It's happening (ONE)

Don't worry brothers, there will come a time that Harmony moons beyond all expectations, however this time isn't the ONE. Back to 105, then we will never go below 110 again.

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Keep coping. It will never go back to 105.
You will miss out KEK

>Using "KEK" unironically in 2019
Kind of cringe bro but ok, I just hope you don't sell at 105 after you bought at 142.

Bumping this thread to remind you all that I was right.

Using cringe in 2k19. Man you sound like an utter faggot, get some onions milk and post on reddit you utter faggot subhuman

Did you really get this hurt because someone called you cringe?
>lol SHADILAY and KEK my Kekistanis!

No, i'm not hurt. You're still a faggot bitchboi tho.

ONE is going up btw

Dude, just cut your losses and buy back in at 105. I know it's tought to sell now since you bought at 142 but don't let your ego financially ruin you.

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Why are you still adamant in 105? Inverse head and shoulders is gone.

Man i dont even fucking care if it goes back to 105, i hold this piece of diamond longterm.

I dont trade an EPIC BULLTREND for the shot of buying back cheaper, its too risky you disgusting degen

You do realise that even if the price goes up 10x/100x/1000x, that 40 satoshi difference will be huge, right?

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Yes, but I'm no fan of shorting the bottom area. Now keep on gambling retard


stfu kid most of us here have 1M+ and aren't degenerate gamblers trying to increase our stacks.

imagine the shills who sold at 118 last night and was expecting this to go back to 105... they're gonna get more rekt once this cross above 150

The amount of confidence that people with this level of grammar have in this pump being sustainable is INCREDIBLY bearish. I'll see you fellas at 105 :)

You will get massively rekt, and you can bet, I will remember you and laugh out loud on the way up

Feel free to screencap the post.

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To be honest, this pump does seem antifical as fuck. It looks more like the telegram fags saw the posts last night predicting the price drop and decided to fuck with anons. Wonder how much more they are willing to spend to keep this up.

Bro, we are entering Altseason territory, with BTC hovering for some time (it will keep doing that).
You are still thinking in 2018-2019 bear terms, which is understandable, but now is the time to be bullish on strong alts.

it's technicals
it dropped from 180 sats to 100 sats in a single week, this rebound is just starting

You're not wrong, but this wasn't the time yet. The bots are not buying the pump, they were trading sideways following their indicators before the pump and are doing so again. I do think it's more likely we'll test true support again at the lower 100s.

This is just speculation on microscopic level with meh arguments.
Not sayin youre wrong, but I rather bet on the big picture than micro factors like "TA" on a fresh coin and bot behaviour.
Its too unpredictable, and my general sense for value tells me to just hold the fuck out of this coin at this low price with such huge upside

lol at the bot buying the wall 1$ at a time

I'm holding too but I'm saying what I see. The pump wasn't organic, it was clearly someone market buying a lot of coins at once, I saw it. I'd say he's still dumping them 10 sats higher, once he's done we'll see the price at 123-125 again. After that it's up for the bots.


man, 95% of this market is manipulated, even the king btc himself.
it can get manipulated 20x if whales want to tho + another 50x with follow-up hype. ONE is such a coin


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You'll rarely be able to call the exact bottom or top, I'm not willing to risk my gains to increase my stack a little bit, that's why you DCA

I never said that 105 would be the definite bottom, I just said that the price will hit 105. Could go lower but it will definitely stay above 99.

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can we pls stop talking about bottoms now.. this is shit is going parabolic right in front of our eyes

The market buys you saw were all us fags that were waiting out for the lowest price panic buying. This is the strongest reversal we've seen yet. I'm thinking that was the bottom.

Dude, you realize that we're currently at a price point where most people "feel" like they bought the bottom and aren't willing to risk swing trading at these levels. This means that it most likely will not touch those levels again, because you need people believing it's actually going to fall.

I'm another one of those. I bought a bit too early around 130-140 before we dropped, but at this point I'm just holding my stack and not going to risk swinging it. If you have the majority of people thinking this way, there's no reason it's going back down unless you can predict the mindset of whales with complete certainty.

Attempting to swing a 30-40 sat difference after it's already fallen 300+ sats from the peak, is absolute greed and what gets you fucked.


based af. keep emotions out of the game, and youre fine. nothing wrong with being underwater for some time, it's a long hold anyway.

Very soon candle to 150

ill give it 45minutes

If it holds its current support it is less than 30 min

If it wasn't for the whales no would give a shit about crypto except for the patient, they stir the excitement and dread which is hard for the thirsty peasants looking to advance their class too hard to resist.

It's an eco system, if the plankton runs out they'll starve with the rest of us.

We are forming an obvious bullflag here.
Next leg imminent

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has formed like 8 of these "bull flags" in the past month. zoom out a bit.

grabbed my first bag of whatever the fuck this is yesterday @120 sats.

99 was the bottom. Get in now or get fucked

>Bought a bit too early don't know what "too early" means

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all the TA guys in here are retarded. If you want a real "possibility" of what MIGHT happen you need to look at Wyckoff accumulation pattern. We are in the mid stage of one IF that's what is occurring and IF that is occurring we would get stopped somewhere around 185 sats and POSSIBLY retest down to 90-100 sats even but NOT NECESSARILY.
anyone who speaks about TA in an absolute is an obvious novice at best.