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>Wtf is RSR/RSV?
RSR = Reserve Rights (used as collateral to keep the RSV stable at $1, also used and burnt to purchase xyz amount of RSV at $1 - so if RSV is $1.20 you can use RSR to arbitrage and buy at $1) It is a volatile asset set to be worth $10 in 5 years.

RSV = Reverve (The stable cryptocurrency that is economically and legally robust at any scale. Decentralized, 100% asset backed, and funded by top Silicon Valley investors.)

>Former SEC Commission (& Adviser to Pres. Trump) Paul Atkins named as an advisor to Reserve a week ago.
>Articles in Forbes and Bloomberg expected by in Q3.
>RSV launches in Q3 2019.
>Heavy marketing campaign SOON. (Still stealth phase)
>RSR burnrate confirmed at 2-5% annually by Reserve devs.
>Lots of arbitrage trading going on with traders buying lower on HotBit and upselling on IDEX.
>Coinbase listing for RSR/RSV in 2020
>Binance listing before eoy 2019
>Huobi is building a DeFi that will encompass RSV (so you can earn interest at a 6-8% rate just like compound.finance)

Market Cap

24 Hour Trading Vol

24h Low / 24h High
$0.00332318 / $0.00371531

Available Supply
6,467,951,710 / 100,000,000,000

(Circulating supply on CMC is incorrect)

Dev site: reserve.org/
Whitepaper: reserve.org/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: t.me/reservecurrency
Discord: jyXx96Q

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- Peter Thiel: 42,000,000,000+ RSR
- Commander: 500,000,000+ RSR
- Hannah Barron: 100,000,000 RSR
- General: 50,000,001+ RSR
- Lieutenant General: 25,000,001-50,000,000 RSR
- Major General: 17,500,001-25,000,000 RSR
- Brigadier General: 12,500,001-17,500,000 RSR
- Colonel: 7,500,001-12,500,000 RSR
- Lieutenant Colonel: 5,000,001-7,500,000 RSR
- Major: 3,500,001-5,000,000 RSR
- Captain: 2,500,001-3,500,000 RSR
- First Lieutenant: 2,000,001-2,500,000 RSR
- Second Lieutenant: 1,500,001-2,000,000 RSR
- Sergeant Major: 1,000,001-1,500,000 RSR
- Master Sergeant: 900,001-1,000,000 RSR
- Sergeant First Class: 700,501-900,000 RSR
- Staff Sergeant: 500,001-700,500 RSR
- Sergeant: 300,501-500,000 RSR
- Corporal: 100,501-300,500 RSR
- Specialist: 50,001-100,500 RSR
- Private: 1-50,000 RSR
- Subhuman RSRlet: 0 RSR

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Lieutenant checking in.

Comfy on 8.5mm. It's doesn't happen a lot that you have an opportunity to get into the next big thing at the very beginning. 10x at least in the coming time.

sergeant here, anons

Fuck I am so poor

Second Leut reporting in


Reserve team gets invited to Davos (the most prestigious financial conference on earth) in March 2019

Additionally, this is the confirmation from Reserve devs as to the burn rate of RSR:
>We estimate that about 2-5% of the USD value of the RSV in circulation will be burned in RSR per year. This comes from estimates about RSV velocity (for the transaction fees) and average collateral token appreciation rates (for thinks like tokenized treasury bills). So it's just an estimate.

>This means that if there are 100 million RSV in circulation, we estimate that about $2-5 million worth of RSR would be burned per year. If RSV grows larger, the rate would be higher, e.g. with 100 billion RSV, that would be about $2-5 billion worth of RSR burned per year.

>This is one of the subjects we are lookign forward to explaining in depth in one of our Rights-holder Update calls!

it's the bitcoin of stablecoins

In a month you'll be X10 times richer user. Also the amounts on the list are crazy high. With 8.5mm I'm already in the top 100 biggest holders. We're super early. You are gonna make it. Even if you don't have a huge stack. This is like buying ripple early 2017.

comfiest hold in crypto rn

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This. If there is a "gem" out there this is the one.

5.85M here. Scared money doesn't make money.

Whoops meant 4.85M. I have been thinking too much about getting that up to 5M even.

where to buy and how to store sirs? Im interested because they said they would use link so they must have a smart team

Huobi if you are anywhere other than the US.
IDEX if u are a burger.

