would both JUST LOVE to come before a US Court and confirm the veracity of cregs prodigious verbal, written, photocopied, jigsawed, found on random hacked PCs in his office and otherwise output