RSV/RSR are both ERC20 compatible.
Just store your RSR in a metamask wallet.

So what you're saying is
Mcap RSR = Mcap RSV?

RSV is multi collateral but RSR supports around 70% of the collateralization

>tfw private
I'm just glad to have some. I'm hoping to use this to make some nice capital for future investments. Which is a shame, because if I had more capital this would BE my future investment

Been thinking of putting my whole next month's salary into crypto. ONE or RSR please advice

Insane knowing you have the right numbers for the lottery but you don't know the date so u gotta play everyday.

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hotbutt raped me for 2k RSR in fees just to pull less than 9k out. If anyone is swinging them there to idex for profit they must be dealing with absolutely huge amounts to see any.

I think coinmetro's CEO might have subtly shilled this today, he mentioned a stable coin that was doing interesting things and I can only assume it was RSR.
For those who don't know coinmetro and coinbase use the same bank, LHV bank, so if coinmetro lists RSR then that's a fast track for coinbase to list it, it's what happened with chainlink. Sure coinbase will list it eventually this could speed things up since coinmetro would be doing coinbase's work for them.

Mfw posting in epic bread

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>we have our agents in Venezuela
I heard that in one of their talks
They have the same smug low key attitude as chainlink did in its early days
Just buy RSR and wait at least a year and you’ll see I’m correct
>fellas, you’re gonna want that RSR

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I have 300k, thinking of getting more

Not bullish at all

The major problem with the majority of stable coins at the moment is many of them dont have the capacity to actually scale when the crypto market cap enters into the trillions. This bullrun we're in right now will see massive adoption of stable coins as anons begin selling off into them at the ath. What the Reserve protocol manages to accomplish is the establishment of a regulatory compliant stable coin that has the ability to scale for world wide demand and a crypto market cap exceeding 100 trillion. For these reasons, and a long list of many others, smart money is in on this dark horse early, and make no mistake - marketing for Reserve will kick into high gear in Q3 and many nu-bizlets will miss this boat.

>What the Reserve protocol manages to accomplish is the establishment of a regulatory compliant stable coin that has the ability to scale for world wide demand and a crypto market cap exceeding 100 trillion. For these reasons, and a long list of many others, smart money is in on this dark horse early
I’ve gone through hours of their content and read through their literature and this is the next step for crypto (scalable stable coins)
There’s a huge market for it that isn’t realized yet

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>The major problem with the majority of stable coins at the moment is many of them dont have the capacity to actually scale when the crypto market cap enters into the trillions. This bullrun we're in right now will see massive adoption of stable coins as anons begin selling off into them at the ath. What the Reserve protocol manages to accomplish is the establishment of a regulatory compliant stable coin that has the ability to scale for world wide demand and a crypto market cap exceeding 100 trillion. For these reasons, and a long list of many others, smart money is in on this dark horse early, and make no mistake - marketing for Reserve will kick into high gear in Q3 and many nu-bizlets will miss this boat.

based & reservepilled

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How can I buy?

>How can I buy?
huobi, idex or hotbit

>buy ETH on crypto.com app or coinbase pro with USD/EUR whatever fiat
>send ETH to your ERC20 metamask.io wallet
>go to idex.market click balances
>deposit ETH using 4+ more gwei than the current gas limit
>go to RSR/ETH pair
>market buy RSR
>go to balances, withdraw to your ERC20 metamask wallet
>hold for 4 years
>reverse process to sell on a centralized exchange with much higher volume
>sell your RSR into RSV
>send RSV to your metamask ERC20 wallet
>login to the Huobi DeFi
>supply the contract with RSV
>earn a passive 6% interest on your 1 million+ RSV
>profit massively
>live off of passive income and never work again

thats as detailed as im willing to get right now.
but follow that and you should never have to work again assuming you get 1MM RSR right now

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Nobody is concerned about this?

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Bullish thread feeling comfy as a staff sergeant

CMC has the incorrect circulating supply listed.
The correct supply is posted in the OP but you apparently didn't read it.

If xrp can hit 3.80 with its huge supply RSR can at least hit 50 cents

bought a couple million, can't believe how low this is.

I'm considering to dump my -30% LIT bag and buy this... someone stop me (or don't).

current circulating supply of 6.47 Billion coins

Yeah, that completely solves the issue... wypto wuwwency.

>Available Supply
>6,467,951,710 / 100,000,000,000

Same thing, 3B or 6B out of 100B coins, either way there is a massive amount of unreleased tokens, that's quite scary

Do it but do it fast. About to surge upwards.

Ok, another stablecoin

Why, what makes it special, why this exist?

What makes you think so?

Jesus, only 6% in circulation

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nonno he says it will be a 10$ stablecoin but its onlt 1 now, free money stablecoin xdxd 500iq coin not like chainlink dear sir do the needful and buy my bags

I've been following the buy orders on Idex. Get in before reddit.

The reason for the circulating supply as it is, and the reason that the wallets are not distributed is because it is implied (or obvious depending on how high your IQ is) that the backers behind Reserve entered into a contract with Reserve for xyz amount of RSR. They are not publicly trading or accumulating the tokens, hence the current wallets holding RSR reflects this theory in action. So, that being said, the major investors are holding very large bags and it would be absurd for these already billion dollar companies to dump their bags at anything less than a 10000x.

There is also some other shit about the supply you should read about in the whitepaper. Not spoonfeeding you anymore, I'm at the bar right now.

RSR isnt a stable coin, kys pajeet.


Stop giving attention to these reddit plebs with their millions of dumb questions they keep repeating every minute. They're also scared of the total supply, imagine that. Leave them behind, if they don't wanna put any effort in learning about it themselves they don't deserve it anyways. RSR will perform great regardless.

based reserver brother saw the light
this. brainlets of biz think that Peter thiel is in it for a pajeet like 10x P&D. Thiel turned 500k to 1B with facebook. Thats 2000x.

Precisely, and those bags are being held in trust by the Reserve team for the investors. They could be moved at any time, but they wont. These companies do high level trades that most anons on this board can't even begin to wrap their heads around. And RSR has some really high price targets for those who understand how this all works and is going down.

>theres a reason that Davos invited the Reserve team to present on crypto at the 2019 conference

First lieutenant here. Rank #140. Kinda mad my rank is so low. I suggest restructuring.

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Thanks for the info. I know that 55B are reversed in a slow wallet for fundraising. That still leaves around 40B tokens held by the company, what are those used for?

Top 100 Token on CMC is a very reserved prediction.

Isn't it obvious who those tokens belong to at this point?

Is this on any exchanges I can access from burgerland without a VPN?

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see this post IDEX is where burgers get RSR right now. That or HotBit, be be aware HotBit could literally exit scam any day now, that exchange is 100x worse than Binance, literally a wild wild west exchange, and questionably criminal. Be careful.

I live in MN but every time I try to trade on IDEX it tells me NY isn't allowed.

I'm so fuckin pissed. I guess I'll have to drop some BTC on a VPN.

HotBit is your only option then, it has literally no regulation whatsoever. Just be sure to get your RSR off the exchange as soon as you can. Also be aware that bots are trading the dog shit out of RSR on HotBit right now, just look at the order books and see for yourself.

How do we protect this from Reddit?

Yikes. Okay thanks, user. Wish me luck.

i just hope a poorfag like myself can scrape together enough to buy more than the 13k rsr i have.

aiming for 50k and then im going to hold on for dear life. wish me luck boys

I have seen the ream and the whitepaper mentioning that RSR can be minted. That means no max cap and full centralised control of the supply. Are you guys ignoring that fact or have some counter-fud to it? Just starting my research, sorry in advance if the question is stupid.

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By the time that Q4 mass marketing of Reserve kicks into overdrive, my prediction is plebbit will be buying in around that time.
It's out of our control, Reserve can't be fudded its that solid and it shills itself.
While i dont want plebbit fags making any money off of any of the legit projects that they consistently fail to discover, i also know and understand just how big Reserve is.

Its unfortunately unavoidable that they will find out soon organically.
But lets be honest tho, those fags dont collectively have enough money to move the price even $0.01

The devs have already said that the minting function was designed in the same way that MakerDAO has the same ability. Its essentially a kind of failsafe in the event that a whale wipes out the supply for whatever reason and things begin to malfunction and there is a need to replenish the supply to make the system optimal again. That's the correct answer to your question but of course retards will probably argue against what i just posted.

Total supply will never exceed 100bill. When they talk about ''minting new RSR'' they're talking about releasing the RSR the team holds via smart contracts only in certain situations where it is necessary to keep RSV stabilized.

Hello - I just got some RSR on IDEX - How do I move it off, like to MetaMask? MM doesnt recognize RSR yet.

it does newfren. go to your tokens on metamask, scroll to the bottom, "add token"
enter this as the contract ID: 0x8762db106b2c2a0bccb3a80d1ed41273552616e8

now your RSR is on your metamask.
just withdraw it to your mm on IDEX

Go to the "add token" option in MetaMask, choose the custom token tab, enter the contract address 0x8762db106b2c2a0bccb3a80d1ed41273552616e8 and the rest of the info will show up automatically (RSR, 18 decimals) then hit next and it'll be a token listed in your MM wallet.

Literally started buying when it was released, bought in at 47 sats unfortunately but it doesn't matter because the marketcap will be 1 billion in the medium term and 10-100 billion longer term

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Thx - so next problem, how do I get this RSR off my etherscan.io address? I cant find any way to pass things off the wallet... I feel like I fucked up cuz when I got this wallet on etherscan I don't remember using authentication to assign it to me.

When I originally got on IDEX I did "create new wallet" which made an etherscan.io wallet address for me which is where i sent my eth, then made the transaction...

you need to read this more carefully.

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As much as I want to, I've never used IDEX so I don't even know what you can do.

Literally just re-traced my steps and realized that, working on it now - thanks.

Okay - I figured it all out - I just had to add that wallet to my MetaMask (forgot I saved the wallet info out when I made it.)

good looking out user, i was about to ask the same thing. just put all my rsr in my MM. going to move it on to a different back-up wallet once i get 50k worth. hopefully soon


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What's a reasonable expectation of profit from 50k RSR in the short, medium and long term?

half mil reporting in, ima gona make it?

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$0.25 eoy 2020
$0.80 eoy 2021
$1.20 eoy 2022
$1.55 eoy 2023
$3.40 eoy 2024
$7.77 eoy 2025

i will get more than 50k if possible but 50k is about what i can afford with my lack of disposable income at the moment. plus it's always good to diversify. hoping that xlm and xrp pick up a bit when bitcoin moons.

Alright I just bought 1.3 mil on IDEX

XRP is a glorified no use shitcoin.

Last week alone:
XRP total transactions 7/2/19: 59,000
XLM total transactions 7/2/19: 610,000

Market sell your fucking XRP, you fell for a literal kike scam.

I'd like to buy more without making the book jump up, will you guys sell?

congratulations now go read some books on "wealth management" because youre going to need the knowledge.

Buy slowly if you are just increasing your bag. I just bought 1M when a bot flashed a wall and the order book didn't notice it lol
I may be wrong, but have a very good feeling about Q3. Top 50 kind of feeling.

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I was about to buy that 30 eth order then when my funds transferred it was gone, I'm guessing that was you. I'm probably going to buy ~30eth more when another order pops up

Yep, that was me. I saw it flashing a couple of times and was lucky at timing.
Man, in how many tokens has Coinbase invested before? Last time I got this feeling was buying HOT 1 hour after appearing at IDEX.

XLM is trash. I held it for over a year and used to make the daily threads for it. Half of those transactions is an Indonesian scam called diruna. Half of the accounts are too. The management tram is beyond incompetent.

How is this so undervalued where there are literal scam in the top 100, even the top 20

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was unaware of the indonesian thing, will look into, thx.

>used as collateral to keep the RSV stable at $1,

can someone source me on RSV stablized at $1 USD? I know it's set to be stable but I haven't been able to find confirmation at which value it will be stable at. I will buy right now please help.

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"The token withdrawal function will be available for our newly registered users after 24 hours of their time of registration."

Lol dammit

RSR has only been publicly trading for a little over a month and there hasn't been any marketing going on for it as of yet. That's the likely answer. And for yet another time Jow Forums is in on the ground floor of another soon to be blue chip crypto.

Initially at $1. If you read between the lines, the dollar won't be stable long enough to be called stable coin.